valuable baseball cardsThe game known as baseball was invented by a man named Abner Doubleday. Although there are proof that the game played with bat and ball where brought by immigrants to North America. It is from this game that what we know as baseball was born.

Baseball became the National Sport of the United States in the 19th century. The game is not only played in the United States but also played in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Est Asia, the Caribbean. Although, one iconic scene that comes to mind is vampire type of baseball played in the Twilight trilogy.

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This game has been around for a great number of years.  There are indications that some form game involving a bat and stick was played as far back as 1280. But in modern day, it wasn’t until 1871 that the first professional league was created. The National Association of Professional Base Ball Players was created. The America League was created in 1901 but this was 5 years after the creation of the National League. The first World Series was played in 1903 and by the year 1905, the World Series was a recognised national event in the United States.

Following the rise of baseball saw a dead-ball era begin in the early 20th century but this drought ended with the coming of hitter, legendary Babe Ruth. The like of Jackie Robinson did not make their debut into baseball till 1947. This was because since the year 1867, the National Association of Base Ball Players banned African Americans from playing in the minor or major leagues which was owned by whites at the time. The sport has grow since then and was even an Olympic medal sport from 1992-2008. The sport has so far spread to different countries all over the world and is played in different competitions in those countries.

Out of this national sport has arisen another prominent activity, i.e. baseball cards. This activity closely follows the sport, they go hand in hand. Some of these cards are so valuable that you might find yourself living a certain type of life which you thought was out of your dreams from the sale of one such baseball card. There are some crucial conditions however that affect just how valuable a baseball card will be, not all of the cards you find in your great-grandpa’s attic will fetch you thousands of dollars. 

Starting with the year 1909-1911, a Honus Wagner baseball card of this time period sold for the sum of $3.2 million in 2016. The card although had a previous all time high sale amount of $2.8 million in 2007. This card is regarded as the most sought after baseball card in the sport. The value of this card is mainly due to its interesting story that accompanies it. there are rumoured to be between 25-200 of these cards ever produced after Honus Wagner asked the American Tobacco company, who were the producers of this card to stop production for some unknown reason. This makes this card a rarity and therefor pulls so much weight with collectors.

Next most valuable baseball cards year will be the Mickey Mantle 1952 TOPPS. This major league baseball card follows the Wagner closely. The condition of the card when it sold in 2016 was marked 8.5 over 10 which makes the card almost new and the most appealing of all the Mickey cards sold. This isn’t the only Mickey card sold, there are other cards which have gone for even higher prices of $100,000 and above.

Babe Ruth Sporting News 1916 is another valuable baseball card out there. have one in your grandpa’s attic? Well, in 2016 , the Bambino’s pre-Yankees days card sold for over $700,000. It sold for exactly $717,000. This same card was sold for $550,000 in 2017 but the factors that surrounded both cards are different which was reflected in the amounts both cards where sold. 

A somewhat shocking sale which fetched the sum of $717,000 same as the legendary Babe Ruth PSA card, is the Pete Rose, Pedro Gonzalez, Ken McMullen , Al Weis card of 1963 TOPPS card. This could be called a fairly recent year in baseball card collection but the presence of Pete Rose on the card might account for the huge sale. Called the ‘Hit King’  on any baseball card is bound to having collectors biding to get their hands on the card. this is in addition to the 10 point PSA rating the card received.

Going back to 1909 we have American Caramel, Shoeless Joe Jackson baseball card which fetched a whopping $667,147 in a 2016 auction.  Knowing the history of baseball we can all remember the Black Sox scandal which hit the sport. ‘Shoeless’ Joe Jackson was one baseball player who was linked to the scandal at the time. Despite this smear, the value of the cards still remain. It was given a PSA rating of 8 out of 10.

Choosing which year has the most valuable cards will be difficult as the sport has had many notable players and even some legends in the sport. However, there are some player cards which will fetch more money than others not just for the players on the cards alone but also for now rare the cards are. Some cards are reportedly not more than 25 or 50 in the world and the addition of a legendary player on the card, makes it a valuable item. If you have any baseball card from the real early years of baseball and when the production of these cards started, have it valued and you might just become rich.

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