Light Heavyweight: Glover Teixeira defeats Ovince Saint Preux (SUB 2nd)

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports
Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Glover Teixeira shows that his skill set is a lot more than just boxing. He landed seemingly every take-down he went for  and controlled the pace of the bout every step of the way. OSP, as the hometown crowd cheered, looked pretty mediocre. He has amazing athleticism and all the tools to be a successful fighter but he gassed out quicker than a Lamborghini. By the second round Saint Preux looked visibly tired and unable to stop Teixeira’s wrestling based attack plan. Teixeira looks like he could be making one last run for the title and the fact that he’s showcasing new wrinkles to his game are a good sign that he may actually earn that title fight. OSP on the other hand needs to find a better camp in order to truly reach his potential. The fact that he got tired so quickly is foreboding of his limits within this division. He better be prepared for more fighters to copy Teixeira’s approach, and he needs to be able to last longer than a round and a half of grinding, he can’t rely on his power and athleticism to carry him into the upper limits of the division.

Lightweight:  Beneil Dariush defeats Michael Johnson (DEC-SPLIT)

Talk about controversial. Beneil Dariush somehow wins by split decision despite clearly losing the first two rounds. Dariush was gracious in the post fight interview and agreed that the fight could have gone either way, and Michael Johnson was understandably upset. Johnson used his unmatched foot and hand speed to land quick combos and counters on Dariush throughout the fight. Johnson stuffed every take-down and landed some strong hits. It could be argued that Dariush won the third by altering his approach and landing quick jabs all throughout the third round. Outside of that third round Johnson landed more, controlled the center of the ring for the vast majority of the fight and stopped Dariush’s usual take-downs. Both men fought extremely well but Johnson got robbed. The UFC should ignore this bad decision and allow Michael Johnson to continue his path to title contention. As for Dariush, I want to see him fight Bobby Green or Josh Thompson and continue to climb. This is one of those fights where you want to move on as quickly as possible.

Middleweight: Derek Brunson defeats Sam Alvey (KO/TKO 1st)

In a questionable stoppage Mario Yamasaki jumped in front of Derek Brunson to prevent further damage to Sam Alvey.  Brunson looked a bit wreckless in this fight as he swung for the fences. At the onset of the fight Sam Alvey clinched up Derek Brunson and paid for it as he ate some heavy upper-cuts. Brunson must have felt that Alvey was ready to go because once he found seperation he started swinging. Chin out, knock out or get knocked out type of swinging, and it worked for him because Alvey looked completely surprised and ate some heavy shots. Brunson comes out and puts on a show, which is great for his career as exciting fighters get to stick around in the UFC a lot longer. Sam Alvey was correct in his complaint of the referee’s stoppage as a veteran he has earned the benefit of a few more seconds to get himself out of a bad spot.  Both of these guys will find themselves on another card sooner rather than later to help inject a bit of excitement.

Heavyweight: Jared Rosholt defeats Timothy Johnson (DEC-UNA)

Did the UFC just go to a couple of gyms and just pick out a couple of guys to fill out the card? The only thing that was impressive about this fight was Tim Johnson’s mustache and resemblance to Charles Bronson. In a sloppy and boring heavyweight brawl the fans got to watch these two display their lack of skill for a full fifteen minutes in a fight that ultimately means nothing in the heavyweight division. The most exciting moment of the fight occurred in the final 20 seconds when Tim Johnson wobbled Rosholt, but then unwisely took Johnson down where he couldn’t do any damage despite knowing he lost the previous fourteen minutes of the fight. Both fighters looked bad Rosholt just looked a little smarter and was able to take advantage of his wrestling ability to grind out a victory.

Women’s Bantamweight: Amanda Nunes defeats Sara McMann (SUB 1st)


Sara McMann may have been counting her chickens before they hatched when she said she will be the one to dethrone Ronda Rousey earlier this week. McMann is literally an Olympic level wrestler and thought that would be enough to get her past Nunes, but Nunes had other plans. In the biggest fight of her career Nunes displayed great take-down defense and kept the fight on the feet, but even more impressive was her stand up. Her striking looked like the best in the division and she did what she does best by stifling McMann with a great combo before pouncing on here and landing heavy ground and pound. Nunes saw that McMann was covering up well and intelligently chose to go for a submission rather than risk gassing herself out. The Women’s Bantamweight division may have found itself a new competitor, which is great news for the UFC who’s desperate for talent after Rousey cleaned out the division.

Catchweight (127 lbs): Ray Borg defeats Geane Herrera (DEC-UNA)

Gene Herrera came into this fight with a sparkly clean record. Seeing that zero in the loss column is always initially impressive but Herrera hasn’t beat anyone of note. His record is downright padded and it showed when he faced real competition in Ray Borg.  Borg is feared for his astounding grappling repertoire and he put it all on display in this fight. He took Herrera down at will and went after what looked like every submission in the book.  You’ve got to applaud Herrera’s ability to not get submitted but Herrera was far and away the better more skilled fighter. Borg will continue his accent up the division ladder but shouldn’t be thrown to the wolves just yet, his striking needs to improve or he could be running into a buzz saw in the upper echelons of the division.

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