ufc 198Last night was another solid UFC fight card. Anderson Silva was left off due to a successful surgery to his gallbladder, so the card missed out on another good fight, but without it, this card was still worth the price of admission. We saw a debut, a streak end and a champion rise up with one good hit. Let’s check out what happened last night.

ufc 198 barberenaWarlley Alves vs. Bryan Barberena

In the first round, ten seconds in, Alves took Barberena down, and on the ground battling it out for a minute. Alves had some good kicks and hits for most of the round. Barberena missed out on a huge elbow, and Alves slipped at the one minute mark, in which Barberena couldn’t capitalize.

Alves started out well in the second round, but then Barberena landed a good hit to cut open Alves. This round was quiet with small jabs trading back and forth between each fighter for about two minutes. Around 2:30, Alves had a small burst of shot after shot, but missed out on a huge kick. Alves also landed a nice uppercut, but Barberena wasn’t letting him get all the shots this round. Barberena started landing nice hits to the face and in the final 40 seconds, they traded blows.

In the final round Barberena started out well, landing good hits and dodging attacks. Alves landed a good jab to the head and Barb went for a head kick but fell to the ground. Alves took over and moved Barberena up against the cage, but Barberena was able to get Alves off of him. Alves went for a high knee, but it didn’t connect that well, so he went for it again and Barberena reversed it with good hit. Just like the second round, the final forty seconds started with trading hits to the head, but Alves went for a kick and missed. For the next 10 seconds Barberena was landing good headshots and the round ended just like the second one with both fighters trading blows.

Barberena wins the fight by unanimous decision and Alves gets his first loss.

Shogun Rua vs. Corey Anderson

This fight started with little action but then Rua went for a big hit, missed and Anderson reversed it well. Anderson then missed out on his first big it. Around 2:30 Anderson landed a hit with his leg and landed some good shots. Then around the 1:50 mark, Anderson landed a knee and both fighters started trading big hits and dodging them. In the end of the first, Rua knocked Anderson down with a nice jab and Rua started throwing out the hammer fists. If that wouldn’t have happened in the end of the round, Rua would have won right there.

The second round Rua tried to take over after ending the first round on a high note. Both fighters traded blows to start. Rua goes for a leg kick, then Anderson landed multiple leg kicks. Anderson goes for his wrestling style and takes down Rua, but it isn’t easy. Anderson went for a huge hit on the ground, but Rua gets up and they fight against the cage for about 30 seconds. Anderson goes back to Rua’s leg for the take-down, but ends up pushing him against the cage again. Anderson finally brings Rua down, but Rua gets up instantly against the cage. At the end of the round again, Rua took down Anderson and landed more and more hits, Anderson escapes again due to the time.

Anderson had some success and some failure in taking down Rua, so he went to try again in the third but fails. There was a ground battle for around a minute then Anderson took over. Rua gets up from the battle then Anderson took Rua down with a take-down, but once again Rua gets up quickly, basically making the take-down moves a wash. Anderson tried landing some hits against the cage to end the fight, but Rua withstands it.

Shogun Rua wins by split decision

ufc 198 cyborgCris Cyborg vs. Leslie Smith

Cris Cyborg made her debut in the UFC last night and it was a good one. Cyborg started the fight with good hits and landed shot after shot. Once Cyborg knocked Smith down though, Cyborg threw down the hammer fists. She took control and Smith wasn’t defending herself as Cyborg was punching Smith right in the face, and the ref stops the fight.

Smith wasn’t happy that the ref ended the fight so early, and said that she could have lasted longer and that the fight should have continued. Shockingly Cyborg didn’t call out Rousey and just said that she was the champion in other MMA leagues and willing to defend her title.

Cyborg wins by TKO in the first round

ufc 198 souzaJacare Souza vs. Vitor Belfort

Belfort started the action with a take-down 30 seconds in. Souza went for a big hit, missed, but ended up taking Belfort down and they scrap. Souza nails Belfort with a good hit and cuts him open on the bridge of his nose. There was a medical timeout called and Belfort was patched up. Belfort reversed the roles on the ground battle, but Souza gets up and they go against the cage. Souza went low and took Belfort down, landing good hits, but Belfort trades back with kicks. Souza starts whaling on Belfort, causing him to bleed again. Souza then brings in elbows and landing headshot after headshot. Belfort was getting pounded and the ref stops the fight.

Jacare Souza wins by TKO in the first round.

ufc 198 miocicFabricio Werdum vs. Stipe Miocic

Werdum started off with a good kick and started landing hit after hit on Miocic. He tried for a high knee and missed, along with a leg take-down. The first two minutes Miocic wasn’t doing much, if anything. Werdum then starts attacking hard, going after Miocic for the KO, then Miocic just lands one good shot to the head and knocked Werdum straight out. The right hand hit was the hit that crowned a champion when it looked like Werdum was going to win.

Stipe Miocic wins by KO in the first round and is the new heavyweight champion.

Hit of the night

The hit of the night had to go to Stipe Miocic. He landed just one good shot on Werdum and won the championship. He didn’t need much to knockout the champion, which shows that even if you land the most strikes, it is all about how effective those strikes are.

How did I do?

I went 2-3 last night, as I got the Cyborg and Rua fight correct. Alves could have won his fight as to me that fight was closer than a unanimous decision. Belfort just didn’t have it in him tonight and Miocic landed a huge hit to end it. If he didn’t land that punch, we could still have Werdum as the champion, but that is the UFC and MMA for you, unpredictable, and it is why I love it.

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