If you haven’t seen Thor: Ragnarok and plan to see it, don’t ruin it for yourself. You’ve probably been dodging social media spoilers left and right. This is one of those articles to dodge until you’ve seen it.

Thor: Ragnarok
Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Photo from Marvel Studios/Disney

When I first learned that the next Thor film was going to revolve around Ragnarok, I imagined a complete apocalypse with Marvel offing plenty of our favorite Asgardians with some kind of resurrection storyline.

I was not expecting to spend quite a bit of time laughing. The trailers showed plenty of fun bits, so I thought those moments were going to be the only lighthearted moments of the film. Director Taika Waititi gave us those moments and so many more.

One of the highlights of the film was Korg, a Kronan warrior who originally first appeared in the Planet Hulk arc of The Incredible Hulk in volume two, number 93. In the film, Thor meets Korg after he crashes on Sakaar and is brought into the Grandmaster’s version of a Thunderdome gladiators tournament. The character was voiced by Waititi himself; his voice reminiscent of a surfer dude.

I think every time Korg was on screen, I laughed. I was actually expecting him to be a side character who got killed off in battle but was pleasantly surprised to see him survive and assist Thor and the others in saving the Asgardian people. I loved the moment where he helped Heimdall and is just like “Hey, man.” Speaking of Heimdall, I wasn’t feeling the messy dreads but I’m all for Idris Elba and his character’s quest to be the last man standing and working to save Asgard while Thor was away. Find someone on Midgard to moisturize and retwist those dreads. That’s all.

Thor: Ragnarok
Cate Blanchett as Hela. Photo from Marvel Studios/Disney

Cate Blanchett gave an amazing performance as Hela. Sometimes Marvel villains feel like they’re missing that extra “unf” but Hela definitely had that extra kick.

As Thor and Loki’s eldest sister, she was imprisoned after Odin decided he wanted to stop killing and conquering to be a more gentle king. Hela was not here for the nice and sweet ruler vibe. She wanted to burn it all down and rule.

Cate brought Hela’s attitude and darkness to life brilliantly. Karl Urban’s Skurge fell a bit short of my expectations but was an enjoyable character.

The storyline of the film was good, but I felt that we skipped a lot of the moments where Thor and even Loki would have to deal with heavy emotions. After finding Odin on earth where Loki exiled him, the pair only had a few minutes with their father before he passes on. Before Loki can fully express guilt at being part of his father’s loss and Thor can come to terms with his loss, Hela is breaking out of her prison and then destroying Mjolnir like it’s nothing. Before Thor can mourn that loss, they’re thrown through the Bifrost and crash landing on Sakaar. I’m not saying I needed to see them weeping, but Odin’s death, the loss of Thor’s hammer, and even the death of the Warriors Three felt a bit glossed over.

A weird development: the Hulk talking. Of course, viewers expected it because of the trailers, but it still threw me for a loop. It was strange, but it made sense for the plot. Thor and the Hulk can’t really bond too much if Hulk can’t reply. We would have had scenes of Thor just talking to himself and planning his escape from Sakaar on his own.

Thor: Ragnarok
Loki and Valkyrie. Photo from Marvel Studios/Disney.

Another plus, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie. Marvel got a bit flack for this casting, but I enjoyed her in the film. She brought humor and more girl power to Thor: Ragnarok since Lady Sif was not in the film due to scheduling conflicts with Jaimie Alexander. I loved the way Valkyrie interacted with literally every other character in the film.

The flashback scene where we saw the Valkyrie taking on Hela was visually stunning. Speaking of visuals, the special effects and overall look of the film were great. Plenty of colors and captivating shots. I can’t get away with not mentioning the great Jeff Goldblum! His character, the Grandmaster, was weird but very fun.

I’m giving Thor: Ragnarok an 8.5/10.

What did you think of Thor: Ragnarok? Was the humor too much or just enough?


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