Every year we see some teams rise and others fall but for these teams, it looks like they’re set to fall off the map following this season. They may have made the playoffs or flirted with postseason success but the writing is on the wall for these teams.


Memphis Grizzlies

The Grizzlies have been zigging while the rest of the league has zagged for the past few seasons. Where teams are gearing towards small ball line ups and stretch 4s they’ve stuck to their “Embrace the Grind” style of play and the tandem of Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph. Last year their post season was cut short due to the injury of Mike Conley and this season is following where they left off. Mike Conley, Zach Randolph, Vince Carter and group of other players are all injured. The Grizzlies have 8 active and healthy players and recently signed Jordan Farmar to a deal just so they can get bodies on the bench. ON top of all this Marc Gasol is out with a season ending foot injury. The injuries are stacking and the Grizzlies won’t be able to survive this summer. Two of their best three players are aging big men that play at very slow pace, and Gasol the dreaded foot injury that can plague him for the rest of his career. Conley is a free agent this summer and I can see plenty of teams that can pull him away from the sinking ship that is Memphis, look for him to sign in New York, or he would be the perfect Tony Parker replacement in San Antonio. Either way the aging veterans in Memphis don’t offer much in the way off future security.

Chicago Bulls

This is an odd one. The Bulls have been very good since Derrick Rose was selected number one over all but each consecutive season their window has been shrinking. Every season they enter the playoff injured and that brings their championship dreams to a halt. The emergence of Jimmy Butler gave Chicago fans hope but the way Fred Hoiberg plays him it’s like Tom Thibodeau was still there. They’re ruining Jimmy’s career, he keeps getting these nagging injuries that need rest to heal up. If they’re not careful they can ruin their future franchise player. Rose is still adjusting to his limitations after his consecutive knee injuries. The fact that he’s played most of this season is great but we still don’t know if he’ll adjust properly and start hitting some outside shots. Now to add to the uncertainty of the guards, the bulls have a problem with their big men. Noah isn’t the same player and he’s out for the season. Gasol is getting old and doesn’t look like he’ll be staying during in Chicago after this summer. Mirotic is unreliable and plays abysmal defense. Gibson could be looking for a way out after a few seasons of trade rumors. Then there are the problems with management who are infamous for being cheap and clashing with basketball operations. The Bulls are in a weird spot, they have two players for the future in Rose and Butler, they’re in a major market but their lack of clear direction and inability to improve can make them insignificant in the coming years. I don’t see Chicago moving the needle and they may need to clear the table and start from scratch. It beats being the perpetual state of mediocrity that seems to be looming in the near future.


New Orleans Pelicans

One year removed from a playoff appearance the Pelicans have fallen back to insignificance. While injuries play a big part in why they’re nowhere near as successful as last season, their lack of talent is far more damning. Outside of Anthony Davis no other player is worth keeping. Jrue Holiday, Tyreke Evans, and Eric Gordon can’t stay healthy and when your best players can’t reliably stay on the floor your franchise is in trouble. You can’t win games and worse you can’t even trade them for assets. They should have traded Ryan Anderson, teams are looking for stretch fours and now they’re going to lose him in the offseason for absolutely nothing. With Davis facing injury the Pelicans have nothing to hang their hat on and need some serious changes and fast. UPDATE: Anthony Davis has been shut down for the season due to multiple injuries.


Michael Gomez

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