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Valentine’s Day is more than just chocolate, roses, and expensive gifts. It’s about love and the incredible effect it has on us. Love can make us feel like we can lift a building, or give us a second chance at life, or even make us feel like we can fly. When it comes to these couples, love has nothing do with being able to fly or lift a building, but that doesn’t make their love any less great. Here are my top ten comic book couples portrayed in movies and TV.

10. Killer Frost (Caitlin Snow) and Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond)

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In the second season the CW’s The Flash we get a glimpse into what Earth Two is like. It’s only slightly different from our own. Beyoncé is a senator, Jay Garrick is The Flash, and Killer Frost and Firestorm are a killer couple. I think this is what people mean when they say ‘opposites attract’. The two destroy things well together, he heats things up and she’s always there to cool them down. They manage to make chaos and destruction seem like the best date ever. Not to mention he’s the only man she can kiss without killing them, how romantic is that?

9. Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) and Felicity Smoak

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This couple has become a fan favorite among Arrow fans. Oliver and Felicity, better known as Olicity were easily one of the cutest couples in television. Any Arrow fan knows that Laurel Lance and Oliver Queen were supposed to be the it couple of CW’s Arrow, but unfortunately, the actors just didn’t have the chemistry to make that happen. Enter Felicity Smoak, who worked as tech support at Oliver’s company, and suddenly sparks were flying, and Olicity was born. Are they end game? Who knows, but while they were together the two made a cute pair.

8. Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Peggy Carter

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This would be higher on the list if in Captain America: Civil War Steve waited more than a day to mack on Peggy’s niece, Sharon after her funeral. Don’t get me wrong, while she was alive and young Peggy and Steve were a great thought. The two only shared a kiss and made plans for a date before Steve went under. In ABC’s Agent Carter, it is clear that Peggy is still hurting from losing Steve, but I’m sure she’d find comfort in knowing her ex boyfriend ended up with someone liked and trusted.

7. Rouge and Iceman (Bobby Drake)

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The romance between Rouge and Bobby is seriously underrated. Here we have a girl whose powers suck the life out of people, but despite all that, Bobby still wants to be with her. What’s more is that he never makes her feel bad or guilty about her powers. She has to wear gloves to even hold his hand and she basically can never kiss him, but that doesn’t make their relationship any less meaningful or romantic. Bobby loves Rogue just the way she is, but I’m sure he was secretly glad when she decided to give up her powers in order to be with him properly. Love is sometimes about sacrifices, and they both made plenty of them for the other.

6. The Flash (Barry Allen) and Iris West

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Possibly one of my favorite TV couples to exist, WestAllen was something fans of The Flash wanted since the start of the show. Barry has an enormous crush on Iris and Iris sees Barry as nothing more than her absolute best friend, even subjecting him to giving her advice on her relationship. Though Barry did his fair share of dating, he couldn’t get away from his feelings for Iris. Whether it was faith or an article in the future that was written by Iris West-Allen, Barry knew she was the only one for him. All it took was a messed up timeline for his dreams to come true. Now here’s hoping he can keep her alive long enough for her to become Iris West-Allen!

5. Deadpool (Wade Wilson) and Vanessa Carlysle

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Deadpool  was easily one of the best movies of 2016. It was hilarious, action packed, and…romantic? Wade and Vanessa start a relationship in the beginning of the movie that is exciting and passionate and they find creative ways to celebrate holidays, including International Women’s Day. Wade falls in love with Vanessa before finding out that he has cancer. This barely makes her blink. She’s willing to stay with him through his illness and even has hope that he can make it through. She’s distraught when he disappears and just assumes he’s dead, but she still doesn’t stop loving him. After Wade loses his good looks and gains insane powers, the one thing on his mind is getting his looks back so they can be together. Maybe following her was a little creepy and weird, but he had good intentions behind it and ends up saving her life in the end. And it’s totally worth it when she can look past his new looks and love the man inside.

4. Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Catwoman (Selina Kyle)

Back when Batman movies were funnier and tad silly, Michael Keaton and Michelle Pfeiffer played romantic interests as Batman and Catwoman. This is still in my opinion the best depiction of the couple to date. Selina is totally into Bruce Wayne who she has no idea is Batman, and Bruce has no idea she’s his new enemy Catwoman, and for good reason. Selina is shy and slightly nervous, while her counterpart is sexy, confident, and hell-bent on revenge. Funnily enough the two also fall for each other in their masked form and the famous line of “You’re catnip to a girl like me.” is born. Of course it’s only a matter of time before the two figure each other out and who would have thought it would be mistletoe that revealed their identities?

3. Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Mary Jane Watson

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It’s a story we’ve all heard time and time again; the nerdy boy has a huge crush on the beautiful popular girl next door.But it’s not every day that the girl likes him back. Sure, Mary Jane really starts becoming interested in Peter once he’s been bitten by the spider and starts doing cool things like saving her lunch, but she always knew there was something special about Peter. Maybe it was the way that he genuinely cared about her and made her smile, or maybe his photography skills and his brains, whatever it was Mary Jane fell hard for Peter and only fell harder when she found out he was Spider-Man, and the man who had saved her life on multiple occasions. Eventually that took a toll on their relationship and the couple broke up, but the ending of Spider-Man 3 made it seem like they were both willing to try again. After all, it’s not every day you meet a man who you can have a romantic upside down kiss with.

2. Superman (Clark Kent) and Lois Lane

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How Lois Lane never knew that Clark Kent and Superman were the same person is still beyond me. It’s amazing what a pair of glasses can hide. That aside, pretty much every movie or TV show about Superman does an amazing job of capturing Superman and Lois’s relationship. Whether she doesn’t at first know that Clark is Superman like in Lois and Clark or she’s known from the beginning as shown in Man of Steel, Clark’s love for her is one for the ages. He would do any and everything to keep her safe, including dying. In Smallville Clark manages to get over the girl he’s been in love with forever once Lois comes to into the picture. Lois will always be the one for him. If he couldn’t fly before, I’m sure Lois made him feel like he could.

1. Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers

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Everyone (including Scott himself) knows that Ramona is way too good for Scott. She’s beautiful, smart, and edgy and Scott is…well Scott. And that’s what makes their relationship so special. Ramona comes with some serious baggage, including seven evil exes that Scott must defeat in order to be with her. At first when Ramona says Scott is the nicest guy she’s ever dated, that seems sad, but then we see what she was dealing with before hand it all makes sense. Her exes suck. So does Scott, but he sucks in the best way possible. He’s willing to actually take down her evil exes to be with her because he knows in his heart that she’s his dream girl. He hasn’t known her for long, but when you know, you know. He deals with a pretentious actor, a bi-furious girl, and rock star vegan all to win the love of a girl who’s not even sure she’ll stick around for long. In the end she does and it’s incredibly rewarding to know that Scott and Ramona will try to have a relationship where they’re not running into one of her exes every time they leave the house.


So there’s my list. Who are your favorite comic book couples? Happy Valentine’s Day!

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