QB: Kirk Cousins – $5900

I could take the time to give you stats as to why Kirk Cousins is a great value play at this price, and how he’s been one of the five best QB’s in the league through the past few weeks, but if you’re reading this, you probably already know all of that. Success in daily fantasy during playoff time comes from a balance of picking the studs and making contrarian selections (this is true for the regular season too, but is even more the case in the playoffs). Cousins could definitely struggle this weekend in what is not an easy matchup. However, if he keeps up his current level of production, I imagine one could get him at a low ownership percentage. Definitely worth a spot in some line ups.

(No honorable mentions this week, by the way. With so few players left to choose from, its hard to pick guys who I honestly feel like are honorable mentions).

RB: James Starks – $3600

Pass catching back with Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball against a weak Redskins run defense? I like it, particularly if your looking to go very contrarian with one of your running back picks. Surely, Eddie Lacy could get all of the work and make Starks irrelevant. Or, Lacy could underperform again and Starks would be the beneficiary (we’ve seen this happen before). At $3600, anybody that you pick is a dart throw, and James Starks exemplifies that more than most. That being said, his pass catching gives him enough value in this PPR scoring to give him a rather high floor.

WR: Marvin Jones – $3700

I had a hard time with this one, as there are a few players in the lower price range that could perform well at the receiver position this weekend. However, if I had to choose, I like the guy going up against the worst passing defense in football. AJ Mccarron has proven capable enough to move the football down the field and get it to his pass catchers, so I think there are plenty of opportunities for everyone on the team to “get theirs.” Game flow also works in the favor of Bengals pass catchers as well. Scenario 1: the Steelers pass defense performs as it usually does and the Bengals move the ball on them through the air all day. Scenario 2: the Steelers get out to a big lead early with their prolific offense and the Bengals are forced to play catch-up on a prevent Steelers defense. Both scenarios work in the favor of Marvin Jones, making him a valuable pick up at $3700.

TE: Heath Miller – $3300 Steal of the Week

Kind of a no-brainer this week for me, especially with how thin this position has become now that we are in the playoffs. At this point, its extremely hard to find value at the tight end position, so its important to find reliable guys if you want to go cheap. Heath Miller is that guy this week. Miller has always been one of Ben’s most consistent targets in the red zone, and any player on a high octane offense like the Steelers is worth a spot on some lineups. I feel like this game is going to be a high scoring one and, if there are multiple touchdowns scored, I have a hard time seeing Heath Miller not getting at least one of them. Simple as that.

DST: Packers – $2800

WARNING: Do not play Kirk Cousins with the Packers defense in the same lineup as the success of one necessitates the poor play of the other. As I stated in the Kirk Cousins section, Cousins could certainly have a rough time this weekend against a Packers defense that has improved in recent weeks. Undoubtedly, the Redskins are one of the two worst teams in the playoffs this year, and Cousins’ inexperience could definitely catch up to him this weekend. You have to imagine that the magical ride that Cousins has been on will end at some point. When it happens, I imagine it will be ugly, and if it happens this weekend, then the Packers defense will reap the rewards.


Kyle Kirby writes about Fantasy Football for MFST. You can follow him on Twitter @couch_qb.


Kyle Kirby

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