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A week earlier than expected, the fourth season of Veronica Mars came out on Hulu. So, of course, I binge-watched the entire eight episodes almost immediately. I’ll admit I’m a newer fan of the series but I was excited nonetheless. This season, Mars Investigations looks into multiple bombings going around Neptune. Now before I get into it, if it wasn’t already obvious, there will be spoilers ahead so beware.

The Sea Sprite Bombing: The First of Many

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After reintroducing all the main characters, the first bomb goes off in the lobby of the Sea Sprite Motel. Then ensues the mystery of who the bomber is as well as more bombs. Logan also proposes in the first episode, making LoVe (Veronica and Logan) shippers squeal. Now, Veronica initially refuses but thankfully changes her mind later.

In the first bombing, four people die. The senator gets involved because his brother got injured and his brother’s fiance died. The Mexican cartel also becomes a part of the story because the drug lord’s ex-nephew died in the bombing. The drug lord subsequently sends hitmen to figure out who killed his ex-nephew and kill them. Then another bomb goes off, which we wrongly assume is the Sea Sprite bomber’s suicide. Then another in the form of a collar bomb around a rich college student. And there’s one last bomb that goes off, that’s devastating but I’ll leave that for later.

The Plot Thickens

veronica mars season 4

The investigation into these multiple bombings is the big mystery throughout the entire season. Veronica and Keith first look into Veronica’s new friend, Nicole Malloy. Unfortunately, she’s not the bomber but Veronica loses her friendship with her after she admits to bugging her office. Then, they look at the death of a fraternity student from three years ago, which proves to be important later. It becomes fairly obvious about halfway through that Big Dick Casablancas (Dick’s father) is responsible for the Sea Sprite bombing. Big Dick is trying to revamp Neptune’s real estate and thought the bomb would convince the board to remodel. However, he never meant for anyone to die.

Something went wrong with the wifi, which stopped working at the motel, and the bomb went off earlier than expected. After the cartel’s hitmen find this out, they murder him by stabbing him with his own sword (because what rich guy doesn’t have a sword in his house) and beheading him. As for the other bombs, they go back and forth between two suspects at the end. First, there’s the pizza guy and Murder Head (a group of true crime fans), Penn Epner and the head of the Murder Heads, Don McNotten. Also, remember how I said that fraternity student’s death would turn out to be more important? Well, it turns out that the fraternity’s hazing involved throwing their pizza guy into the ocean. Because that’s the appropriate response to getting their pizza order wrong.

The problem was that the pizza guy kept saying he couldn’t swim. But the guys did it anyway and after a while, he didn’t come up. The guys assume they killed him and swore they’d keep it all a secret. Unfortunately, one of the guys, Patcher Hatcher, kept saying he couldn’t keep it a secret. So, the head of the fraternity brothers killed him in a fire claimed his death was a tragic accident. But since the pizza guy actually survived, it’s possible he set the fatal fire and not the head brother. It’s unclear which one it is, but I wouldn’t put it past it being the pizza guy. Especially since he turns out to be the serial bomber.

The Resolution

penn epner played by patton oswald

Penn’s arrested for being the bomber after Mars Investigations points to him being the bomber to the new sheriff (who is thankfully not as incompetent like the previous Lambs). Penn then hires them to find the “real” bomber is as everyone scrambles to find the last bomb. Veronica and Keith give Penn one last chance and the investigation then starts to point to Don. Matty, the motel owner’s daughter, looks into the records and finds Don’s name on the ticket from that night. However, Matty’s smart and realizes that the ticket number is different than the others from the same night. This means that the evidence was planted for them all to find.

Then, it’s revealed that Penn is the bomber and Keith waits it out with Penn until he agrees to diffuse the bomb. Oh, and that last devastating bomb that I referred to earlier was Penn’s last screw you to Veronica. After Penn gets arrested for the second time, Veronica and Logan get married (because Veronica finally gives in). Then, as they’re both packing for a honeymoon, Logan goes out to the car to move it for street cleaning.

Veronica thinks about the limerick Penn sent the police about the bomb. One of the lines had something to do with a hero and “the one they’re doting”. She realizes that it was referencing her and Logan. With only a minute left, Veronica yells out to Logan and the bomb goes off, which unfortunately kills him. The last 20 minutes is a year from then where Veronica is in therapy with Logan’s old therapist (that he’d been constantly asking her to see with him and is played by Battlestar Galactica‘s Mary McDonnell). The season ends with Veronica listening to a voicemail Logan left his therapist about wanting to marry Veronica.

Final Thoughts

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This new season of Veronica Mars is the boldest and violent thus far. It still reflects the wealth inequality that fans loved from the first three seasons while also reflecting the world today. Both the good and the bad. The city of Neptune has an Arab-American senator, the PCHers still exist (with Weevil as their leader), and the Mexican cartel becomes involved. The constant misdirects of this season’s mystery remind me of the show’s second season, which was by far my favorite. A lot of back and forth up to the conclusion, which made it much more exciting in my opinion.

The ending, which is utterly devastating was bold, to say the least. Especially when it’s Veronica and Logan’s relationship is what fans have anticipated in the new season as well as a fan favorite. But, it begs the question of where Veronica can potentially go from there. For a minute, it seemed like Veronica and Leo, who’s now an FBI agent, might get together. There’s even a dream sequence of them in bed together. So, if anything, it makes it open-ended for the show to go on for more seasons if they wanted. I just wish Logan hadn’t been (one of) this season’s casualties.


What did you think of the new season of Veronica Mars? Was the ending too bold or did you like it? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @mzsnguyenthai.

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