In today’s day and age you cannot turn the television on without seeing a cartoon, commercial, or live action TV show dedicated to Superheroes.  The film industry is seeing an all-time high with Superhero movies as well, at least six movies in 2016 alone. It has become a way of life and to celebrate National Superhero Day we are going to honor them with the Top 5 Story Lines from comic-book history.

Number 5:  Marvel Comics Civil War by Mark Millar



Possibly one of the best story lines in comic-book history and the inspiration for the Marvel Studio’s Captain America: Civil War. 

After a series of incidents that caused damage and death, the U.S. Government creates the Superhero Registration Act which forces super powered individuals to reveal their identity and sign the document. A similar document, Mutant Registration Act, was proposed but never passed. This document caused a divide between Superhero’s who approved the registration and those who did not approve.

Captain America was on the opposing side. He felt that heroes should not be told what to do by government officials and that superheroes should act when they felt they needed to.

Iron Man felt the opposite and was for the Registration.  He felt that it was superheroes needed to be policed and that with proper training the act was reasonable.

Not only did we see Superhero against Superhero but even the villains of said Superheroes teamed up to fight for or against the Registration Act.

It’s a great story line that I highly recommend you taking the time to read.

Number 4:  X-Men: Age of Apocalypse 

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 4 11 Textless

Age of Apocalypse is one of the better known story lines and my favorite, even surpassing Days of Future Past.

The story line ran from 1995-1996 and was a cross over event which saw the X-Men being led by Magneto. The story line had huge ramifications in the Marvel Comics universe after the original time line was restored.

Professor X’s own son, Legion, tried to go back in time and kill off all of his father’s enemies. When Legion tried to kill Magneto, Xavier sacrificed his own life instead. The result of this caused Magneto to change his opinion about non-humans and he carried out Xavier’s dream and founded the X-Men.

Number 3: Flashpoint by Geoff Johns

Flashpoint sees Barry Allen waking to discover that everything and everyone around him has changed.  In this new timeline the Justice League and even Superman no longer exist. Batman is not Bruce Wayne but instead Thomas Wayne, as Bruce died in his place. Captain Cold, Flash enemy, is not the hero of Central City.  As Flash teams with the current Earth’s heroes to restore his timeline he must also deal with a battle on Earth between Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

I highly recommend seeing the Flashpoint DC Comics Animated movie.

Number 2: Death of Superman by Dan Jurgens

My favorite Superman comic-book story line of all time but also the saddest so it is not number one.

The Death of Superman story line will go down as one of the best ever and spawned several other story lines in the wake of Superman’s Death. The story line crossed over many books all leading up to the final battle between the monster Doomsday and the Man of Steel in a fight to the death.

Even if you are not a Superman fan, I highly recommend you give this a read and the cross over comics that followed such as Funeral for a Friend and Reign of the Supermen.

Before we get to Number 1, here are some notable mentions.

Marvel Comics: Age of Ultron

Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage

Marvel Comics: Secret Wars

Batman: Hush

And now for Number 1….

Batman: Knightfall

Now I know some of you are going to be pissed that I did not put Long Halloween or Killing Joke here but Knightfall to me, is the best comic-book  story line of all time and it spawned so many other great books.

After Bane makes his way to Gotham, he releases the inmates of Arkham to wear Batman down. Batman must contend with containing his most vicious of foes from Joker to Poison Ivy. After Batman has nearly put all the criminals away he is then forced to face off against Joker and Scarecrow. Scarecrow gasses Batman and makes him relive the murder of Jason Todd.  Batman, already weak from fighting and now feeling the effects of the gas makes his way back home where Bane is waiting for him. Batman has no fight left in him and is crippled after Bane breaks his back.

The series saw the rise of Bane who is one of the best DC villains and it also introduced us to Jean Paul Valley who would replace Batman and then go on to become Azrael.

The events of Knightfall happen after Death of Superman so give them both a read in order and you wont be disappointed.

So what did you think about the list? I know not everyone will agree but I do hope you will take the time to read each one on the list and decide which is your favorite.

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Happy National Superhero Day fans!


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