When it was announced that the fifth season of The Originals would be the CW series’ last, fans began to wonder how Julie Plec and the other writers would tie up storylines and pick up after a game-changing season four finale. When we last saw the Mikaelsons they had gone their separate ways after absorbing parts of the Hollow to save Hope and stop the powerful witch from fully returning to the land of the living. That left Hope without her father, aunts, and uncles. We also saw Hayley talking with Alaric as they overlooked Hope interacting with his and Caroline’s twins at The Salvatore School for the Gifted, a boarding school for supernatural children. To make the separation worse, Elijah had Marcel compel him to forget about his family and the promise of always and forever.

How can the TO crew bring the Mikaelsons back together, settle Hayley and Elijah’s breakup, deal with Rebekah and Marcel’s unresolved romance, and have Hope adjust to life without most of her family? Here’s what we know so far about season five.

A Time Jump will Occur

The Originals
Danielle Rose Russell

In the trailer shown at Comic-Con, fans got a glimpse of a teenage Hope whose mission is to bring her family back together. Julie Plec confirmed that the jump will be about eight years. While we loved the young and talented Summer Fontana, she will be replaced by Danielle Rose Russell. It’s not often that we see characters completely grow up on television.  I am hoping we get some flashbacks or snippets of Hope in her tween years and her experiences at The Salvatore Boarding School.

New Love Interests

After Haylijah (Hayley and Elijah) fell apart because of Hayley putting her foot down when it came to Elijah’s violent nature and her desire to provide better examples for her daughter, Hayley, played by Pheobe Tonkin, will be getting a new love interest. The character, whose name is Declan, will be played by Reign alum Torrance Coombs who also starred on the ABC show Still Star-Crossed. Declan has been described as a “flirty Irish chef with a temper” and Hayley’s friend with benefits at least at the start. He won’t be in the know about the supernatural world, so it will definitely be interesting to see how Hayley brings him into her world.

It looks like we also may be seeing Hope’s first relationship. Jedidiah Goodacre (Descendants, Tomorrowland) will play Roman. The character has only be described as a charming vampire who Hope meets. Can you imagine Klaus’ reaction to his daughter’s first romance?

Director’s Chair

We know Joseph Morgan will be directing another episode of the series, but we also now know that Charles Michael Davis and Daniel Gillies will also be sitting in the director’s chair this upcoming season. The CW or at least The Vampire Diaries and The Originals’ team seem to be very open about letting their actors branch out and take the helm for a bit. Both Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley directed episodes of TVD in the show’s later seasons. Wesley has even moved on to directing other things like Shadowhunters on Freeform.

An Elijah Centric Episode

Image result for the originals season 5 elijahWe will have at least one episode of season five that focuses strictly on the noble Mikaelson brother. Elijah has always struggled with his self-image, especially after his mother revealed to him that he was the one to kill Tatia. With Hayley distancing herself from him because of his past and present behavior as well as the Hollow, we left Elijah as a musician without memories of his family. I’m assuming the episode will revolve his memories potentially coming back.

Caroline, Josh, and Kolvina

It was announced earlier this year that Steven Kruger would be a series regular as Josh for the final season and Candice King will reprise her role as Caroline Forbes from TVD. It’s still unclear how much screen time she’ll get or which characters she’ll have scenes with. We all know that Klaroline shippers are hoping their duo get plenty of screen time. As for another ship, we’ll possibly be getting a Kolvina wedding. Hopefully, Kol and Davina’s marriage will end up better than the last married couple on the show, Hayley and Jackson.

That Possible Spoiler

If you’ve been keeping up with The Originals news and fandom discussions you’ll know that a photo posted from the writers’ room could have revealed a huge spoiler for season five. I won’t give a name, but in an image posted on Instagram this summer, a whiteboard in the writers’ room had a major character’s death plotted out. Fans were not happy and took to Twitter to express their anger. The person who posted the picture is apparently a new producer for the series and quickly deleted the image after posting it. Unfortunately, the damage had been done. I can imagine that the writers’ room was tense the next day. Of course, none of the producers or anyone from the writers’ room has confirmed the news because that would be a spoiler.

What do you want to happen in The Originals last season?

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