The best free card of the year caps off the UFC’s Nine days of Fury. We’re treated to a lightweight title defense with the defending champ Rafael dos Anjos and the fan favorite Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. I’m going to break down what is stacked up to be an exciting night of fights, all for the low low price of free.


December 19, 2015


  • Rafael dos Anjos vs. Donald Cerrone TITLE FIGHT


This is set to be a good fight, many see dos Anjos steamrolling Cowboy but this is a far more complicated match up.


Cerrone is a far better striker. He will use his length to keep dos Anjos at bay. Look for him to throw a good amount of kicks, particularly straight front kicks to the body. Dos Anjos has made some jumps in his striking, he’s a solid Muay Thai practitioner. When he throws, he swings with power. Look for him to throw some brutal leg kicks in order to slow down Cerrone, in an effort to get his mitts on him. Cerrone has made a career of picking apart his opponents on the feet, I think he’ll get the best of dos Anjos when they trade blows.


This is where the champ lives. His Jiu-jitsu, combined with his powerful wrestling has allowed him to smother his opponents. His early career was defined by his Jiu-Jitsu, but he’s added a deadly ground and pound element to his ground game which used to revolve around slowly inching towards submission attempts. Cerrone’s 69% takedown defense will be put to the test in this fight. He’s very good at sprawling and when he is finally taken to the mat he has a reputation for getting back to his feet quickly. The grappling match will be key to deciding the victor in this match.


Dos Anjos edges out Cerrone here, but not by too much. Dos Anjos certainly has a wider variety of submissions, but Cerrone is a damn good submission defender. If dos Anjos fails to acknowledge Cerrone’s efficiency with submissions he could find himself choked out. All of Cerrone’s submission victories came early on in his career in WEC, but that shouldn’t be dismissed as him losing his skill, he’s just been knocking people out.

Final Verdict:

Every fight starts on the feet and Cerrone should make the most of these openings. If he keeps the fight standing dos Anjos is in for a rough title defense. I see Cerrone fending off most of dos Anjos’ attempts to take the fight to the mat. Cerrone is going to enter this fight with a better game plan and pick dos Anjos apart on the feet. He’ll end the fight in the third round.


  • Junior dos Santos vs. Alistair Overeem


The only match up that will play out here is the one on the feet. Its dos Santos’ boxing vs Overeem’s kickboxing. Overeem needs to use his staggering kicks to keep dos Santos as far away from his suspect chin as possible. Alistair is going to either keep the distance with body kicks and leg kicks or he’s going to take it into the clinch and work with his knees. I see dos Santos getting within boxing distance and look for the left hand fake into a right hand uppercut. Specifically because Overeem tends to lean forward, put his hands over his ears as his universal defense system. Dos Santos weakness lies in his horrible foot movement. He lacks any semblance of lateral movement and continuously waits until he’s up against the fence to finally start circling away. Dos Santos has taken some major damage in his last couple of fights, taking a lot of the damage up against the fence. So where dos Santos takes his worst punishment, Overeem doles out pain like no other. This is where the fight will be won by Overeem in the 2nd, he’ll neutralize dos Santos best offense and pour on some of his devastating knees to crumple up dos Santos.

  • Michael Johnson vs Nate Diaz

Here comes a scrap! Nate Diaz loves nothing more than to stand and trade blows with his opponent. He and his brother are notorious for their “Stockton Slap” boxing technique. They don’t rely on one hit knock-out power but pour on a constant onslaught of hits. Johnson is a lot more of a power striker than Diaz, and if he finds himself in trouble on the feet he has the ability to wrestle down his opponent. If the fight hits the mat Diaz is a dangerous Jiu-jitsu practitioner and Johnson will have to be careful not to get his arm caught while he tries to ground and pound.   Johnson comes out of the Blackzillians camp and they have some heavy hitting talented strikers that can put people out. Usually people try not to stand and trade with either of the Diaz brothers but I see Johnson taking advantage of his speed and power advantage on the feet. Diaz wants to get in the pocket and go to work but Johnson will be bouncing in and out of range firing with power. This end in the 2nd round with Johnson coming out on top.

  • Karolina Kowalkiewicz vs. Randa Markos

Bothe women feature a well-balanced fight game. Markos leans more towards a grappling based approach. Her ground and pound is relentless and she also possess a formidable armbar. Kowalkiewicz has a better stand up game. She hits hard and mixes up her striking with more than straight punches. Kowalkiewicz is making her UFC debut with an undefeated record and she’ll keep that streak going. She’ll win the stand-up game and fend off all Markos’ ground game. Unanimous decision victory goes to Kowalkiewicz. GomezAnalysisCombat SportsMMARecent Posts"Cowboy",Alistair Overeem,Donald Cerrone,Junior dos Santos,Michael Johnson,MMA,Nate Diaz,orlando,Rafael dos Ajos,UFC,ufc fight night,UFC OrlandoThe best free card of the year caps off the UFC’s Nine days of Fury. We’re treated to a lightweight title defense with the defending champ Rafael dos Anjos and the fan favorite Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. I’m going to break down what is stacked up to be an exciting...