Just in time for the holidays here’s a handy guide to help you survive the Commonwealth Wasteland. These tips will range from simple pointers to advanced combat techniques. This chapter is for the people just getting started.


  1. Save! Save! Save!

I know it sounds redundant but save your game and save it often. The last thing you want is some stupid accident to wipe out hours of your progress. Use that handy quick save but don’t depend on it. I often accidentally select unintended dialogue choices because I accidentally tough a button or try to skip to the choices faster than the characters talk. Loading old saves allows me to undo those pesky miscues without having to retread a bunch of gameplay.


  1. Customize your HUD/Pip-boy color

Go into the start menu, go to options, scroll down and you’ll see the options to change the color of your HUD and Pip-boy. Personally I hate the green color. I switched both options to white, it stands out more and makes for a far better Pip-boy light.


  1. Hold Circle/B to turn on your Pip-boy flashlight

This will help light up the numerous dark areas of the game. The flashlight color is based on the color you’ve chosen for your Pip-boy, making the default green all but useless. This function also works with a Power Armor helmet, and mining helmets.


  1. Get the Awareness perk

This perk grants you the ability to see an enemy’s damage resistances while in VATS. You’ll be able to exploit their weaknesses and avoid wasting ammo with weapons they’re resistant against.


  1. Buy Bobby pins

While not the game changing advice you were looking for, it’s easy to forget about the little things like bobby pins. They’re cheap, and essentially unless of course you’ve leveled up your lock picking all the way. Just do yourself a favor a buy any bobby pins you see, especially early on. The last thing you want is to break your final bobby pin on a safe brimming with potential.


  1. Look for these Symbols: (),{},[],<> when Hacking

If you come across a locked terminal that’s giving you some problems give it three tries then start searching for the aforementioned symbols. You’ll eventually highlight clusters that can resemble this: {*^%#}. Press the action button and the terminal can either eliminate a dud option or replenish your chances back to 4. This little trick comes in handy no matter what the difficulty of the terminal.


  1. Invest in a Scrounger Perk

While the rest of your friends gripe about never having enough ammo, you’ll be buried in it. At least one perk point into scavenger helps fill your pockets with some ammo. Whether you use it or sell it off is up to you but unlike your friends, at least you have an option.


  1. V.A.T.S. Scanning

Most people will figure this one out pretty quick but tapping the VATS button is a great way to scan any environment for enemies. This is useful for pinpointing mines and enemies that could have potentially ambushed you.


  1. Mod like a Pro

My mentality is: why buy when you can find. Whether it’s literally buying a new gun or investing a perk point into gunsmith I don’t like buying guns. Rather if I find a gun with a particular mod I like, I take it to a gun bench replace it with a standard version, then add that mod to my own gun. I save caps and perk points, and it makes finding weapons are the more rewarding.


  1. Cook your food

Sounds simple enough but it can be easily forgotten. Cooking good cuts down on weight, removes radiation and adds more benefits. One of the most useful meats to cook is Radstag, big health replenishment and gives you 25 pounds of extra carry weight.


  1. Use your Criticals

That little bar that fills up whenever you get a hit in VATS is your critical hit meter. Once it’s filled you can execute a critical hit the next time you’re in VATS by pressing Square/X when your character is about to shoot. Criticals do extra damage but more importantly they have a 100% chance of hitting the target, regardless of the original shot’s chance of hitting.


  1.  Aim for the limbs

Particularly useful against those speedy ghouls. Aiming for the legs slows down your enemies, or completely disables their movement in the case of ghouls. Crippling armed enemies’ right arms disarms them of their weapon. Head causes them to stagger and ruins their aim.

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