What’s up everybody my name is Ryan Thomas and it has been a bit since I have written my last article for My Fantasy Sports Talk. If you don’t know me I am sure you would recognize me from joining Editor-in-Chief Daniel Schalk, hype man Brandon Reid, and my fellow MMA fanboy brother Orlando Torres on the My Fantasy Podcast. On the show I have discussed fantasy football with the gang and I also have competed in the MFST Fantasy Football League for the past two seasons. Over that time span I have finished with a 10-4 record and a 7-6 record just to be knocked out of the playoffs in the first round of the website’s 14-team league. I am not happy about that one bit.


Look I understand it’s “just a game” but there are bragging rights to winning these league featuring a slew of talented sportswriters but I am now entering year three and just like they say…”usually around year three is when we see the finished product” I believe this applies to my situation. I might have taken a quarterback too high in previous seasons and in others I might have taken the player that I trust the most rather than taking the best player. I have played Fantasy Football since 2003. Originally when I started playing I enjoyed it but I was playing with complete strangers and the league just wasn’t as fun for me. Now that I have been the commish for my league for almost 10 years and have started my own league for my personal podcast The Thomas Take Sports Podcast, I have added 10 championships to my resume between Fantasy Football and Fantasy Baseball so I would like to think that I do know what I am doing. It’s time to put my money where my mouth is as far as the MFST league goes and I believe I will. I also have to admit to myself that the time is now to practice what I preach and this season I will make a move rather than second guessing. I will make that move with authority.

Alvin Kamara

Last season there was one player that I really wanted. A player that I thought pre-draft would be a good player. Not necessarily a GREAT player but a good player. Someone that really stood out to me based on his size,agility, and speed. A player that fell in the 2017 NFL Draft to the perfect team. That player was New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara. Kamara burst onto the scene in 2017 amassing 1,554 total yards combined with 728 yards coming on the ground and 826 yards through the air totaling 13 touchdowns. Now might I also mention I have played in a PPR (Points Per Reception) League for the last five or six seasons and I also played against Kamara in my fantasy league division on one of the biggest weeks of his season. The sad part was I easily could have drafted him in every league and even worse… I could have picked him up. Allow me to take a step back though. Although I was very high on Kamara heading into last season I really believed that he would be locked in a timeshare with Mark Ingram and the now free agent Adrian Peterson. I wanted a guaranteed preseason ball carrier. The Ezekiel Elliott’s, the Melvin Gordon’s, and the Todd Gurley’s of the world. Kamara was just as good and in some ways even better than all three of those guys.

So when MFST’s league commissioner Daniel Schalk conducts what I like to call the “MFST Draft Lottery” and by some chance my name gets called as the official owner of the first overall selection I guarantee you all right here right now that the player I will be selecting is Mr. Alvin Kamara. Now I know there would be plenty of players that I will be passing on Antonio Brown, Zeke, Le’Veon Bell,  Todd Gurley, heck even Kareem Hunt could be thrown in that mix among many others–but I will not allow myself to pass on Alvin Kamara again. Even by some unfortunate luck if Kamara goes down and I have to go a few weeks without him based on his production last season I can’t and I won’t pass that up. Might I add that his stock just went way up due to the fact that his teammate Mark Ingram tested positive for performance enhancing drugs and will be suspended for the first four games of the season.


With the 1st overall pick The Thomas Take selects Alvin Kamara… man that has a nice ring to it.

https://i2.wp.com/www.myfantasysportstalk.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/kamara-1512357468.jpg?fit=549%2C309&ssl=1https://i2.wp.com/www.myfantasysportstalk.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/kamara-1512357468.jpg?resize=150%2C150&ssl=1Ryan ThomasFantasyFF AnalysisFF Mock DraftsFF RankingsFF SleepersFootballNew Orleans SaintsNFC SouthNFLNFL DraftAlvin Kamara,Drew Brees,Mark Ingram,New Orleans Saints,Sean PaytonWhat's up everybody my name is Ryan Thomas and it has been a bit since I have written my last article for My Fantasy Sports Talk. If you don't know me I am sure you would recognize me from joining Editor-in-Chief Daniel Schalk, hype man Brandon Reid, and my...