UFC on Fox 16 – Dillashaw vs. Barao 2
Tonight’s card was looking pretty stacked, specifically for a free event on Fox. The fans already win with this one as they can watch the event from the comfort of their home or out at a local establishment with some friends, because as they say the best things in life are free. T.J. Dillashaw looked to defend his title from Renan Barao in a match that fans have been waiting for since Dillashaw upset Barao in one of the most spectacular title performances ever seen. In the Co-Main Event Dana White decided to add event more incentive for the two fighters to give their all by making it a title eliminator bout. These two women held nothing back in hopes of reaching their dreams. Here’s the round down of the event and what may be in store for each fighter after this.

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T.J. Dillashaw defeats Renan Barao (KO/TKO 4th 4:23)
After their first fight both fighters are looking to prove not only themselves but their respective camps who have a rivalry. T.J. Dillashaw went into that first fight as a massive underdog and owned Barao for all 5 rounds before TKOing Barao. Barao wants to erase the memory of that fight and not only beat Dillashaw he wants to KO him, he wants to finish the fight. The fans wanted this bout and we finally got it.
The fight opened up with Dillashaw showing off his footwork and smiling in Barao’s face. Barao went at him with bad intentions. Dillashaw was able to land two big shots before pinning the challenger against the fence for dirty boxing. Barao landed some good knees from against the fence but T.J. Dillashaw landed the counter effectively, jumping in and out of Barao’s range. Barao tagged Dillashaw with some good strikes towards the end of the round and T.J. taunted him for more action. With great action in the first coming to an end Dillashaw takes the first round in the score cards, landed more strikes and harder strikes. Dillashaw’s corner wisely told him to keep moving and stop standing in front of Barao, which T.J. did right away. Dillashaw went for a takedown but Barao continued his impeccable takedown defense, having never been taken down in his UFC career. Barao actually surprised Dillashaw with a takedown of his own. T.J. got back up quickly and started his assault on the feet. Barao ate some punches and looked wobbled and labored for the remainder of the 2nd round. Dillashaw stuck and moved out of range and Barao threw punches as slow as molasses. Dillashaw handily takes the 2nd round, landing big and often. The champion’s confidence is soaring going into the 3rd round. T.J. came in dancing, hitting smart angles and looking fresher than Barao. Dillashaw kept a constant pressure on the challenger, but Barao did his best to mount an offense of his own, he landed good knees with his back against the fence. In the waning second of the third Dillashaw fired off on Barao landing big shots that stunned the challenger, then capping off the third with two big knees to the head. Somehow Barao makes it to the bell. Dillashaw takes the 3rd round squarely. Dillashaw jumps into the 4th round looking to continue his dominance and lands a beautiful left hook that launches Barao back to the fence where Dillashaw just goes into a flurry. Barao was purely in a survival mode but he was not defending anything. Dillashaw continues landing lefts and rights until referee Herb Dean saw enough and called the fight. T.J. Dillashaw with a masterful performance.
Barao’s stock takes a hit. He looked better in his first fight with Dillashaw. His corner also takes a stock hit as they didn’t offer their fighter any tactical advice in order to actually improve his performance. T.J. Dillashaw’s stock is sky-high after his dominant performance. He proved to any doubters that the first fight wasn’t a fluke and solidifies himself as a true champion. Any challengers to his title should really watch this fight to prepare themselves for what’s in store. T.J. looks like he’s ready for any and all challengers.

