UFC 207 might have lost the Cain Velasquez and Verdum fight but more people are interested on the return of Rowdy Ronda Rousey, who makes her Octogon return after over a year away from the cage. Hardcore and casual fans will flock to see if Rousey still has what it takes since getting knocked out by Holly Holm. This card also features another title match between Dominick Cruz and Cody Garbrandt. Casual fans should be treated to a spectacular fight  that has many MMA fans at the edge of their seats with anticipation. So with that let MFST tell you what to keep an eye out for and who we think will have there hand raised.

 Amanda Nunes (c) vs.Ronda Rousey         

Michael: Nunes

It is always hard to pick against Rousey. She can end the fight if she gets a hold of Nunes but after watching how Nunes dealt with Tate I see that likelihood happening less and less. Nunes has a fast leading hand that will give Rousey flashbacks of Holly Holm. Rousey fans, this may be the last you see of her in the Octagon, after her first loss many questioned her resolve, and after Nunes finishes her in the 2nd round.

Orlando: Nunes

Ronda Rousey makes her long awaited return to the octagon after suffering a heart breaking knockout to Holm, but finds herself face to face with another elite striker. Rousey is hands down one of the best fighters in UFC history, but will have her hands full with with black and brown belt Nunes and could find herself in trouble if she cant defend herself early on. Nunes has been called the female Anderson Silva for a reason, and Rousey is going to have to bring more than just her Olympic judo throw if she looks to regain her title and sit atop the Women’s Bantamweight division, sadly I don’t think she’s the same after getting knocked out, and her mindset is what worries me in what could be another long night for Rousey and her fans. Nunes by third-round tko.


 Dominick Cruz (c) vs. Cody Garbrandt    

Michael: Cruz

As much as I would like to see someone tag Cruz and put him to sleep, Garbrandt is not going to be that someone. While he may hit like a truck, his style is too simple and one dimensional. Cruz knows he has to watch out for one thing and one thing only, the right hand. Cruz will be half way across the cage when Garbrandt swings. This is going the distance, a classic Cruz performance.

Orlando: Cruz

Finally after all the corny trash talking these two will finally step into the octagon and lay it all out there for the Bantamweight championship. Garbrandt will need to connect with punches if he looks to dethrone Cruz, and he can back that up being that he’s proven he has the ability to quickly close the distance against the some of the best shiftiest fighters. But just like the majority of his fights Cruz will be wise to drag this on till the late championship rounds to test the young striker. Cruz by decision.


  T.J. Dillashaw vs. John Lineker          

Michael: Dillashaw

Weirdly enough this is a warm up and preview of the match up between Cruz and Garbradt. Dillashaw is like Cruz but move a little bit slower and hits a lot harder. John Lineker is quick and ready to scrap. This fight should be really fun, with some furious exchanges bound to happen. I see Dillashaw landing a lot more, but he wont be able to put away the iron chinned Lineker.

Orlando: Dillashaw

This fight has fireworks written all over it. Dillashaw, a former champion who uses shifty movements and elusive footwork will go into battle with hard-hitting bantamweight John Lineker for the next shot at the title. Dillashaw is great when it comes to striking. In his last six fights he was able to land over 100 strikes, and is also good great at defending when its comes to taking punishment. The young Brazilian on the other hand presents a great challenge when it comes to his heavy right hand, and Dillashaw would be smart when it comes to keeping his distance, and controls the fight his way. Dillashaw by decision

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Tarec Saffiedine

Michael: Kim

Saffiedine is out of his element and out of his league. He may be a former Bellator champ but Dong Hyun Kim is a perennial top welterweight. I see Kim controlling this fight with his grappling leading to a ground and pound stoppage.

Orlando: Kim

Kim takes the Octagon to face former Strike Force champion Saffiedine. In what appears to be an all out brawl Saffiedine hasn’t seen any action in over a year and will have a tough time knocking off the rust here. Saffiedine will have to strike at a distance with punches and kicks, but Kim will present a tough challenge as he tries to tie him up and take it to the mat. Saffiedine will have his moments, but won’t find any success when it comes to trying to survive for three rounds against this South Korean. Kim by third-round tko.


 Louis Smolka vs. Ray Borg

Michael: Smolka

Smolka is a wrecking machine, he looks phenomenal for such a young prospect. Ray Borg has looked tough in his four fights in the octagon and some high level grappling. Smolka is relentless on the feet and on the ground. He doesn’t seem to tire and I see him ending this fight after a brutal display of his skills.

Orlando: Smolka

Both young prospects have been fun to watch and good for the sport as of late. Borg has shown potential in his first four UFC fights, utilizing his grappling to suffocating opponents and submitting them. Smolka on the other end has won four of his last five fights with three of them coming by finish. This would be a nice victory for either fighter here, but I’m going to ride with Smolka here being that he’s hold the edge when it comes to stand-up and can hold his own on the ground if it gets to that point. Smolka by second-round tko.


Michael Gomez

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