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Timeless has been through one hell of a ride throughout its entire existence; they’ve been canceled not once, but twice, and the hardcore fans, Clockbusters, still managed to #SaveTimeless to get the ending they deserved in a two-hour special that aired right before Christmas, hence the title of the episode. Just in case it wasn’t already clear though, spoilers ahead. The obvious title aside, the episode ends with the team beating Rittenhouse, saving Rufus, Flynn coming out as a hero, Wyatt and Lucy FINALLY getting (and staying) together.


Garcia Flynn, The Unexpected Hero

garcia flynn

In addition to defeating Rittenhouse, we figure out pretty quickly via Wyatt that Rufus died because Jessica survived, and time just balanced out, in a sense. The team then talks about how to save Rufus but Flynn says something that sets the whole tone of the first part of the special: if they all die trying to save Rufus, who’s going to save the world from Rittenhouse? Flynn takes it upon himself to go back in time to the night Jessica died, or when she previously died, and kills her. He starts to feel the side effects of going back to his own timeline (via migraines) and realizes that he’s slowly dying, regardless of whether or not he goes back to the team. He struggles but manages to send the ship (which is now super updated because future Wyatt and Lucy leave them one from the future) back to where the team was before and ends up staying in 2014 until he dies. Fortunately, however, his actions cause Rufus to show up to the team’s rescue after getting captured by some men in history like as if he’d never actually died.

When looking back at Garcia Flynn’s entire journey throughout the series, it’s interesting to see how he’s essentially gone from being a terrorist with good intentions to a fully developed hero. His grief consumed him and turned him into a vengeful and angry person who would do anything to get his family back. It’s still his driving force, but he isn’t as reckless as he was in the beginning, and it meant enough to him to sacrifice himself for the cause. Flynn may not have been my favorite character earlier in the season, but the writers have definitely changed my mind now.


Lyatt: Together At Last


After a long will-they-won’t-they energy between the two, Wyatt and Lucy finally get together after pushing past the Jessica drama and facing their potential demise. Luckily for them, and the rest of the team, Agent Christopher gets ahold of the second time machine (via Lucy’s dad’s help) and comes just in time to save them. Before then, however, Wyatt goes on thinking that Lucy actually ends up Flynn, which was kind of teased earlier on in the season, but his thoughts turn out to be false. Even more so after Flynn sacrifices himself. After they get together, the show does a time-jump (opposed to going back in time, which they do all the time in this show) five years into the future and we see that Wyatt and Lucy are still together, and assumingly married with two kids, named Amy (after Lucy’s sister) and Flynn (for obvious reasons).


Rittenhouse: The Ominous Bad Guy

emma from rittenhouse

Rittenhouse has been a villainous organization that’s succeeded in being incredibly ominous ever since we found out about them. They have sleeper agents placed all throughout history so that they can change certain historical events, seemingly to deliver an outcome that would somehow play into their interests, which is still unknown, even after the series finale. The proposed conclusion of the two-season fight against them, however, was seeming simple: destroy the time machines, which is what they did, but they did keep one Lifeboat so that they could do it one last time to give Garcia the journal and just in case they ever need it again. This wasn’t actually what solved their Rittenhouse problem, at least not that alone. Honestly, the team beat Rittenhouse after they killed Emma, or more accurately when Chinese forces killed her and subsequently allowed them to destroy all the time machines except for one Lifeboat.

Plus, the science and the technology still exists, so someone is just going to invent it all over again, and there will always be someone there to use it with malicious intent, which coincidentally, is how the series ends: we see a teenage girl creating and working on time machine blueprints. There’s also another glimpse of an open-ended ending when Lucy starts to get a migraine while talking to Garcia in 2014, Connor Mason had said earlier in the season (and this finale) that the side effects of traveling back to your own timeline started with migraines, which would later advance into insanity, and then ultimately death. I suspect that the ending still leaves a little up to the viewer’s imagination because they’ve been prematurely canceled twice and thought that the fans deserved more than just a two-hour finale. Condensing their ending may have, and probably have, changed how they originally wanted the story to end.

If the show had been able to live out for as long as the show runners wanted, I’d assume we would’ve learned about Rittenhouse. All that’s really clear to me is that they’re an evil organization, changing things in history for their own personal gain. What we still don’t know, however, is what their actual intention was; what is it that they really want? Unfortunately, it’s a question that’s still left unanswered after Thursday night’s finale, but maybe it’s enough to know that they were evil and that the good guys won in the end.


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