ufc 199

Last night was a great PPV card with action in all five fights. Three of the five ended in knockout, while the other two went to a unanimous decision. Each fight brought action and intensity, giving fans their moneys worth. Even though Chris Weidman couldn’t fight due to an injury, Michael Bisping came in and took his spot to let the show go on. Let’s check out what happened last night.

dustin poirer

Dustin Poirier vs. Bobby Green

This was Bobby Green’s first fight in 18 months since coming off an ACL tear and it didn’t seem to affect him. The first minute they traded shots and Poirier landed a good kick, but couldn’t finish it. Green responded with a good left hook then at 3:40 Poirier takes Green down and starts pounding on him. Green somehow gets back up, and starts taunting Poirier, asking for more. Poirier went for a kick and it was reversed. After getting reversed, Poirier was trying for big shots and he was doing well with it, landing shot after shot. At 2:15 Green gets knocked down by a left hook and Poirier grounds and pounds with hammer fists until the ref comes in to stop the fight. Both fighters hug each other after the fight.

Poirier wins by TKO in the first round

dan henderson vs hector lombardDan Henderson vs. Hector Lombard

The first 30 seconds of this fight were quiet with no action, but after that it got rolling. Henderson connected on a low kick and dodged a left hook at the 4 min. mark. They traded good blows at 3:45. Henderson knocked Lombard down at 2:40 with a good hit. Just 10 seconds later Lombard took Henderson down with a takedown. Lombard went for an arm bar, but Henderson escapes. Lombard tried to stay in control while being on top but Henderson gets up. Lombard had a good knee at 1:40 and knocks Henderson down with a huge shot and Henderson went down in the corner and when Henderson got up he kept getting leveled. Lombard then connects with another high knee to stumble Henderson. Henderson tries to escape and run away, but Lombard makes another good strike. Lombard ends the round on top on the ground, winning the round.

The second round by Henderson started out with a kick to the legs and the body. Lombard replied with a body shot and still tries to connect a huge shot. Henderson had a high right kick and a reverse right elbow to the temple and Lombard gets knocked down and out. Henderson landed a couple good shots to make sure he won the fight and it is over. Henderson said after the fight “I’m not sure what’s going to happen after this fight, but that could have been the last one of my career.” If he ends his career like that, what a way to go out.

Henderson wins by knockout in the second round

max holloway vs ricardo lamasMax Holloway vs. Ricardo Lamas

Lamas starts with low kicks. Holloway blocks a kick and lands strikes. Holloway started to take control a little bit around the 3:45 mark with some good shots and kicks, trapping Lamas in the corner before Lamas escapes. Holloway gets Lamas against the cage, but Lamas gets out. Lamas lands a spin kick at 1:55. Holloway responds with a good kick. Lamas grabs Holloways leg and goes up against the cage. Lamas lands a good elbow to the face. Holloway escaped the leg hold and lands a huge spinning kick to the face. Very close round one.

Lamas starts the round with a kick to the face. He tried for a spin kick and missed. Lamas then tried for a big shot and missed, Holloway returned with a good hit. Both fighters traded good shots at 3:30. Holloway went for a knee and missed. Again both fighters traded shots at 2:40. Lamas landed a good right shot to the face 10 seconds later. Holloway takes Lamas down and is on top at the 2 min mark. Lamas goes for a takedown at 1 min, but Holloway escaped. Lamas goes for it again and gets reversed by Holloway and he is on his back with 30 seconds left. Holloway is hammerfisting the back of Lamas and Lamas delivers a elbow to the face to end the round.

The final round started with Lamas trying to land a crazy kick, but he missed. Lamas kept trying for different kicks and never connected with one. Holloway then went for a left jab and missed. They hug and go against the cage for a minute. Lamas landed a good shot at the 1 min mark. Holloway goes for quick strikes and big hits. They both traded blows and Lamas takes Holloway against the cage. Lamas starts taunting with 30 seconds left. The last 15 seconds they just traded huge shots, just swinging away with no defense.

