Vikings Season Finale

Vikings season finale

The season finale of Vikings began where we last left off just before the battle. There was no time in getting the long-awaited battle started. In season 4b we weren’t shown how Ragnar’s sons fought in battle until now. None of them seemed to have any difficulties on the battle field which was something I had been wanting to see. About five minutes in Prince Aethelwulf noticed that his men were being slaughtered and he ordered them to save themselves. It was in that moment when the soldiers were beginning to run away that Ivar and his group of men arrived. During the battle I only saw Ivar throw an axe once but we cannot forget that he did contribute to the plan of attack. Historically Ivar the Boneless didn’t really fight in battle he was just a commander that had great strategies and tactics during battle. The vikings allowed the remaining men including Aethelwulf to leave the battlefield while they cheered in celebration.

Aethelwulf went back to his father and told him that everyone needed to leave because the vikings would be arriving there soon. King Ecbert refused to move telling his son he would stay and to call the Bishop to hand the crown over to him. Aethelwulf was reluctant to leave his father but ultimately agreed. While everyone else was getting ready to leave, Ecbert renounced the crown and the Bishop declared Aethelwulf the king. Soon after everyone took off leaving behind Ecbert and the Bishop. Note Ecbert’s behavior was very strange in those scenes I knew that he was planning something because he seemed very cheerful.

When the vikings arrived they noticed that everything was empty without a person in sight but they weren’t aware that Ecbert and the Bishop were still there. They began to burn scripts inside rooms and take belongings. Later Ecbert decided to come out into the court-yard where Bjorn decides to spare his life for the time being. Ragnar’s sons are torn in deciding what to do with Ecbert but in the end Bjorn consulted with Ivar. He made the decision to take the land in East Anglia but Ecbert had to die. Ecbert signed a document that gave Bjorn legal right to own the land of East Anglia. I think that the document isn’t worth anything and it will pose a threat in the future. The whole time Ecbert was with the vikings they called him king but he never corrected them and obviously they didn’t know that he wasn’t the king anymore. As far as I know he had no right in giving the land to Bjorn, the document is useless.

Strangely in the midst of all the chaos Helga and her adoptive daughter Tanaruz entered the castle. Inside a piece of wood falls from the ceiling causing them to fall on the ground when Tanaruz takes the opportunity to stab Helga. The girl then takes the knife and stabs herself in the chest, she died instantly. Floki nearby, hears Helga struggling when he finds her on the floor. Floki still gets the opportunity to talk to her before she dies. I was not expecting her to die, a part of me knew that Tanaruz was going to do something because she never looked ready to settle. Could we blame the girl? Her family was murdered but Helga never mistreated her. It broke my heart seeing Floki hold his wife in his arms. Floki buried Helga under a tree outside the castle all by himself.

Later Floki tells Bjorn that he is dead and he is nothing. The first part of him left when his daughter Angrboda died, the second when Ragnar died, and now Helga. He finishes by saying that he is an empty ship and where the gods take him he shall go, he tells Bjorn to take care and walks away.

Ecbert goes to the bathhouse and gets into the water where he cuts his forearms with a knife where he dies. As part of the deal with Bjorn he chose the way he was going to die.

Bjorn tells all the vikings that they could stay and make a settlement in England but he would not be staying because he plans to go back to the Mediterranean. Ivar explained that he didn’t want to be farmer that they should continue to fight while they were there in England. King Harald announces that he would love to stay in England but he has other plans, hinting that he would be king of Norway.  At that moment Halfan says that he will go with Bjorn to the Mediterranean, King Harald seemed somewhat surprised to hear his brother say that. Ivar continued to argue that they should fight and take over but Sigurd says he will not follow him. Sigurd calls Ivar crazy and begins to verbally attack him. This only causes Ivar to grow angry, the rest of the vikings laughed and Bjorn looked frustrated. Ivar grabbed an axe and threw it at Sigurd hitting him in the chest. Sigurd takes out the axe and begins to make this way towards Ivar but he falls to the floor and dies.

The last scene was very strange it took place in Sherborne, Dorset England that showed a Bishop at a mans burial then continued to have sex with the widow. But it seems like he isn’t just any old bishop apart from sleeping with women but he might be a warrior because beside him there was armor and  a sword. I have no clue as to who he might be but he will be trouble in season 5.

I enjoyed the season finale overall but again I expected a bit more action. The battle scene ended rather quickly but it was good. There were heads flying and while some do not enjoy the violence I’m the opposite. Helga’s death threw me off and saddened me. The character of Helga had a lot of potential for the future but was going in a direction I didn’t like. I don’t know what is going to happen to Floki and I hope he’s not gone for good.

I hope that we do not have to wait long for season 5. I’m very excited to see what happens because a lot of things are going to change.

Did you enjoy the season finale? What were your thoughts? Do you know any theories as to what may happen in season 5? BeltranEntertainmentRecent PostsTV Shows#England,#Vikings,Aethelwulf,battle,Bjorn,Ecbert,Floki,Helga,History,Hvitserk,Ivar,King,Season 4,Season finale,Show,The Reckoning,TV,viking,vikings season finale,Wessex,wonVikings Season Finale The season finale of Vikings began where we last left off just before the battle. There was no time in getting the long-awaited battle started. In season 4b we weren't shown how Ragnar's sons fought in battle until now. None of them seemed to have any difficulties on the...