For the entire NFL season, I have been trying to answer this question and, to be honest with you, I’m not entirely sure that I’ve found an answer. At least, I don’t think that I’ve found an answer that I’m comfortable with. I think I know why people don’t like Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, and I don’t like it.

Coming in to the season, everyone outside of Carolina had very low expectations for the Panthers. After losing Kelvin Benjamin to a season ending injury during the offseason, most expected Cam Newton and his offense to struggle mightily, particularly in a division with traditional offensive juggernauts like the Saints and Falcons. These expectations were shattered, however, as the Panthers would go on to have one of the highest scoring offenses in the league. With a sure-fire MVP performance, Cam Newton established himself as football’s most dynamic and dangerous quarterback. Say what you want, but even Cam’s greatest critics can’t deny his football greatness.

Cam Newton
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But why does Cam Newton have critics? Not in a general sense; every player has his share of critics, even those who are almost universally beloved such as Peyton Manning. When I ask this question, I emphasis the disproportionate amount of critics that Cam has in relation to his peers. Adding to this, I also question the reasons people draw upon for this criticism.

I’ve asked a couple of people in my life (Cam haters) what it is about Cam Newton that they don’t like. Most of the time, their responses usually lead to some general dislike for the way that he acts, that he is too cocky. When prompted to be more specific, no one can really answer why they feel this way, just that they don’t like the guy. Ironically, the lack of an answer from my peers helped lead me to a solution for my question.

I believe that people don’t like Cam Newton because he doesn’t behave the way people expect quarterbacks to behave. Most football fans expect their quarterbacks to fit the Peyton mold: no-nonsense on the field generals who clock in and clock out without controversy. They don’t expect them to show too much emotion, and don’t expect them to showboat.

Cam Newton
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People don’t believe that Cam fits this mold, and he doesn’t. Cam shows plenty of emotion, smiling from ear to ear and celebrating as he plays. Truthfully, Cam seems like a little kid on the field, and honestly seems as if he is having the time of his life. The public perceive his childlike enthusiasm for the game as cockiness, something I disagree with wholeheartedly. Truly, how different is Cam’s dabbing (I feel cooler just typing that) from Aaron Rodgers’ “discount double-check” celebration? How different are Cam’s screams of victory from Tom Brady’s? The difference: the behavior of these other quarterbacks is considered “normal” and “acceptable,” whereas Cam’s is not.

Cam Newton’s behavior on the football field is not what people are used to seeing from quarterbacks, so they perceive it as being wrong. Cam’s greatest critics will often ignore the undeniable good aspects of his character, such as giving touchdown balls to young fans in the stands (the BEST new tradition in sports), to maintain this belief. There is absolutely nothing wrong about what Cam does on the field. He doesn’t talk about any other player and he doesn’t seek to do harm against anyone. However, his behavior doesn’t fit the “norm” of an NFL quarterback, making the way he acts unacceptable.

There are certainly more deep-rooted cultural reasons why Cam Newton’s behavior isn’t considered acceptable, but this isn’t the venue for that conversation. Put simply, critics of Cam for anything other than his actual play need to take a minute to consider why they dislike him so much. If they take the time to consider this, they may have a hard time finding an answer. Hopefully, this may lead them to appreciate Cam, and recognize him as one of the best quarterbacks of the next generation.

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