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O’Dell Beckham Jr. might be the New T.O.

Let’s just get this one out-of-the-way. Beckham’s behavior on Sunday was beyond childish and well deserving of the one-game suspension he got. There are a few things that should be established before we turn our attention to Mr. OBJ, however. Josh Norman is certainly not completely void of fault here, as he was an active participator in everything that happened between him in Beckham, even if Beckham instigated most of it. I don’t, however, put much blame on the head of Tom Coughlin. I’ve had my critiques of the man this year, but he’s coaching for his job shouldn’t be faulted for playing his star. However, it shouldn’t have been his choice, as the referees should have taken control of the situation much earlier in the game. Of course, the blind side helmet shot from Beckham to Norman is the most egregious act committed and is completely inexcusable. Things have been all fun and games for Beckham since he came into the league, with exuberant touchdown celebrations and pre-game displays of skill. On Sunday, Beckham proved to be an extremely selfish individual, actively hurting his team who are still in the hunt for a playoff spot. A boxing match is one thing when you’re looking a guy in the face, but a blatant blind side is malicious and could’ve paralyzed Norman. Hey O’Dell, if you were trying to look more like a “man,” you did a very unconvincing job.

The Redskins are the “Class” of the NFC East

I actually don’t think it’s that close to be honest, and it’s crazy to think that the Skins could still miss out on the playoffs. Kirk Cousins has been proving that he is a very viable NFL quarterback capable of putting up tons of points when needed. The defense isn’t great, but more than serviceable when Cousins is playing as well as he has been. All they need to do is beat an Eagles team next week that has struggled mightily on defense as of late and they win the division. If Cousins plays like he did against Buffalo, the Redskins should roll over the Eagles easily. Winning this division isn’t exactly a roaring compliment on the quality of the team and they will likely draw the Seahawks in Round 1, but a playoff berth is something to be proud of. I like that.

The Broncos won’t be going to the Super Bowl

Not exactly a surprising statement, but we’ve come a long way from how they looked when Brock Osweiler took over for Peyton. Back when Manning was under center, the narrative was that the Broncos could ride Peyton’s sub par play to a long playoff run due to the superb play of their elite defense. Then, when Brock took over, the Broncos looked like they might be potential favorites to represent the AFC in the big game. Osweiler was playing great and the defense was up to their usually high standard of play. Now, the Broncos not only look like a squad that may lose their division, but they may be knocked out in the first round. Osweiler looks like a second year quarterback should and the defense looks to be only above-average as opposed to elite. They were carved up by an admittedly great Steelers offense, but the Broncos don’t stand a chance if their defense can’t be elite.

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The Cardinals might be better than the Panthers

“Might be” is probably an undersell too if we’re being honest, because the Cards look completely unstoppable right now. Last night during the Eagles game, Cris Collinsworth (in his usual infinite wisdom) made a comment about David Johnson that is completely true. He mentioned something along the lines of, “If you can’t stop this guy, how can you expect to slow the Cardinals down?” Valid question sir, let me answer that for you. In short, you can’t stop the Cardinals with David Johnson playing like he has been since taking over the starting role. Football analysts go on and on about how setting up a good running game opens the door for play action passing and taking shots down the field, and this example is no more evident than in the Cardinals, who average the most down-field shots of any team in football. Pair an unstoppable offense with a defense that has a knack for turning the ball over consistently, and the Cards could roll all the way to a championship in February.

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