Kevin DurantFor the first time in his career, Kevin Durant, at 27 years old will test the waters in free agency as he is sure to be the hottest prospect come July 1st. It was announced last night by numerous sources that super star Kevin Durant already has three suitors that he will be meeting with next week. The Thunder, Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs. Los Angeles is also going to heavily do their best to try and pursue the biggest fish on the market right now, but let’s go ahead and keep it with the three guaranteed Western Conference powerhouses who are already set to meet with Durant, and why he will possibly sign with them, and why he won’t.

The Golden State Warriors

The nightmare of Durant, the splash bros, and Draymond Green is very real, and very scary for the remaining 29 other teams in the NBA. According to the Warriors they believe they are best suited to land Durant and one of the reasons for them to back that up is with their short coming of repeating as champions in the finals. After going up 3-1 in the finals, the Warriors couldn’t seem to bounce back to close out the Cleveland Cavaliers, and will use that to convince Durant that he’s the missing piece they need for multiple championships.

Reasons why Durant signs with the Warriors.

  1. They automatically become title contenders for years to come. Just like Lebron James left the Cavs in 2010 for Miami, and saw the finals for consecutive years it’s easy to assume Durant can do the same with the Warriors and that stacked roster.

  2. Speaking of stacked rosters, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green aren’t going anywhere, and for the Warriors to make cap space for a guy like Durant, pieces will need to be moved. More than likely that would be Andre Iguodala and Andrew BogutFestus Ezeli and Harrison Barnes will also be restricted free agents.

  3. Even though Durant would have to give up shots winning a championship(s), it is better than winning no championships with Oklahoma City. If there’s another reason why Durant moves to GS, it’s because now he could find someone to help him create an app to takeover the world.

Reasons why Durant doesn’t sign with the Warriors.

  1. As attractive as the Bay Area seems with the beaches and technology, Durant would have to share the ball more than ever. He’s already sharing with Russell Westbrook in OKC who demands his shots as well, but now he would not only have to find a way to share with Curry, but with Thompson and Green.

  2. Durant wants to go somewhere where he could be the guy, and that won’t be the case in GS. He will still be overshadowed by the current and first ever unanimous MVP, and would be seen as Robin to Curry as Batman.

  3. Durant knows he was one game away from knocking off the Warriors, and wasn’t able to do it. It wouldn’t seem right for him to jump ship, especially with the rivalry and tension that both of these teams had for each other in the Western Conference Finals.

The San Antonio Spurs

As much as I would love to see this, but strongly disagree that it would ever happen, I become at a loss for words every time this topic comes up, because Durant to the Spurs is a very likely possibility and would also be a threat to every other team in the league. If that doesn’t make you believe just a bit that this is possible, it was announced yesterday that Tim Duncan and Gregg Poppovich will be representing the Spurs organization in trying to pursue KD. It’s no secret that the 40-year-old vet Duncan will likely hang it up this summer, but now that question can be put on hold as a return can be planned if Duncan and Pop can convince KD to leave OKC.

Reasons why Durant signs with the Spurs.

  1. Just like Golden State, the Spurs won’t have the max cap space to sign KD right off the bat without moving some key pieces. Those pieces could include Boris Diaw, Danny Green, Patty Mills and possibly Tony Parker, which is a long shot, but worth mentioning. Then again, the Spurs didn’t think twice about sending Tiago Splitter packing to the Atlanta Hawks last year when it came to signing Lamarcus Aldridge.

  2. The Spurs organization is serious when it comes to looking at a players character. If KD were to make the jump to SA, he wouldn’t have to worry about players calling him out for the ball, or worry about being a co-star to anybody.

2a. If it means anything just like Lamarcus Aldridge, Durant did attend UT in Austin which is a short drive from San Antonio.

  1. The trio of Durant, Aldridge and Leonard is very enticing and seems way more appealing than if he were added to the trip with GS, but then again I’m a Spurs fan so I’m probably just being biased. Plus who wouldn’t love to play for one of the greatest coaches ever in Poppovich.

Reasons why Durant doesn’t sign with the Spurs.

  1. As a fan of the Spurs, it’s no secret that one of the biggest thorns in our sides the past couple of seasons has been the dynamic duo of KD and Westbrook. Same could be said of the Spurs to the Thunder, as if it wasn’t for the Spurs it’s easy to assume that OKC would’ve won a championship or two by now. It’s hard to assume that KD jumps ship.

  2. The Thunder toppled the Spurs in this years Western Semifinals, blowing them out in Game 6 for the most part, while the Spurs struggled to keep up with the athleticism of the younger Thunder team. I’ve said this numerous times, if the Spurs were to knock off OKC in the semifinals, I strongly believe we’d be having a different conversation.

The Oklahoma City Thunder

Although we can all predict that Durant ultimately stays one more year and sees what happens with Westbrook next season, the Thunder are also being aggressive making trades in order to keep the face of their organization. The Thunder trading away Serge Ibaka makes a lot of sense when you look at it from a financial stand point. If you look at it differently, you’d say that it would hurt them considering Ibaka was the second best player besides Durant in the WCF from his plus, minus stats.

Reasons why Durant stays home with OKC.

  1. Kevin Durant comes out at hard driven, loyal and humble guy. It’s hard to imagine that we see a “Decision part 2” from Durant. Durant has stated numerous times that he loves where he is at, and that he doesn’t think of going anywhere else. Durant seems like the kind of player that will play for one team his whole career.

  2. The money!!! Durant isn’t out there demanding to squeeze every penny out of which ever team he might end up with (although he is going to get max money regardless of where he lands) all he has to do is wait it out one more year in OKC, wait to see what Westbrook does, and possibly get a $10 million pay raise if Russell departs. Durant could then get the best possible contract that he could get and it would be around $200 million if he remains with OKC.

  3.  The team is still improving. Yes that’s even scary for me to admit, but its true this young Thunder team has yet to hit its peak in their current era. They played the entire 2015-2016 season overshadowed by the Spurs and Warriors in Billy Donovan’s first year as a head coach, and only improved dramatically during the post-season.

Reasons why Durant leaves OKC.

  1. It’s simple, there’s not a list or reason I can go through, as the only reason Durant would leave OKC is because they’ve failed and failed to capture a championship in his nine years with the team. Yes, they were one win away from facing the Cavs in the finals, but you’ve got to think that was one of the toughest losses KD suffered, knowing it was in the grasp of his hands.


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