Matt Ryan has had an MVP caliber season, can he cap it off with a Super Bowl ring?

The Atlanta Falcons are the 2017 NFC Champions and have earned a spot in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. This is quite an accomplishment for a team that started 5-0 last season only to finish a mediocre 8-8. Matt Ryan is playing out of his mind and deserves the MVP over every player this season. He has spread the wealth on this beautiful offense, tossing touchdowns to 13 different receivers (an NFL record). The defense started off slow this season, but has come along in their last six games (all wins). Vic Beasley and several young draft picks dating back to 2014 have started to blossom (Freeman, Coleman, Jones, Trufant, Matthews.) We can’t forget about those marquee Free agent pickups also (Gabriel, Mack, Reed, and Freeney). The Falcons fixed the offensive line problems and started generating pressure from their pass rushers(Vic Beasley leads the NFL with 15 sacks.) This is just part of the reason they’ve enjoyed success this season. Kyle Shanahan has had a big part in Atlanta’s offensive success in Year 2 with Dan Quinn. He has developed this system with Matt Ryan that he has gotten very comfortable with. Matt Ryan had career highs in passing yards, touchdowns, and completion percentage. He definitely turned himself into a Tier 1 Quarterback this year and gained some confidence on the field. Dan Quinn has brought a new attitude to the Falcons and is definitely a candidate for Coach of the Year.

The Falcons are having this great season, but why are they still getting disrespected? I must say if you’re not an Atlanta Falcon fan then you wouldn’t understand the hardships this city and fans have been through. We were hurt when Vick was gone from us leaving us with Joey Harrington for a year. I was only 3 years old in 1998, but I’m sure it hurt those fans when they lost to Elway and the Broncos in the Super Bowl. When the Falcons drafted Matt Ryan back in 2008, I knew there were big changes coming to Atlanta. I can remember watching his first pass thrown as a rookie against the Detroit Lions. The pass was a deep one to Michael Jenkins on the very first play of the game. The touchdown was a sign to come of what Matt Ryan was bringing to the Falcons. They didn’t believe in Matty Ice because of his playoff woes early in his career. We can’t forget about those playoff loses throughout the years (#1 seed losing bad to Green Bay in 2010 48 to 21, #5 seed losing to New York in the Wildcard 24-2 in 2011. ) We we’re all excited in 2012 when the Falcons went 13-3 once again earning the #1 seed. We got past the Seahawks in the Divisional Round, but were once again upset in the Championship game by the 49ers. Many Falcon fans were starting to lose faith in Matt Ryan thinking he could never win the big game. I must say, coming from a fan, we went through all these hardships for a reason. Matt Ryan is a different player this year because he has experienced all the hardships as a NFL Quarterback. All the loses and doubt have made him a resilient QB. The Falcons were destined to be a great team because they know what it’s like to lose. We are no longer Drew Bree’s and the Saints “little brothers”. This team is starting to get respect, but continues to get disrespected  by the nation because they’re not used to seeing them win.

I read an article this past week and the writer stated he’s not happy that the Patriots are playing the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl. He thinks it will be an easy game for Tom Brady and the Patriots. I must say, he must not watch much football if he thinks this is an easy win for the Patriots. The Falcons have forced you to turn the TV on their last 6 games because they were beating their opponents that bad (including the playoffs!!) I’ve seen Tom Brady on the cover of a magazine, writers stating that this is a revenge game for Tom Brady. This games means much more to the Falcons, so they can finally shut up their critics and haters. I’d say this is a Vengeance game for the Falcons. This is for Atlanta, Matt Ryan, the world, and anybody who thinks the Falcons aren’t a threat to the Patriots Sunday. What will critics have to say about Matt Ryan if he wins a Super Bowl? What will they say if he loses? Regardless they’re going to talk, so they should give them something good to talk about. Peyton Manning didn’t win his first Super Bowl until his 9th year in the NFL. I’m not saying Matt Ryan is Peyton Manning, but he’s a great quarterback whose team deserves some respect. Regardless if they win this Super Bowl, (Which they will!) they’ve earned their respect as a force to be reckoned with. The defense is young and will only get better, Matt Ryan is in his prime, and they have a coach who has brought his winning ways to ATL. I think this is the start of something special in Atlanta, but we’ll just have to wait and see..

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