Vikings Review


“All His Angels” began with Ragnar in chains alone in an empty room with a bowl of water until King Ecbert enters the room informing him that a ship is ready to take Ivar home. But Ragnar asks that he sees his son before he goes. We see Ivar playing chess with Alfred before guards take him to see his father. Ragnar tells Ivar that he will be going home but Ivar refuses to leave his father behind. Ragnar explains that he does not want his son to die and that out of all his sons, Ivar is the most important for the future of their people.  Ragnar tells Ivar that he is unpredictable and if he uses his anger intelligently people will “know and fear Ivar the Boneless.” Of course Ragnar does not fail to mention his plan of revenge. Ragnar gives his gold armring to Ivar where they look at each other in the eyes and share a few tears. The last words Ivar hears from his father are to be ruthless just before he is dragged away by guards.

Ivar is taken outside where he is placed on a cart just before he is taken away Alfred hands him a chess piece, a knight.

Back in the room Ragnar tells King Ecbert that he will tell everyone watching that he will enter Valhalla and meet Odin. To that Ecbert is confused as to why he would say such things if he does not believe in it. Ragnar says that his sons believe in it and to them it is important.

Ragnar held a cross necklace in his hand which he put on Alfred and said “it was your fathers” he continues to say “may it comfort you as it comforted me.” Alfred thanks the viking and says that he will never forget him. Ragnar turns towards King Ecbert to tell him that in the end Athelstan chose the christian god.

On his way to King Aelle , Ragnar was escorted by multiple soldiers and a blind man who appears to be pulling the reins on the horses. The blind man tells Ragnar that he can see him. When Ragnar heard what the man said his facial expression seemed shocked almost at a disbelief that he heard those words it was then he also learned that the man was blind. Some of you may have forgotten but there is a prophecy that said Ragnar will die when the blind man sees him. After that discovery Ragnar somewhat upset begins to say that it was he that chose to die, the gods having no part in it and that they are not real. Then the blind man turns into the seer, at least to Ragnar he did. The seer says that he was wrong and Ragnar wants to know about what but it’s in that moment that the seer turns back into the blind man.

When the company arrives King Aelle tells Ragnar that before he dies he will atone for his sins. The cage Ragnar was in gets raised into the air, held up by rope tied to the trees. In the next scene it is night out and the soldiers are poking the bottom of the cage with spears, burning his feet with torches as King Aelle drinks wine enjoying the view.

The next day Ragnar is taken out of the cage where he is repeatedly beaten by soldiers until King Aelle ordered them to stop. King Aelle asks Ragnar to ask for absolution but there is only silence. The king grabs a piece of metal that was in the fire placing it against Ragnar’s stomach, burning him once again telling him to ask for absolution. Shocked that Ragnar did not scream in pain or say a word, King Aelle carved a cross on Ragnar’s forehead. Ragnar gets hit by a soldier before he goes back inside the cage and is raised again. Back in the cage Ragnar falls asleep to the memories of his daughter, his sons, Lagertha, Rollo, Floki, and the rest of those he loved.

Ragnar is awakened by the sound of villagers praying below him and soldiers watching him. Amongst the crowd is King Ecbert whom was disguised as a monk and did not show his face. Beneath Ragnar a  large pit is opened and snakes are dumped inside. But before anything happens Ragnar, as promised began to speak about the gods and Valhalla. Afterwards the bottom of the cage opens and Ragnar falls out and into the pit with the snakes. Ragnar does not die from the fall, he lays on the ground as snakes continuously bite him, he ultimately died and the pit was closed back up.

We also see the arrival of Ivar in Kattegat, he is received by his brothers. Ivar explains to Ubbe and Sigurd that King Ecbert handed their father over to King Aelle knowing he would be killed and they must seek revenge for their father. Sigurd informs Ivar that Lagertha has killed their mother to which he was not happy. The episode ends with Ivar clutching the chess piece in his hand as blood oozed out of his hand.

I’m going to start off by saying that this episode messed with my emotions from beginning to end. When the episode first started I just wanted the bandaid to get ripped off but in the end I was glad that the writers took their time and really focused on Ragnar’s character. To me it felt as though the writers wanted us to feel like we were walking with Ragnar to his death in a sense allowing us to say goodbye to this character that we’ve known for four seasons. I don’t think I’ll get over the fact that he’s gone. I shed tears when Ragnar had Athelstan’s cross, which he gave to Alfred, because after all this time he still holds it with him and you knew that he loved Athelstan with all his heart and that made me wish Athelstan was still alive. It was also sad to see that Ragnar died alone, all he had were the memories of his loved ones, he also had a very painful death which sucked but I think it was the only way he could have gone out like a true viking. When he fell into the pit, it hurt I didn’t want Ragnar to get killed off. I’m so used to seeing Ragnar all the time on Vikings that it’s going to be strange not seeing him around. Although there were multiple characters, Ragnar was always at the center but now that he’s gone I’m very certain that Ivar is going to take that center role.

But to wrap it all up I cried a lot, these characters grow on you and it hurts when they get killed off but the show goes on. Ragnar was a complex character there was a lot of depth to him and he was a good guy regardless of his downward spiral towards the end. At the end of it all this is in the history books but I think Michael Hirst did an amazing job introducing us to the viking Ragnar Lothbrok. Of course we cannot forget about the amazing job that Travis Fimmel did, bringing the character of Ragnar to life. Fimmel was cast beautifully and did an amazing job in making us fall in love with the viking. Thank you Travis for everything, you will be missed, on the show. BeltranEntertainmentRecent PostsTV Shows#VikingsVikings Review 'All His Angels' began with Ragnar in chains alone in an empty room with a bowl of water until King Ecbert enters the room informing him that a ship is ready to take Ivar home. But Ragnar asks that he sees his son before he goes. We see...