Ronda Rousey defeats Bethe Correia (KO 1st)

Just as everyone expect Ronda dominates. She came in and knocked out Correia in 35 seconds. Give the UFC PR team a raise because they sold this fight as competitive when Ronda is on completely different level. Rousey is at the top of the world and with her rematch against Miesha Tate ahead of her it looks like she’s going to be up there a while longer.

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Mauricio “Shogun” Rua defeats Antonio Rogerio Nogueira “Little Nog” (DEC-UNA)

In the co-main event these two vets get the rematch they’ve been waiting 10 years for since their all-out war in Pride all the way in 2005. Honestly though, Shogun looks a lot fresher and livelier than he has in years. Both of these veterans aren’t going to be making any adjustments to their fighting styles but no one is going to complain. It’s like someone decided to add three more rounds to their Pride fight because they looked to continue what they started and turned this fight into a brawl early on. Shogun wanted to slow down the fight and went for take-downs and grapples when he was landing heavy body kicks. Little Nog almost ended it in the first and towards the end of the third when he sunk in a deep guillotine choke. Just like Pride the fight went to the judges and history repeated itself with Shogun taking the decision victory. Honestly Little Nog deserved this one, after the first round Shogun was fighting defensively.

Franca defeats Fernando Bruno (SUB 3rd)

These Lightweight fighters had the unlucky position of following the other TUF finale that delivered great back and forth action. I must say Franca looks absolutely massive for a lightweight. He was just a bigger, younger and stronger fighter. Bruno turned this fight into a grind, trying to wear down Franca enough to submit him. Both fighters looked exhausted after the grappling fest but Franca ended each round on Bruno’s back and it was only a matter of time before he sunk in the rear naked choke.  Franca needs to work on his stand up so to help set up his take-down and dangerous ground game. He’s still only 24 years old which is great for him and the UFC moving forward, hopefully he learns how to cut weight in order to prevent gassing himself out especially if he wants to stay in speedy lightweight division.

Vieira defeats Lopes (DEC-UNA)

In a battle between The Ultimate Fighter Brazil finalists, these two young men put on a show. They truly left everything in the octagon and both deserve a contract after that performance which was reminiscent of the TUF 1, Griffin vs Bonnar. There were multiple guillotine choke attempts including one by Lopes late in the 3rd round that looked like it was going to secure his victory, but somehow Vieira holds on and gets out of the hold. While not the most technical of fights you have to respect both men for trying as hard as they could, both fighters were beaten and bloody and I would not want to be the judges after such an even display of will. Vieira gets the nod from the judges but I hope we haven’t seen the last of Lopes.

Stefan Struve defeats Minotauro Nogueira “Big Nog” (DEC-UNA)

Stefan Struve steps into this fight younger, faster, bigger, and stronger. Nogueira has the advantage of experience but not much else. The 6’11” Struve comes into the fight twelve years younger than the 39-year-old Nogueira. Struve also boasted a 7 inch reach advantage but it isn’t an advantage unless you make use of it. Stefan Struve’s inability to use his tremendous physical tools to their highest advantage is the most frustrating thing in the UFC. Big Nog took him all the way to the judges score card. He will always be beloved by fight fans for what he did in the past but it’s time for him to hang them up and focus on coaching. His years of countless battles in MMA would be invaluable to the next generation of fighters, but he’s just too slow, too old and too damaged to compete today. Struve is 27 years old, he can still learn but when it takes him over two and a half rounds to finally start using his reach and tee off on Big Nog who moved about as quickly as a punching bag it’s concerning if Struve will ever get it together. Let’s see Struve take on Big Foot Silva, in a battle of giants.

Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva defeats Soa Palelei (KO/TKO 2nd)

Big Foot Silva with a massive knockout victory. He was on a bad losing streak leading up to this fight and honestly I believed that he was going to have yet another L next to his name because Soa Palelei has some of the hardest hits in the division and has a considerable speed advantage. Silva used his “cage-a-dope” technique to weather the early storm then smash Palelei when he found an opening, similar to his bout with Alistair Overeem. Bigfoot prolongs his stay in the UFC after this much-needed victory. Soa Palelei will bounce back from this fight and should face off against Travis Browne or perhaps Minotauro Nogueira.

Claudia Gadelha defeats Jessica Aguilar (DEC-UNA) flyweight

Gadelha takes the first round handily. Good hands and head movement and lands a sweet looking takedown. Second round, Gadelha breaks Aguilar’s nose with a crushing hook. Controls the round with her boxing and two powerful slams. Aguilar mounts and offense behind her leg kicks. Gadelha makes her pay with heavy hands. Aguilar did adjust and work on that leg kicks which really started hurting Gadelha.  Despite this loss Jessica Aguilar showcases her amazing toughness and grit. She had a busted nose and was bleeding pretty bad but she kept pushing forward and had her best round in the 3rd. look for her to make a splash in the women’s straw weight division. Claudia Gadelha emphatically throws her hat into the title picture in the Women’s Straw Weight division. She showcased her solid boxing and some powerful slams that opens up her ground game and pound. If she gets her rematch with current champion Joanna it’s going to be a brawl as both fighters have great stand up and would rather have the bout stay on the feet. Gadelha showed her linguistic skills by asking Dana White for a title shot in English, and honestly that performance warrants an opportunity at the belt.

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