While I have played UFC matchmaker twice during my time writing as member of the MFST team. This is the 3rd time I will take on the challenge. In the aftermath of UFC 199 my mind has been like the energizer bunny. It just keeps going and going and going. One thought that has entered my mind was an idea brought to me by my Dad a die-hard UFC fan himself. At the end of the night after taking in Bisping’s knockout (which I believe is one of the best knockouts in UFC title fight history) he blurted out give Dan Henderson the shot at the UFC Middleweight Title. I rolled my eyes and thought Dad, no that’s not going to happen he’s 45 years old and by the time of his next shot he would be 46. He is $800,000 dollars richer. No need for Dan to really continue to fight. But what If he did? What if he fought one fight one last time. What if Hendo not only fought again but what if Henderson got a shot at the UFC Middleweight Title?

Bisping vs Henderson 2 (AP Photo)
(AP Photo)

Not only has that image stayed in my mind– but this would be a crazy fight for a wide variety of reasons for both men and as of the writing of this article in the last couple days the idea has picked up steam. Bisping vs Henderson 2 would offer something to both men besides winning or retaining a title. Bisping would get the chance to right the biggest wrong of his career, Henderson on the other hand, would get the opportunity to have one last title shot that has eluded him in his second act of his UFC career dating back to the cancellation of UFC 151. The main event was a title fight between then Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and Dan Henderson. The injury bug struck Henderson a mere eight days before the fight with Henderson tearing his ACL. From that injury spawned a new challenger Chael Sonnen who was willing to take that title fight on eight days notice. Jones simply said no. With that story-line too good to pass up, Henderson’s title shot went out the window and although he has faced the top fighter’s of each division, a title shot has eluded him with Henderson losing key fights along the way (eg. Daniel Cormier and Vitor Belfort).

Within the aftermath of UFC 199 one key question is who should Bisping fight next? Let’s talk about every option and lay it all out. While Bisping vs Rockhold 3 makes sense I think that fight makes less sense now and more sense down the line. Rockhold should simply not get an immediate rematch. In the role of a champion it is that fighter’s job to not take any opponent lightly and Rockhold did just that. Fighting Bisping on two weeks notice he thought it would be an easy fight and Bisping told Rockhold in the build up of the fight “If you sleep on me I will make you pay for it” and he did. Add in the fact that Rockhold was put to sleep three minutes and thirty-six seconds into the fight– why should he get another chance immediately?

What about the man who was forced to pull out of the fight that led to Bisping getting the Rockhold fight in the first place, Chris Weidman. Simply put Weidman was embarrassed by Luke Rockhold and he is also coming off a loss like Rockhold. Add in the fact that Weidman underwent neck surgery this past week, so as of now there is no telling when he will return. The All-American believes he could come back by November for the Madison Square Garden card— I have my doubts.

The next option is Jacare Souza as I alluded to in my Thomas Transition to UFC 198, Souza is coming of the best win of his career— a vicious knockout vs Vitor Belfort. Just off of that reason alone he should have more of a chance at this title shot than Rockhold. One problem with Jacare is that he isn’t marketable worldwide. In terms of pay-per-view buys I don’t know if Bisping vs Jacare would do that well. Bisping would have to continue the trend throughout his career of carrying the promotion of the fight virtually on his own. Now in terms of the fight itself as a hardcore MMA fan I would enjoy the fight, but as a fan I also enjoy the build up and the promotion of a fight and Bisping vs Jacare wouldn’t deliver in that regard and I feel that Michael Bisping’s first title challenger should be a man who can sell a fight along with Bisping. Dan Henderson would do that easily. These two men have a history. Henderson and Bisping date back to UFC 100 and the Ultimate Fighter USA vs UK season as opposing coaches. During the season the two often traded words with each other Bisping being the more vocal in comparison to Henderson who usually ended the argument with a simple statement “I do my talking in the Octagon”.

Make no mistake about it, time does not heal all wounds. What took place in the first clash was and still is today regarded as one of the best knockouts in UFC history for the winner and the most embarrassing knockout for the loser. But the loser is now the Middleweight Champion and what the champion says goes in most cases. While a fight with Jacare makes sense from a rankings stand point. A fight that would bring eyes to the event for every era of MMA fans is Bisping vs Henderson 2. Another dynamic of a fight that always matters is location, location, location. The United Kingdom loves Michael Bisping and it should be a certainty that Bisping defends his belt in the United Kingdom for the first time. The drama of the fight would be unlike any other in both Bisping and Henderson’s careers, the fight itself is too good to pass up let alone the story-lines that flow behind it. I predict Bisping will defend the belt vs Henderson sometime in the winter with Bisping getting his championship tour the next 6 months. One thing I know for sure Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson have Unfinished Business or Bisness? We will find out (hopefully).

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