It has been an unreal season for Chelsea Football Club in the English Barclay’s Premier League. And by unreal, we mean disastrous. Never has a club fallen so far that not even before the January transfer window, their famed manager Jose Mourinho was fired last week by the club Board of Directors. Chelsea currently sit at 15th in the EPL standings only three points away from the relegation zone.  Former Netherlands manager Guus Hiddink will be the interim manager until the end of the season.

Chelsea were the definition of success last season. They won the league title without dropping out of first place, only lost four times in all competitions played, won the Capital One Cup, and won their group in the Champions League Group Stage. But when it came to the Premier League, Chelsea were virtually unbeatable. The team did not have any significant changes, in personnel as Mourinho deployed nearly the same squad as last season. Many critics say it’s Mourinho’s attitude and ego that got the best of him and sent Chelsea to potential ruin. Chelsea hasn’t been relegated since 1979.

Mourinho hasn’t carried himself too successfully this season putting enormous pressure and blame on his players regularly. Before the season was in full swing, he showed great support for Belgian winger Eden Hazard, claiming him better than Real Madrid winger and global superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The claim was made in good faith but put way too much pressure on Hazard as he has had a lackluster season for the club. Mourinho was given a red card for his antics against referees during an October 2015 game against West Ham United. It was there his ending as manager began to loom.

But when it comes to the players, they need to be held just as accountable as Mourinho. By Chelsea’s standards of success over the past few seasons, there is no excuse for the position they’re in right now. Performance on the pitch makes the better distance than the manager screaming and directing players on the sideline. There’s the possibility however, the players didn’t buy into whatever Mourinho was selling this time around. Mourinho couldn’t have the locker room if his players didn’t speak in full force publicly defending their manager. Many voices were low or near silent as Chelsea made the decision. However, when it came to the fans they were less than pleased. Moreover, they were extremely vocal when it came to giving it to the players. During the first match after Mourinho was sacked, fans booed the players, and in particular Diego Costa. He stormed off the pitch hearing the crowd. The stands were filled with signs bashing the club, and the fans were in full support of Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho has not been forgotten in this matter when it comes to finding a new club. Manchester United, Real Madrid, and various other elite clubs have been rumored to have interest in the manager, with in great particular to Manchester Untied and Real Madrid, as Louis Van Gaal(Manchester United) and Rafael Benitez(Real Madrid) are on the hot seat as their clubs have not performed to the expectations of their fans and their bosses.

So moving forward, there is only one goal Chelsea should have moving forward: avoid relegation at all costs. Moving into the January transfer window, there will be changes in player personnel at the club. Diego Costa is on the hot seat with his form and behavior this season and has been rumored to a move back to his previous club Atletico Madrid. Bringing in players will be difficult as the allure of Stamford Bridge isn’t as popular as elite London rivals in Arsenal and the Emirates Stadium. Real Madrid’s James Rodriguez has been rumored to be unsettled at the club and Chelsea is a destination he’s interested in. Real Madrid have been rumored to have interest in a player swap with Eden Hazard to make the transfer possible. At this time, it is a  “wait and see” situation for Chelsea when it comes to how they want to proceed in meeting their goals.

Let’s consider the following two possible scenarios: Chelsea are relegated and Chelsea remain in EPL.

Should Chelsea be relegated to the Championship level, it would be a major blow to the club, fan base, and the Championship itself. From a club perspective, the players would be more tempted to depart from the club for a refusal to play in a less prestigious league. Though a majority may stay and play out, that future is extremely as indeterminate as the previously mentioned possibility. When it comes to the fan base, the loyalty will shift as the fans have blamed the players mostly for Chelsea’s bad season. The club can only hope to maintain the high volume of fans they’ve held for the past few seasons where they were plenty successful compared to the 2015-2016 campaign. And for the Championship league itself, they have a juggernaut in Chelsea that will most likely defeat nearly all the opponents easily to return to the EPL by promotion. The level of talent Chelsea can have going into a 2016 campaign in the Championship is substantially greater than any other club in the table that year. Chelsea could have talent greater than all of the clubs combined.

Should Chelsea survive and stay in the EPL, it won’t be any easier in 2016. Chelsea will have so much to prove that they may not be able to come through with much silverware next season. With a new coach most likely in 2016, the mission for Chelsea will be to put a team around that manager that he can succeed with. It’s important to give player support to a manager as then the players can meld into a better cohesive unit that can have just as much success with and without that manager going forward. The right manager rather than the big name manager will be most important philosophy the Chelsea board should adopt. From there, player personnel will be determined by the manager’s style of play that they’re accustomed to.

For now, the future doesn’t look bright for the Blues of Stamford Bridge. If a change for the better is to happen, it has to be now.

Dillon Davis-Tirado covers Soccer, NFL, MLB, NBA, and Gaming for MFST. Follow him on Twitter @thedavistirado for more coverage on Chelsea Football Club and other topics.

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