Top ‘Being the Elite’ Episodes

Being the Elite Episodes


As G1 closes to an end and All IN approaches. The summer continues on Being the Elite, as some of the year’s most anticipated matches captivate pro wrestling audiences around the world.  BTE fans enter the area of the Golden Elite, Alpha Club, BC being fine, and The American Nightmare taking time off. Lots of memories have been shared from The Elite virtually super kicking WWE’s New Day back to their mid card to the release of the new Funko Pops.

Being the Elite successfully has over 100 episodes on Youtube since May 2016. The show is shot by all the members of The Elite. The show was originally a video journal of the members life on the road, traveling promotion to promotion.  The show later evolved into story line development and comedy skits for the members.

It surprises me how unaware some people are of The Elite and pro wrestling outside of WWE. If you are ready to re-enter a world of wrestling where the story lines make sense with the matches and experience wrestling done with passion.

Or maybe you are just curious about what the hell all those Bullet Club shirts are about! I decided to ask BTE fans, what episodes are their favorites. Now it was a tough hard decision but here are the top 10 with some honorable mentions.

1) Episode 109 “Memorial” 

The great dick wrestler Joey Ryan has been murdered and the guys attend a memorial.

2) Episode 52 “Bullet Club Gets a Villain” 

Marty Scull joins the Bullet Club taking Adam Cole Bay Bay’s place.

3)Episode 73 “Bullet Club Invades RAW” 

The guys had enough of the WWE Stooge and they are going to demand what is theirs back.

4)Episode 45 “The UK Tour Begins [Episode 45]” 

The Bucks have seen Kenny’s DM and are not sure what to think. The Elite also battle being pale with a spray tan party.

5)Episode 47 “Titled Episode 47” 

The stress of the DM still weighs on the guys minds. Kenny wants to show everyone’s wife and kids his……..6 star match with Okada.

6)Episode 77 “Prisoner of War” 

Flip owes Cody a favor causing Kenny to be weak. Allowing Cody to save Kenny’s life.

7)Episode 90 “Bullet Club is Fine” 

Cody makes a decision that could change everything for The Elite. The Golden Lovers visit the Bucks.

8) Episode 99 “Ninety-Nine” 

The backstage look at “II Sweet, Sweet for You” album photo shoot. Cody changes the Bullet Club logo.

9)Episode 66 “Someone Will Die!” 

The guys think Tama Tonga has to go.

10) Episode 111 “All Over The Place” 

Marty tells Kenny and Cody that he was hiding in Chris Jericho’s closet, and that the Bucks joined Alpha Club. Kenny’s first time hanging out with Hangman Page without the other guys.

  • Here are some honorable mentions that were close to being on the top 10 mentioned. 
    *Episode 37– Young bucks reunite with Kenny and Adam Cole in Japan.
    *Episode 49– Nick finds out he was poisoned. Adam Cole and the bucks have a PWG match in their room.
    *Adam & Kenny Explode-Kenny messages Adam on Myspace as an invite. Kenny is upset and wants to karaoke battle Adam.
    *Episode 43– Bucks wrestle the Hardy’s in a ladder match and the finally see Kenny’s DM.
    *Episode 55- Marty feels lonely in Japan and misses the Bucks.
    *Episode 65 “Missed Connections” The guys play Hangman on a rainy day.
    *Episode 108-“Alibi” Bucks pack on muscle to become heavy weights and Hang man needs an alibi.

It was a difficult decision because they are all so good!

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Ashley RoseOnce again I am Ashley Rose and you can follow me via Twitter @Ashrosenova, signing out. 

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