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Miesha Tate defeats Jessica Eye (DEC-UNA)
With a title shot against the winner of Ronda Rousey vs Bethe Correia on the line, both of these women came into the fight with everything to lose. Specifically Miesha Tate who has already lost twice to Ronda Rousey. This could be her last chance to get another shot at the belt if her rival still holds it. Jessica Eye is an up-and-comer and still looks like she needs more experience in the cage. If Eye beats Tate it will certainly be the biggest victory of her career.
The first round started with Jessica Eye opening up her striking with great head movement and jabs. Miesha’s face quickly became red after eating some shots. Tate holds the advantage in the grappling match, but she looks a little too willing to stand and strike with Jessica Eye, and it paid off for her when she landed two big strikes that wobbled Eye, taking the fight to the ground where Tate is comfortable with grinding. Eye defended very smartly by keeping Tate in half guard negating most of her offense. The first round could go to either fighter as Eye controlled early on but Tate landed big strikes and controlled the top with some solid elbows. Second round opened up with Tate looking more confident in her striking, as she landed some good hits on the exchanges. Tate ingeniously used the threat of a takedown to open up her striking, she would fake the level change and as Eye dropped her hands to defend the potential take down Tate went high with a right hook or uppercut. She landed flush and dropped Eye again. Eye defended the ground attack well and staved off a guillotine attempt from Tate. Tate takes the 2nd round clearly. Jessica Eye started the 3rd with a bit of desperation, and wanted to get into a rhythm early but Tate was riding a wave of confidence. Eye has landed more quantity but Tate has a better quality to her hits. When it looked like Eye was gaining some momentum on the feet, Tate wisely took the fight to the mat. After some shady moves on the ground Tate looked aggressive once the referee stood them up and tried to engage. The judges give the fight and the title shot to Miesha Tate.
Jessica Eye put on a good performance but aside from her jab she didn’t establish much of an offense. Her stock takes a hit but it just means she needs more experience and time to learn and add more pieces to her offense. Miesha Tate’s stock jumps up as she looks forward to her potential rematch with Ronda Rousey. Tate showed improved boxing and great intelligence by mixing up her attack and utilizing her wrestling as a threat to open up her striking. She looked dangerous as always on the mat. Look for her to further improve her striking attack, and head movement if she wants to win the elusive title.

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Edson Barboza defeats Paul Felder (DEC-UNA)
Both of these fighters possess ridiculous knock out ability, and a variety of strikes. Barboza in particular has some devastating kicks, he has two stoppages via leg kicks and a spectacular spinning wheel kick knockout. This fight was all about striking.

In the first round both fighters just started ripping into each other. Barboza landed some heavy kicks all over, from the legs to the body, Felder blocked a heavy kick with his arm that Barboza’s foot imprinted. Felder landed some great punches including a great left hook that swelled Barboza’s right eye like a balloon. If you were a fan of spinning strikes both guys delivered a variety of spinning strikes throughout the first round. One of the heaviest strikes was a spinning back kick straight to Felder’s umm…junk. Anyone watching that replay winced as Barboza’s heel landed dead on. The second round opened up with more spinning kicks. Both guys stayed loose and varied with their striking. Joe Rogan perfectly described this bout in the 2nd round, calling it a Muay Thai fight with MMA gloves. Felder got aggressive late into the round, landing a flying knee and trying to take advantage of Barboza’s swelling eye lid. At this point no one is thinking about a score card they just wanted another round of action. The 3rd round opened up to some kicked from both fighters, Barboza continued to land the switch kick to the body. Felder’s right side looked red after all the kicks. After a fun and exciting fight it went to the judge’s decision. Winner by unanimous decision Edson Barboza.

Paul Felder should have nothing to be ashamed of after this performance. His stock rises up for putting on a show. People are going to love his bite down on the mouth piece and keep going attitude. Edson Barboza’s stock take another jump. His speed was incredible to witness and more importantly he showed no signs of slowing down despite going through three action packed rounds. Barboza hit the switch kick lightning fast and showed his toughness by being composed after his eye swelled up. He looks like a killer in a division that is stacked with talent. I can’t wait to see what’s next for both of these exciting fighters.

Joe Lauzon defeats Takanori Gomi (KO/TKO 1st 2:27)
Both of these guys are veterans of the sport, and Gomi is a legend. They have seen their share of wars and always put on a show. What a great way to get the main card started and the fans off of their seats. The fight started with Lauzon staying technical but Gomi landed some heavy body shots. Lauzon landed a quick left hook then took the fight to the ground where he had a clear advantage. Lauzon was all over Gomi, transitioning from position to position until he ended up taking the Japanese Legend’s back. It was all over from this position, with plenty of time on the clock Lauzon flattened Gomi out and started dropping bombs, landing shots at will. Lauzon landed some heavy hits that looked like they knocked out Gomi but the following shots seemed to wake him up, in a classy move Lauzon decided on his own accord that enough was enough and climbed off of Gomi, leaving the referee standing there wondering whether he should officially call the fight or not. Referee Herb Dean saw that Gomi was still dazed even with Lauzon walking away and officially waved the fight over. Gomi’s stock either takes a dip or stays steady, he benefits from being a beloved fighter that people will always want to watch. He really needs to work on his ground game, but after all this time it looks like he isn’t going to improve that aspect of his game. Lauzon could add to his already extensive list of UFC post fight accolades. His stock rises, as he shows just how great of a fighter he is, capable of finishing a fight with his hands or with a submission.

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