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Over the past few months MFST has brought you amazing comic book battles such as: Joker vs Penguin, Catwoman vs Poison Ivy, Scarecrow vs The Riddler, Harley Quinn vs Duela Dent and last months exciting Deadpool vs Deathstroke. Evil vs evil, crazy vs crazy, mercenary vs mercenary and now it’s superhero vs superhero. Two heavy hitting femme fatales that are so powerful within their respective comic franchises that they are both getting silver screen adaptations, that’s right we’re talking about Wonder Woman vs Captain Marvel, DC Comics finest verses Marvel Comics best!

wonder woman vs captain marvel
Wonder Woman vs Captain Marvel

Both going through various super powered and thematic changes over the years and driven by their calling to fight for love, peace and sexual equality among their male counterparts, it only seems right to have them go toe-to-toe in an all out battle.

Carol Danvers History (Captain Marvel)

carol danvers
Ms. Marvel

Carol Susan Jane Danvers (Marvel Super-Heroes #13, March 1968) started her superhero history originally as a very capable young woman. She fought against gender typing in the United States Air Force and eventually became an officer, which later lead to becoming a CIA agent who was hired as NASA security for Cape Canaveral. It was there that Carol met a Dr. Phillip Lawson who unbeknownst to anyone was secretly a kree agent, code-named Mahr Vel, the very first Captain Marvel. In a battle with his mortal kree enemy, Yon-Rogg, a device known as the Psyche-Magneton exploded. Mahr Vel shielded Ms. Danvers from the radiation with his body but could not completely stop it from flowing through her. In doing so this caused Carol to absorb his power, with this perfect combination of human and kree DNA she became the ultimate human/kree hybrid. After discovering her power she made a costume and became a superhero fighting crime with Captain Marvel himself. Later through many confusing and controversial storylines (about three decades worth) Danvers continued fighting crime but went through many changes, from losing her powers, going through several name and costume changes such as Ms. Marvel (Ms. Marvel #1, Jan. 1977), Binary (Uncanny X-Men #164, Dec. 1982) and Warbird (The Avengers #4, May 1998),  teaming up with teams such as the X-Men and Avengers it was time for Carol Danvers to be reinvented.

carol danvers
Captain Marvel

As a major player in the Marvel universe, she officially became Captain Marvel (avenging Spider-Man Vol. 1 #9, Sept. 2012), in honor of Mahr Vel, her mentor and with a little encouragement from Captain America, she vowed to become the best superhero she could be.

Captain Marvel’s Abilities/Powers

captain marvel

Captain Marvel can hold her own with the strongest and most accomplished of Marvel’s superheroes. She has almost an endless amount of abilities and powers such as:

  • Superhuman speed
  • Superhuman agility
  • Superhuman strength
  • Flight
  • Superhuman stamina
  • Invulnerability
  • Photonic energy projection
  • Energy absorption
  • Danger “seventh” sense
  • Regeneration
  • Minor molecular control
  • Cosmic awareness
  • Physical durability
  • Resistant to most toxins and poisons
  • Expert marksman
  • Expert in hand-to-hand combat.

Diana Prince History (Wonder Woman)

princess diana of themyscira
Diana of Themyscria

Princess Diana of Themyscira (All Star Comics #8, Dec. 1941) better known as Diana Prince originally started out as a lump of clay, yes you read that right a lump of clay and with a creator like William Martson (creator of the Systolic Blood-pressure test more commonly known as the Polygraph test or “Lie Detector test”) it’s no surprise that our iconic superheroine had such a creative start. Sculpted by her mother and queen of the Amazonian’s, Queen Hippolyta, Diana  was given life by Athena “Goddess of Wisdom, Craft & War”, along with superhuman powers gifted by the Greek Gods themselves. Even though the Amazons were made physically and mentally superior to men, Diana was the greatest among them. Created at the dawn of WWII Wonder Woman offered an answer to the over abundance of male superheroes at the time. Her presence provided an idea to help shape the minds of female & male readers alike so that the stereotype of what a women could be who lead to stronger more confident, ambitious and accomplished women. wonder woman 1941Diana made her way to being an icon among superheroes after disobeying her mother’s wish and competing in a tournament used to find an amazon warrior worthy of bestowing the gifts and strengths of the Gods to. This warrior was task with going to the outside world and fight the forces of evil by decree of Aphrodite “Goddess of Love, Beauty, Pleasure & Procreation”. Diana won the tournament and had the honor of becoming Wonder Woman. In later years Wonder Woman’s (1985 following the Crisis on Infinite Earths series) storyline changed and she became a representative for Themyscria, role model to her fellow woman and a superhero for freedom. Fast forward 26 years in Sept. 2011 Marvel relaunched its entire publication line, the New 52. The original 1941 origin story of Wonder Woman’s birth was used as a cover story to protect her from Hera’s wrath. In the New 52 Diana was now a demigoddess, daughter of the mighty Zeus, king of the Greek gods and Queen Hippolyta. With her training and demigoddess powers, Wonder Woman eventually took on the role of warrior queen and God of War after defeating Ares. new 52 wonder woman
Wonder Woman appears as one of the lead characters in the Justice League title written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Jim Lee that was launched in 2011 as part of the New 52. In August 2012, she and Superman shared a kiss (Justice League Vol 2 #12), which has since developed into a romantic relationship. DC launched a Superman/Wonder Woman series that debuted in late 2013, which focuses both the threats they face together, and on their romance as a “Power Couple”.

