Huge news was dropped yesterday regarding a sequel to 2013’s Man of Steel by Collider.  Collider reported that Warner Bros. is indeed all in on getting a sequel out and that Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class) is their first choice. It was reported months ago by Cavill’s agent, Dany Garcia, that there was indeed plans for Man of Steel 2. This was later confirmed by both Amy Adams and Henry himself. Some people who crave to be insiders like Jett from Batman on Film, were going around telling followers on Twitter that there was no plans for a sequel insight and was not even on Warner Bros. radar, scoreboard Warner Bros. According to Collider this is still in the very early stages and no deal has been offered. Warner Bros. has also stated that if he does turn down Man of Steel 2 then they still want him to direct a future DCEU film.

After the news broke I saw several people approve this news and there are many that do not want Vaughn anywhere near the Man of Steel sequel. I think all this negative attitude towards Vaughn stems from a comment he made regarding Superman when Snyder was hired to direct Man of Steel. Vaughn was quoted as saying “I think that’s the one thing not to do with Superman, trying to do the serious The Dark Knight version. Superman is about color and fun, or it should be, for me.” There are many, including myself, who loved the tone and style of Man of Steel. It is still the DCEU best reviewed film and in my opinion the best out of the three so far. In Man of Steel and Batman v Superman we see a Superman coming into his own. We see him struggle with his powers and his place in the world. An alien loved, hated, and feared by the world he has protected. Superman is still not over the events of Zod’s invasion and struggles with the life he took to protect the planet he calls home, a planet that many do not want him on. The final moments of Batman v Superman we see him finally accept who he is, that Earth is his home and we see him give his life for it. When Superman returns in Justice League that journey to becoming the Superman we know and love will be complete. This is why I think what Matt said will not be that big of an issue should he direct Man of Steel 2. Matt gets comic-book characters and I think he would do Superman justice in ways we have never seen. I do not see him getting rid of the suit or the style of Man of Steel but he might add some more light tones and humor to the film. The film would still have great action sequences and I am sure some dark and gritty tones as we saw with X-Men: First Class and Kick-Ass.

Vaughn has long been on my radar to direct Superman and now that Warner Bros. has their sights on him, I hope they do whatever he asks of them to get this done. Vaughn has a very good track record with comic-book adapted films, four of his films (Director, Screenwriter, Producer) have an average of 81.75 on RottenTomatoes and even including the two films did not score so well – Kick-Ass 2, Fantastic Four – he still has an average of 60.3 on RottenTomatoes which is higher than all three current DCEU films. As a director his comic-book films average a 79. As I stated above, Matt gets the characters and knows how to tell a great story which translates on screen. If you have seen Kick-Ass then you saw what he did with Nick Cage (Big Daddy) and I am still blown away at how awesome Chloe Grace Moretz was as Hit Girl. Vaughn just takes his characters seriously, not that Snyder doesn’t, but I feel Vaughn will do wonders for Superman.

I am sure many people would love for Snyder to come back and direct the sequel but I think Zack has enough on his plate. I really would love to see someone else take over Superman and see what they can do with the character. I think Henry would love to work with Matt and I have faith that Matt would take full advantage of Henry’s acting ability. If you have seen Man from U.N.C.L.E then you know that Henry has charm, swagger, humor, and so much more. This would be another home run hire for Warner Bros. and I could almost guarantee he would deliver one of the best Superman movies we have seen and possibly one of the greatest comic-book films ever put on screen. This is clearly my opinion on the news but I would love to hear your thoughts on Matt being the front runner for Man of Steel 2. Do you like his style or hate it? What about his past films give you hope or scare you? Please comment below and let us know what you think or hop on over to Twitter and follow me @manofsteel37013 and discuss it further.

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Source: Collider

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