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This will contain SPOILERS about The Walking Dead Season Premier

It is the day after The Walking Dead season 7 premier and I am still asking myself “What in the hell did I just watch?”.  I have seen every episode of Game of Thrones and I can honestly say I do not think I have ever seen a more brutal hour of television than I did last night watching The Walking Dead.  If I could use adjectives to describe last nights episode they would be Shocking, Brutal, Thrilling, Horrified, Amazed, and the list could go on and on.

For over six months now fans have waited to see who Negan would pick to “Beat the holy hell out of”. For the last couple of months there have been several videos from fans posted on who they thought would be the victim. Of course if you know the comics then you know Negan’s victim was Glenn. Glenn has avoided death several times and many fans thought he might escape the clutches of death one more time. The show runners came out and said there would be not one but TWO people to die during the premier. This announcement all but sealed Glenn’s fate in my opinion.  Who else could be the victim of Negan’s wrath? Who would meet their end at the hands of Lucille?  After the sneak peek it became clear that who ever was to the left of Rick was going to be safe and it was going to be someone to his right.

I never once thought they would kill both Glenn and Maggie so that ruled her out. Daryl was the fan favorite until his actions last night cost Glenn his life but before that I knew he would be safe, even after he defied Negan and jacked his jaw. I actually cheered this scene and was glad to see someone in Rick’s group actually show they had balls to stand up to Negan. So that left Abe, Michonne, and Rosita. Out of those three remaining Abe was the most likely choice. He sized up Negan from the start during the finale and Negan eyed him the entire time. If you are going to make an example then you do not take out the weakest, you take out the biggest and baddest guy in the group.

For the first two commercials I was on edge as the show teased who might be killed. Negan toyed with Rick and pretty much made him his personal lap dog. He has all but broken Rick and there were times Andrew Lincoln looked actually scared of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I can tell JDM is having a lot of fun with this role and its terrifying how sadistic he was. After the second commercial break the teasing was over and we see the first of Negan’s victims, Abe (Michael Cudlitz).  Abe gave Sasha the peace sign as if to say its gonna be alright. Then it was batter’s up and here comes the brutality than shook The Walking Dead universe. Negan hits Abe so hard but Abe like a champ takes it and raises back up almost without hesitation. With one last defiant comment, Abe tells Negan to “Suck his nuts”. That really pissed Negan off and he went to town on Abe. I would say he hit him more than 10 times which didn’t leave much of Abe’s skull. I was truly shocked how graphic it was. I was like well maybe the worst is over. Rumors were that Glenn (Steven Yeun) would be shot by Negan and that only Abe would be the victim of Lucille. Boy were they wrong!!

After Negan continued to beat Abe after death this pissed Daryl off who stood up and punched Negan right in the jaw. Negan’s men subdued Daryl and were waiting orders to kill him but Negan decided against it. He had warned the group that any outbursts or action against him would be shut down. After a brief speech to the group, Negan turned and without warning hit Glenn right in the skull. Glenn fans around the world quickly took to social media to begin the we want Negan to die campaign and the we now hate this show.  Glenn raises up and it was right of the comic. His head was split down the middle and his left eye was popped from the socket. Glenn turns to Maggie (Lauren Cohen) and tries to speak to her, mumbling as best he can “Maggie, I will find you”. With those last few words, Negan finishes what he started. This scene was much more emotional and graphic then Abe dying. We see Glenn’s mangled face and as he lay on the ground twitching we can see pieces of his eye and skull.

Negan feeling confident in his actions makes the joke about Lucille being a vampire bat and this leads into the comments from Rick about killing him. I could not believe what I just saw and I know the entire world watching was in just as much shock and awe as I was. The rest of the episode was Negan testing Rick and pretty much just bending him to his will. Rick does not lose any limbs but there is a scene where Negan forces Rick to chop his sons arm off only to stop him last-minute. Negan is for sure public enemy number one and many fans are now counting the days to when he will meet his end. There is no denying that Jeffrey Dean Morgan played the hell out of this role and he took a very sinister villain from the comics and brought him to life.  Fans are still reeling today from the loss of Glenn but the show must go on and the writers have said this season will follow the comics more closely than ever.

It was a shocking and brutal start to the season. Will this be the worst we see this year or is something even more sadistic still left to be seen? Did AMC go to far with how graphic the deaths were? I read some tweets where fans were sickened by the horror and its even caused some to never want to watch the show again. This could all be emotions that will be erased by next weeks episode but its safe to say that the season premier will go down as one of the most talked about episodes ever.

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