The Walking Dead Season 7 Review


The Walking Dead’s seventh season just wrapped up and if there’s one thing it’s shown us, it’s that they sure know how to start and end a season with a bang, everything in between however…….. Spoilers for The Walking Dead from this point on.

So I’m one of the people who absolutely loved the season 7 premiere, in my opinion it is one of the show’s best episodes yet, everyone was amazing in that episode, especially Jeffery Dean Morgan (who was the MVP of the season) and Andrew Lincoln, they were unbelievable. That episode did exactly what it was supposed to, show that Negan is a serious threat, break Rick and the group and not hold back. It shows that when The Walking Dead is good, it has the potential to be an amazing show, one of the best on television, but unfortunately it tries to do too little in a season, we had maybe four or five episodes this season that actually felt like they were progressing the story, everything else felt like either filler or was just plain boring.

There were a lot of things that just didn’t work this season in my opinion, the two things that stick out the most are when we spent time at the Hilltop and when we saw the stupid trash group. The Hilltop story lines just felt very boring in comparison to everything else going on, we had Gregory who was obviously going to turn on Maggie at some point (which he kinda did), the entire Hilltop arc was mainly just Gregory saying “We’re not fighting the Saviors” and Maggie replying with “Yes we are”, that more or less went on the entire season but to be honest most story arcs this season were about the different groups deciding whether or not to fight and it all became so repetitive and boring.

And on to the group that lives in a dump. So the apocalypse has been going on about two years now and they’ve already devolved enough into a group of people who talk like they’ve come from medieval times, it really takes you out of the show and that’s not to mention that they were extremely annoying. When they betrayed Alexandria my hate for the group rose even more (though I’m sure that was the point).

Most of the episodes I liked during the season were the ones that either took place at the Sanctuary or the Kingdom. I really enjoyed the episodes that took place at the Kingdom because they were different and a little fun, it was nice to have a group that was different but also didn’t want to kill anyone, it also helped that for the most part nearly every character we were introduced to there were just likable people. I enjoyed “Bury me Here”, the episode with the deaths of Benjamin and Richard and it showed us more of how Ezekiel and his people deal with situations like this and also anytime we see Shiva is great.

The Sanctuary episodes were also pretty great, the Darryl episode “The Cell” was extremely dark and at times was kind of hard to watch, Norman Reedus was exceptional in this episode, it was a great way to introduce us to The Sanctuary and show us just how brutal the Saviors are. Another reason why these episodes were great while obviously due to Negan was also in part due to the character of Dwight. Dwight was an interesting character, sometimes it looked like he was being a horrible person just to be a horrible person but at times we got to see the softer side to him and it did make me kind of feel for him, I still think he needs to pay in someway however.

Season seven started off with a bang and set the bar insanely high for the rest of the season, the overall season was extremely hyped up and all of this definitely worked against it as a whole, while the season had some enjoyable episodes, they were almost completely drowned out by the bad. For every intense moment we had, we got about five boring or filler moments and that’s not the way to work with a show like this, it’s understandable that they need to stretch out the arcs in order to not catch up with the comics but they’re almost moving at a snail’s pace at times.


6.5/10     The Walking Dead’s seventh season was overall disappointing and moved very slow.


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