With the onset of the playoffs coming this weekend, I figured I’d take this time to comment on some of the non-playoff teams. We won’t be talking about them for a while, so let’s give them their credit or criticisms where it’s due.



The Reign of Kelly will be felt in Philly for a while

The Eagles made the right choice in getting ride of coach Chip Kelly before Week 17, making a statement of recognition that Kelly clearly wasn’t the guy needed to right the ship. I’d like to think this is something the players got behind, explaining their performance in New York on Sunday (though this may be more of a condemnation on the hapless Giants). However, during his time in Philadelphia, Kelly made moves that will hurt the Eagles for quite some time. Getting rid of a lot of key players (Jackson, McCoy, and Maclin) and replacing them with under-performers like Demarco Murray. At face value, moves like these would be enough to really hurt a franchise, but are made even worse by the huge contracts given to these players. Getting rid of Chip was the right move to start the Eagles on the road to recovery, but its going to take a while for the healing to be done.

The Bucs may have found their guy in Jameis

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers left a little to be desired this year. The defense didn’t perform the way that most expected and the wide receiving core (particularly Mike Evans) was extremely inconsistent. At the same time, there was a lot for Bucs fans to get excited about, particularly their young quarterback. Jameis Winston didn’t exactly have an amazing year, but he had a very good one, particularly after he turned it on in the second half of the season. Jameis would finish with over 4000 passing yards and 28 touchdowns (22 passing and 6 rushing). However, the thing about Jameis that was most impressive was his leadership. Jameis really appears to have the support of his teammates and has shown an ability to find ways to extend drives. He’s had his bad moments for sure, but there is a lot to build on from the performance of Jameis this season.

The Rams are far from being a contender

During the past two weeks, the Rams have had two extremely different results in their games. Two weeks ago, the Rams took down one of the hottest playoff teams this season in the Seahawks, and they were very impressive in doing so. Last week, these same Rams fell to the disgraceful 49ers, a team that has very little going for it. There is obviously a lot to like in Todd Gurley, who finished with the third most amount of rushing yards in the league on a short season. Unfortunately, this is the only positive thing to talk about when it comes to the Rams on offense. There is really only so far that a good defense can bring you in this league, especially when you seem to be committing to Case Keenum as your QB of the future. All of this, combined with the consistent mediocrity of Jeff Fisher, will keep the Rams out of the playoffs for the near future, even if they do make their way to Los Angeles.

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The Dolphins are almost there

I don’t think anyone can deny the talent present on Miami’s roster, particularly on offense. I firmly believe that Ryan Tannehill is capable enough to lead a team to the playoffs (how different is he from someone like Alex Smith?). Jarvis Landry and Davante Parker have the makings of a great wide receiving duo as well, and Lamar Miller is probably one of the ten best running backs in the game. The problem with Miami is finding the right ways to use this talent, and that can only come with a competent coaching staff. It’s clear that the people who have been in Miami haven’t gotten the job done to this point and the team really needs someone with a history of success. If they can somehow get their hands on a Sean Payton type, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Dolphins playing in January of 2017.

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