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They say every inch matter in football. Today we all learned that lesson in this rivalry. After a quiet and even first quarter, Michigan came out and started putting up some points and was up 10-7 at the half. The third quarter was even again with a touchdown scored by both teams. Ohio State was able to kick a field goal to force overtime, the first time in this rivalry. After two overtimes and a controversial spot on a 4th and one, Ohio State would end up on top in the biggest rivalry game of the year.

amara darboh 2016Offense

Wilton Speight got the start, but was inconsistent all game. He under-threw and overthrew passes and made three huge mistakes. Two of them were bad reads that turned into interceptions, one turning into six for the Buckeyes. Then when Michigan was inside the five, Speight fumbled the snap and Ohio State would recover. If Michigan gets at least three points there, this game would have been theirs. Speight ended up going 23 for 36 for 219 yards for two touchdowns and interceptions.

The rushing game was ineffective against the Buckeyes. Jabrill Peppers was supposed to be more involved in this rivalry game, but he only ended up with four carries for four yards. In a rivalry game as big as this, you need to get him more involved. De’Veon Smith would get the most work with 21 carries for 60 yards. Khalid Hill had three carries for three yards and a touchdown.

Receivers were tested heavily today. There were a few pass interference calls that should have been made, but the Michigan offense wasn’t getting the calls to go their way. Amara Darboh was the man of the day, getting eight catches for 68 yards and a touchdown to force double overtime. Jake Butt had five catches for 58 yards, Grant Perry had four for 49 yards and Khalid Hill had one catch for eight yards and a touchdown.

The Michigan offensive line was average today. They allowed two sacks, and couldn’t create many holes for the running backs to run through. They were able to give Speight some time to throw on majority of his passes, but they were tested many times.

taco charlton 2016Defense

The defensive line had a solid day in creating pressure and stopping Mike Weber, Curtis Samuel and JT Barrett. The defense overall got nine sacks, six coming from defensive linemen. Taco Charlton had nine tackles and three sacks. Chris Wormley had five tackles and a sack.

The linebacking core did a good job today as well. Jabrill Peppers had seven tackles and his first ever career interception. Mike McCray had nine tackles and a sack while Ben Gedeon had a team high 10 tackles and a sack. The linebackers and defensive line were able to hold JT Barrett to 125 rushing yards and one touchdown on 30 carries, something the Wolverines haven’t been able to do well in this rivalry with Barrett at OSU.

The defensive backs for the Wolverines were impressive as well. Jourdan Lewis had four tackles and kept Curtis Samuel in check to only four catches for 32 yards. Channing Stribling had four tackles, a sack and a pass deflection. Delano Hill had eight tackles. The defensive backs for the Wolverines did get some poor calls their way as well, so that certainly played a factor in the rivalry game.

Special Teams was the only 100 percent solid unit. Jabrill only had one punt return for five yards. On kick returns Jabrill had one for 44, Jourdan Lewis had one for 45, Bobby Henderson had one for 11 yards and Ian Bunting returned one for zero. Kenny Allen made both of his field goal attempts, his longest from 37 yards out. Punting he had seven for 332 yards, getting one touchback and five inside the 20 yard line.

Week 14 Preview and Notes

Well Michigan won’t be in the Big Ten Championship game as that will be between Ohio State or Penn State and Wisconsin. Michigan fans should cheer for Penn State to win as a win for Penn State would punch them in over Ohio State and their playoff chances would go down.

Can Michigan make the playoffs? It is a very, very slim chance, but most likely no. Michigan would need all of this to happen if they even had a chance to appear.

  • Michigan State beats Penn State
  • Minnesota beats Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin beats Ohio State
  • South Carolina beats Clemson
  • Utah beats Colorado
  • Washington loses in PAC-12 Championship game

With that big list to ask for, Michigan fans should accept the loss of a playoff appearance and get ready for a bowl game in December after losing this rivalry game.

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