Holloway wins by unanimous decision

dominick cruz vs urijah faber 3Dominick Cruz vs. Urijah Faber

Cruz and Faber didn’t touch gloves. Cruz had a tapped left foot, but it didn’t affect how he fought. Cruz starts with a left kick and misses. Faber goes for the attack and Cruz reversed with a takedown and is on top. Cruz was controlling Faber on the ground, but Faber gets up and throws Cruz against the cage, but Cruz regained control. Faber landed a good knee to the head at 3:20. They scramble for a bit and Cruz tries for a big hit but misses. Faber responded with a good right jab and Cruz gets Faber in a headlock. Faber takes Cruz down, but Cruz flips over and is on top. Faber then gets Cruz’s ankle, but Cruz escapes and gets up. Faber rushes straight to Cruz and nails him with a right punch to the face. Cruz then goes for Fabers ankle, but Faber dodged it. Cruz hits Faber with short jabs and a left hook to end the first round.

Second round started with Faber going for a spin kick and missed. Cruz lands a huge hit and takes down Faber. Cruz went for a perfect left handed punch, Faber dodges. Cruz landed a good leg kick and down goes Faber again, but he recovers quickly. Cruz is dominating this round as he goes for a spinning move, ended with a jab to the gut.

Third round for Cruz started out well, but he missed a huge right hand and Faber responded with a good hit and Cruz went for a flying knee and missed. Both traded good shots. Cruz is looking to end the fight with a knockout, but Faber is blocking and staying alive when getting knocked down. Cruz was really offensive this round as Faber is defensive. Cruz started aiming for the body of Faber. Faber goes for a kick at 48 seconds left, Cruz blocks it, tries to take Faber down, but Faber stays up. The round ends with Cruz running into Faber and Faber pushes him.

The fourth round was another close round. Cruz went for a fury of kicks and punches, Faber blocks them all. Faber starting to get more offensive this round, trying to get quick jabs and kicks. They both started to dodge every hit that was thrown. Cruz landed a quick jab at 3:15. Both again dodge kicks and big swings. Cruz started landing good hits and takes Faber down again. Faber quickly gets up though. Both of these fighters are looking for the knockout as they are throwing the hay-makers, but they keep getting dodged.

Championship round and Cruz looks to be up 3-1, so Faber needs to knock him out this round or make him tap to win this fight. First minute is just minor blows, both fighters being defensive not wanting to attack and get knocked out. Cruz takes Faber down at 2:30 and is in control, but Faber is moving around easily and he gets back up in 30 seconds. Fabe tries throwing Cruz off, fails, but escapes. Faber blocks a Cruz takedown, but Cruz goes for it again and finally gets it. Faber rolls over and gets up against the cage and he has Cruz in a headlock. Cruz easily escaped and the round ends. Cruz and Faber shake hands and give each other a quick hug.

Cruz wins by unanimous decision

rockhold vs bisping 2Luke Rockhold vs. Michael Bisping

First minute is just minor hits. Rockhold goes for a big kick at 3:45 and it’s blocked. Bisping is going for strong shots and keeps missing. Rockhold and him trade quick hits. Rockhold with a big dodge at 2 min. Bisping landed a good left shot and down goes Rockhold. Rockhold gets up and Bisping lands another good left shot, which makes Rockhold fall against the cage. Bisping lands powerful swing after swing and the fight ends like that.

Bisping wins by knockout and is the new UFC Middleweight champion

Knockout of the night

While Michael Bisping did have the biggest reward in his knockout, but the knockout of the night had to go to Dan Henderson. Henderson was the underdog in his fight, looked at for his age and it seemed that the fight was over in the first when Lombard knocked Henderson down. In the second round, Henderson had a right kick and a huge right elbow to just knock Lombard straight out. This could be Henderson’s last fight, what a way to end a career with a huge knockout.

How did i do?

Last time I went 2-3, this time I did even worse, going 1-4 getting the Holloway fight as my only correct pick. I really thought Green would give more of a fight instead of taunting, Henderson would have showed his age, Faber finally getting the title and Rockhold knocking Bisping out, but I guess I am wrong. Let’s see how UFC 200 goes for me, it should be a good one.

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