Wonder Woman’s New 52 Abilities/Powers 

new 52 wonder woman
God Mode

Wonder Woman now being a demigoddess offers a vast upgrade in her previous skill sets which make the legend of the amazon even more fearful. Her abilities and powers are so vast that it is not only hard to list them all but the extent to which they can be used, such as:

  • Masterful athlete and acrobat
  • Master strategist
  • Expert fighter
  • Trained and experienced in many ancient and modern forms of armed and unarmed combat (from Ares and Hippolyta)
  • Restrained power from Zeus (kept in check by her magic bracelets, “God Mode”)
  • Ares divine abilities
  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman reflexes
  • Superhuman durability
  • superhuman stamina
  • Flight
  • Super Hyper sonic speed
  • Invulnerability
  • Healing factor

New 52 Armor

  • Chest-plate
  • Magical tiara
  • Magical shield
  • Magical sword
  • Magic Bracelets of Victory (forged from Zeus’s legendary Aegis shield)
  • Light, flexible body armor
  • Lasso of Truth (unbreakable, immutable, Infinite in length and indestructible)

New 52 Wonder Woman vs Captain Marvel

wonder woman vs captain marvel

I am a fan of both Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, their amazing feats that they have accomplished over the years are just spectacular. I see this as an epic clash of the mega-powers that takes place on the only arena worth, the island of “Peace and Protection” Themyscria.  themyscriaSince both are just about evenly matched the one with the best strategy and most experience will be the victor of this battle. I see Captain Marvel landing on the beach of Themyscria and is greeted by Wonder Woman “Hello sister, my fellow Amazonian call me sister and queen, my friends call me Diana but my enemy’s only know me as the embodiment of War. What business do you have here on our island of paradise and which name will you be calling me by?” Ms. Danvers replies “I heard there was a group of warriors that might know a thing or two about battle. Today I am your enemy but if you are the embodiment of War, then I guess that makes me your personal hell.” Diana draws her sword and shield as she leap toward Carol. Carol flies directly at Diana catching her by surprise tackling her mid-leap. Both warriors with a grin upon their face as they know this will be a glorious battle. The first half of this fight will be with weapons and hand-to-hand and since both are evenly skilled in each area of combat this is more of an appetizer than the main course. Of course Wonder Woman lands more blows because of her 5,000 years of combat experience but Captain Marvel’s lack of experience is made up by the amount of power she can wield. Their invulnerability coupled with their regeneration ability leads us down the only road we can take, Wonder Woman earns this win in my opinion. Even if Diana is pushed to the brink she still has her trump card, taking off her magical bracelets (which are worn to protect her opponents from ultimate obliteration by suppressing her power) to enter “God Mode”. Once Wonder Woman removes the bracelets the battle is over in 15 seconds tops. No matter if Diana sprinted across and decapitated Carol with a single stroke of her blade, or punches a hole through her, the Goddess of War takes the W here. Let me explain, to date we still have never seen the limit of Diana’s power, she once took off her bracelets to fight the goddess Artemis and killed her swiftly without tapping into the depth of her “God Mode” power. She has also used this power to go up against a fertilized Superman. I feel like this is the logical choice but I also know and understand anything can happen on the inked pages.

We at MFST want to know what you think. Who is your favorite character, how would your Wonder Woman vs Captain Marvel battle go? A strong case can be made for Captain Marvel to be victorious, she does have a seventh sense and basically can absorb and endless amount of energy to use. What ever you pick, whatever the outcome this would be a glorious battle.

Reading Recommendations:

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  2. Wonder Woman Vol. 4 #1 (published Nov. 2011) Written by Brian Azzarello

Elijah Bailey covers the comics for MFST, you can follow him on Twitter @EBaileyFitness 

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