Yes I am bringing this one back we are literally going back to the future brace yourselves. In case you haven’t heard UFC on FOX is this Saturday Night, it’s a card that features solid fights showcased on national television. As a fan, I really enjoy watching the fights but when they are free and the card is stacked, featuring important fights is even better. In my eyes the single best move within the organization besides buying the company for $2 million and selling for $4 billion of course is the insert of the Women’s Bantamweight and UFC Straw-weight divisions. This single move has propelled the UFC higher than Dana White could have ever imagined, who himself stated that women in the UFC “would never happen”.

Holly Holm
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The Ronda Rousey era was fun while it lasted but when I now think of Rousey I can’t help but think of Holly Holm. Coming off of a devastating loss in what would be her first and last title defense, Holm has responded the complete opposite in comparison to Rousey. Taking the loss in stride and actually showing her face is a big step up from the woman that she beat to win the title. Most MMA analysts including Dana White himself questioned why Holm would take another fight in her first title defense against an opponent other than Ronda Rousey. Holly’s answer was simple. Like a quote straight out of Rocky Balboa, Holm said “fighter’s fight”. So that is just what she did taking Ronda’s arch nemesis Miesha Tate. In a fight in which Holm was winning on all three judges scorecards heading into the 5th and final round Holm was submitted. To be a fighter you have to realize that you will have ups and you will also have downs. Holly has been through the highest of high’s, beating Ronda Rousey in a fight most people thought she was destined to lose and the lowest of lows, losing a fight in which most thought she was destined to win. This sport in simple terms is crazy. Any fight can be dissected to the best of our ability as analysts but we really have no clue what will take place. In a sport featuring multiple disciplines anything and I mean anything, can happen.

The championship history of the female Bantamweight division is comparable to the ‘Music City Miracle’ pulled off by the Tennessee Titans, the ball is going to many different players on the way to running down the sideline, Rousey-Holm-Tate-Nunes- and in the eyes of Holly Holm the ball with then be thrown back to Holm. One could only hope. Holm carries herself very well as an athlete within the sport. A concept even now more appreciated in the wake of the Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar drug busts. What is truly amazing about this sport is that within the lateral passes of the Bantamweight belt each fighter has somewhat exposed each other’s weaknesses. Rousey was exposed in boxing by Holm, Holm was exposed in wrestling by Tate, Tate was exposed by Nunes in taking punches. A feat that became Miesha Tate’s code of honor is now gone. While Nunes’ is the champion she is not the undisputed champion just yet. She will not attain that feat until she faces a challenger which in my eyes will be the winner of tomorrow night’s main event Holm vs Shevchenko.

This fight is like a Thanksgiving turkey. Weird analogy I know but think about it. This fight has everything that you, me, or any casual fan would want. We know what these two ladies will do in the octagon. Stand and trade. Shevchenko is a Muay-Thai specialist, Holm is the boxing specialist. As stated in nearly every UFC fight preview which is probably hosted by Joe Rogan “styles make fights” and this is one of those fights. But within the UFC I do not believe one female fighter is under more pressure to pull off a W this summer than the former Champion Holly Holm. She needs to win this fight– it is just that simple. Let’s just say if Holm lost. We all know we would hear those same Rowdy faithful say that the Holm’s victory over Ronda was a fluke which it was far from it. Along with that conundrum, Holm would be literally at the end of the line for a title while still being a big name. She would easily be able to reel in high-profile fights. Could you imagine Holly Holm vs Cyborg Santos. I can’t even wrap my head around how sick of a fight that would be. I do believe Holm will win this fight while Shevchenko is a durable game fighter with real talent I like Holly’s chances. Her kickboxing second to none in Mixed Martial Arts. She is a level-headed competitor that knows the current state of her career and what she needs to do– and frankly where she needs to go. I have Holm winning this fight but make no mistake about the pressure to win is much tougher coming off of a loss than it is a win, especially a loss in which you were winning the fight as the champion going into the final round only to be put to sleep a few minutes into the round and losing your belt. Sometimes winning or losing is always nitpicked by performance but pressure is a very real aspect of the fight game and Holly Holm is under pressure.

Good Luck Holly, you got a fan in me. ThomasAnalysisBoxingCombat SportsEntertainmentMMARecent Posts#HolmvsShevchenko #FightNight #UFConFox20 #UFC201,Holly Holm,UFCYes I am bringing this one back we are literally going back to the future brace yourselves. In case you haven't heard UFC on FOX is this Saturday Night, it's a card that features solid fights showcased on national television. As a fan, I really enjoy watching the fights but...Why go anywhere else for sports and entertainment?