With the New Year upon us, and the MLB offseason still in affect, and several big name free agents still looking for clubs to call home for the 2019 season. Christian Mena, Dan Schalk and Patrick Rahall from MFST brings you our predicted landing spots for these available stars:

Christian Mena: New York Yankees.
The New York Yankees and Manny Machado seem to be having a starring contest, and no one seems to be blinking anytime soon. The Yankees certainly don’t want to reach the $300 million price tag for the All-Star, but could work a shorter term deal with Opt-Out clauses giving both sides more flexibility and an AAV in the $35-40 million range to entice Machado and make the Yankees that more dangerous.
Dan Schalk: Philadelphia Phillies.
Philadelphia Phillies. While the White Sox may offer the most money, I think that is Manny’s last choice. He’ll stay in the National League signing very close to a ten-year deal.
Patrick Rahall: Chicago White Sox.
Manny Machado is most likely, in my opinion, going to sign with the White Sox. He’s already proven that when the lights are brightest and the stage is biggest he wilts like fries left under a heat lamp for too long. He can’t handle the pressure of New York or even Philadelphia, where the fans can be brutal. Chicago isn’t expected to contend so he can just get his numbers and justify his contract without the added pressure of bringing in a championship.
Christian Mena: Los Angeles Dodgers.
After trading away Yasiel Puig, and Matt Kemp, a once crowded Dodgers outfield now has space for Bryce Harper, and are one of the few teams with the money to match his contracts demands. Plus Hollywood and Bryce Harper just seem too good of a match not too happen. So Dodgers, Boras, let’s get it done!
Dan Schalk: Los Angeles Dodgers.
I think the Dodgers are a sneaky play here. They unloaded unwanted contracts (Puig, Kemp) in their trade with the Reds and for the first time in a long time, they do not have any outfield depth. I can’t envision LA being ‘cheap’ so they’ll dish out the money for Harper.
Patrick Rahall: New York Yankees.
I believe Bryce Harper will sign with whomever gives him the most money. Could be the Dodgers, who have room in the outfield after trading Yasiel Puig and Matt Kemp, or it could be the Yankees who will be in the market for a big name after losing out on Machado. I don’t think he’ll live up to his contract, and the Bombers already have plenty of guys who swing and miss a lot, but he’s a big name and they can sell him on the brand like no other team.
Christian Mena: Los Angeles Angels.
Dallas Keuchel was arguably the second best pitching option in free agency that featured Patrick Corbin, and J.A. Happ. The Angels have been active on the market to fill a competitive squad around Mike Trout. But they need a workhorse, and although Keuchel has seen a dip in production, he’s still produced a 3.74 ERA over 204.2 innings which would rank first in both categories for Angels’ pitcher.
Dan Schalk: Atlanta Braves.
As an Astros fan I know he is not going to re-sign in Houston, but he overplayed his hand rejecting a $90 million extension in 2016. He won’t sign for that much–I see a contender like the Braves ponying up right before Spring Training with a three-year $70 million contract or somewhere in that realm.
Patrick Rahall: Los Angeles Dodgers.
Dallas Keuchel is a tough pick. There are a lot of teams who could use him, but I don’t see the market opening up like it did for Patrick Corbin. Keuchel is older and hasn’t put up the numbers he once did when he was considered one of the top pitchers in the American League. Philly may take a chance if they miss out on both Harper and Machado, although don’t discount the Dodgers picking him up to get a playoff- tested pitcher to take some of the pressure off of Clayton Kershaw.
Christian Mena: Atlanta Braves.
The Redsox are said to be interested in bringing back Kimbrel, but his contract demands— albeit unrealistic are too high for a team trying to stay under the hard penalty luxury-tax. Instead, his former employee the Atlanta Braves still have money to spend after signing Josh Donaldson and Brian McCann and could look to ace the offseason with the final addition of Kimbrel; a proven closer and one who has experienced playing in SunTrust Park.
Dan Schalk: Boston Red Sox.
He’ll end up re-signing in Boston for a lot less than he wanted. No team is going to pay over $100 million for a reliever who is now 30 years old.
Patrick Rahall: Boston Red Sox.
I think Craig Kimbrel will go back to the Red Sox, but not for the money or years he wants. Nobody who is a serious contender will shell out $16 million- plus for a guy his age who was shaky in the playoffs. He’ll go back to the Sox on a two year deal and hope to parlay that into one more big deal.
Christian Mena: New York Yankees.
The Yankees are still interested in bolstering their bullpen even after resigning Zach Britton, as their bullpen were one of the best in the 2018 season. Losing David Robertson may sting a bit for Yankee fans who has seen the reliever leave twice via free agency. But the addition of Ottavino who grew up a Yankee fan, and has interest in playing in New York, could be a match for both sides.
Dan Schalk: Chicago White Sox.
They need bullpen help and have money to spend. Ottavino is the premier setup man on the market. If Chicago can’t land any of their prized guys (Machado, Harper) they should ‘settle’ for the best reliever on the market, to me.
Patrick Rahall: Colorado Rockies.
With the re-signing of Zach Britton, the Yankees are all but out of the pursuit of Ottavino, leaving him with limited series interest from teams outside of the Rockies. The Yankees might still surprise everyone, because you can never have too strong of a bullpen, but my gut tells me Ottavino stays put.

Christian Mena

Christian Mena is a sports enthusiast who is currently majoring in Sports Management who resides in Connecticut. He is a die hard fan of the Yankees, Patriots and Lakers, and specializes in the NBA, NFL and MLB. You can follow him on Twitter @Christian_Mena3

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