I’m keeping my word and not letting this die for all you MFST fans keeping up with all the fantasy madness this awesome site has been producing. Yes we all have those “hot crazy takes” but you know what? That’s fantasy in general. Who would’ve thought that Hunter Henry would’ve outscored Rob Gronkowski? Okay he was hurt, but no one saw the Jay Train coming when he was literally on his couch for week 1 to come in and rush for three 200 yard games, Ajayi was literally a waiver wire gem. How about if you drafted Todd Gurley in the first round? You sure as hell didn’t expect for a wide receiver in Green Bay (Davante Adams) to outscore one of the top two RB’s drafted last year in fantasy. Regardless it’s a week-to-week game and in this article here are six tight ends who can bring you fantasy glory in your leagues. If you don’t want to chase Gronk or Kelce early on, and want to wait until the middle rounds to draft a guy or two I got you covered. Some of these players were mentioned in my TE article back in May, but obviously if their named in here I still feel the same way about them.

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6. Eric Ebron

Look I understand 100% if you say eww after reading Ebron’s name but hold your horses fantasy peeps. Ebron is only 23 years old and is literally a low-end TE 1. The past two seasons he’s finished as a top-15 tight end, but the touchdowns haven’t been there. He’s not the only one to blame though the Detroit Lions have been a mess, but the targets and yardage are definitely there. Look for Ebron to be more of a red zone target, and not only that you’re getting him for cheap! Stack up on your roster and come back in the 8th round for Ebron.

5. Colby Fleener

Oh man remember when Fleener was going to sweep the fantasy world and take over the role of Jimmy Graham? Yeah will it didn’t exactly pan out that way last season, but you know what? I’m not passing on Fleener just yet. Yes he was horrible last year depending on where you took him, because even after just grabbing three touchdowns, Fleener wasn’t as bad as we made him out to be. I know they added some new pieces at the running back position, and Cooks is gone, but I’m actually high on Fleener and view him as a sleeper in the TE position this season. You’re also not paying the premium for him and could get him super late. If people are really expecting Brees to throw for over 4,000 yards again Michael Thomas, and Snead are not going to catch all of those balls.

4. Martellus Bennett

If you listened to the latest episode of our MFST podcast you would’ve heard me list my top 10 TE’s without Bennett being mentioned. I also said he would be busy blocking more for Aaron’s Rodgers rather than scoring touchdowns, but the truth is Martellus is a red zone monster, and you can’t expect any difference with him being in Green Bay. He’s shifting from Tom Brady to Aaron Rodgers.. I mean really come on! How is that fair? With the TE position growing I’ll stick to my guns in saying I wouldn’t take him within the top-10, but in a pass heavy offense Bennett is hard to overlook.

3. Jack Doyle

If you’ve noticed from my previous article back in May, Jack Doyle also was in the third place and I still feel the same damn way. I’ll be honest it’s very possible that Bennett or Ebron outscore him, but look at the Colts in general. They’re HORRIBLE! And if you listened to me on the podcast I’ve defended Andrew Luck several times. I’m a huge fan of his and if it were up to me I’d trade him to a contender, because lately Indianapolis hasn’t given him the running back, o-line, or defense this guy needs to succeed. Back to Doyle and I’m talking about another Doyle here… Gregg Doyle our very own Brandon Reid’s journalistic idol. According to Doyel, the Colts expect Luck to start week 1 and sling the ball. I do expect Luck to throw for at least 4,500 yards and besides the duo of Hilton and Moncrief who else is there to catch the ball? Draft Doyle with confidence.

2. Cameron Brate

I will admit if I would’ve seen Luck in preseason action throwing to Doyle he might just have been here at the #2 spot, but that isn’t the case. Instead I’ve seen Winston in both weeks 1 and 2 target Cameron Brate and find him for some positive yards. I for one am not worried about the arrival of O.J. Howard. For now it is the Cameron Brate show in Tampa. Don’t believe me? He caught 8 TD’s last season and is definitely on the same page with Winston. Who’s to say he can’t repeat that number or exceed it? Regardless Brate is literally going in the twelfth round or later which is mind-blowing. Get Brate cheap while you can, because he will show out for your fantasy team come week 1.

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1. Hunter Henry

Honestly I don’t even know if Henry belongs on this list anymore. He’s now being drafted in the 7th/8th rounds in mock drafts getting closer to the season. It’s not common for a tight end to make a mark in the fantasy land in their first year, but Henry did just that. Good bye Antonio Gates, you were a great player, fantasy player, future hall of famer, but get your one touchdown you need to put your name in the history books and step aside, because it is now the Hunter Henry show. I’ve seen YouTube videos with the coaching staff of the Chargers praising Henry. Saying that if they weren’t focused on helping Gates accumulate the yardage, catches and touchdowns he needs to be one of the greatest ever that Hunter “Hearst” Henry (for all you wrestling fans) would’ve gotten 12 touchdowns, and I for one truly believe that. Yes Gates will be in the mix early on, but once he gets his historic touchdown from Phillip Rivers, and steps aside this man is going to be a TE 1 for years to come.

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