wwe draftWelcome to tonight’s live coverage of the WWE 2016 Draft! Tonight we will find out where many superstars will go, to either Monday Night Raw or Tuesday Night Smackdown. Tonight is also the debut of Tuesday Night Smackdown as it goes live for the first time ever. Last night it was announced that Mick Foley is the GM for Raw and Daniel Bryan is the GM for Smackdown. Those are two great picks for GM’s and they will for sure make both shows great. Follow us here live at myfantasysportstalk.com and check back here to see every pick and updates on tonight’s show.

8:00 pm

The show opens with Daniel Bryan coming out with Shane McMahon. They go over the rules again

  • NXT will have six superstars get drafted from there
  • Tag Teams can be counted as one unless the GM wants one of the superstars
  • Raw gets the first overall pick
  • Raw gets 3 picks for Smackdowns every 2 since it is an hour long show.

8:03 pm

Raw drafts Seth Rollins with the first pick.

seth rollins

8:03 pm

Smackdown drafts Dean Ambrose with their first pick.

dean ambrose wwe champion

8:04 pm

Raw drafts Charlotte.

charlotte wwe

8:04 pm

Smackdown drafts AJ Styles.

aj styles

8:05 pm

Raw takes the first NXT member and it is Finn Balor

finn balor

8:09 pm

John Cena takes on Luke Gallows but Enzo Amore and Big Cass come out to support him in the match.

8:11 pm

Luke Gallows is dominating the match over John Cena. With throws into the turnbuckle Cena is getting destroyed. Cena reverses one finally and goes for a AA but Gallows reverses it. Gallows lands an elbow drop and goes for another one and Cena gets out of the way. Cena goes for a body takedown but Gallows catches Cena and slams him to the ground and gets a two count.

8:14 pm

A flying tackle by Cena takes down Gallows after getting out of a headlock. Cena goes for a knuckle shuffle and lands it. He tries again for the AA but Gallows falls out of it and lands a big boot. Enzo Amore and Big Cass get on the ropes as AJ Styles and Karl Anderson stand up. They all enter the ring and start trash talking. Styles and Anderson go after Amore and Cass, and they flip Styles and Anderson over the ropes out of the ring. Cena nails the AA on Gallows and picks up the win.

8:21 pm

After commercial break, Mick Foley and Raw are on the clock and Raw drafts Roman Reigns.

roman reigns

8:22 pm

Smackdown drafts John Cena.

john cena

8:23 pm

Raw drafts Brock Lesnar. Got to wonder if he will be punished after failing not one, but two drug tests in UFC.

brock lesnar

8:24 pm

Smackdown drafts Randy Orton.

randy orton

8:24 pm

Raw drafts The New Day.

wwe new day

8:25 pm

Rusev and The Miz take on Darren Young and Zack Ryder in tag team action. Rusev takes on Young and puts him into a corner and runs into him. The Miz is tagged in and lands some kicks. Darren Young nails a backdrop to the knee and tags in Ryder who jumps over the rope with a body splash and gets a two count. Ryder goes to the top rope, stops Rusev from attack and gets taken down by The Miz.

8:27 pm

Rusev comes in and demands The Miz tags him in to take on Ryder. Miz makes a couple more moves then tags in Rusev. Rusev goes for a suplex but Ryder reverses it with a hangmans neckbreaker. Darren Young and Miz get tagged in and Young nails a belly to belly. Rusev comes in and takes down Young, but Ryder comes in to take down Rusev but he takes down Miz. Ryder takes down Rusev on the outside and Darren Young locks in the crossface chicken wing and makes The Miz tap out.

8:35 pm

Xavier Woods takes on Bray Wyatt in one on one action. Wyatt plays mind games with Woods and drops to his knees in the middle of the ring. Wyat takes him down and lands punches and gets him into the corner and takes over. Wyatt gets Woods into a submission hold. Wyatt lands a chokeslam. Wyatt hits a senton. Wyatt throws Woods into the corner but Woods reverses and takes over and hits a knee to the head. Wyatt scares Woods and nails a sister Abigail and picks up the win.

8:47 pm

Kanes comes out to take on Kevin Owens but Sami Zayn comes out and distracts Owens. Owens throws Zayn into Kane and Kane nails a double chokeslam.

8:48 pm

Raw drafts Sami Zayn.

sami zayn

8:49 pm

Smackdown drafts Bray Wyatt.

bray wyatt

8:50 pm

Raw drafts Sasha Banks.

sasha banks

8:50 pm

Smackdown drafts Becky Lynch.

becky lynch

8:51 pm

Raw drafts Chris Jericho.

chris jericho

9:00 pm

Charlotte and Dana Brooke take on Sasha banks in a 2 on 1 handicap match. Banks and Brooke battle as Banks jumps on Charlotte to the outside but then Brooke nails a huge clothesline on Banks and gets her back in the ring. Banks and Brooke battle again as Banks takes out Charlotte again. Brooke gets thrown into the corner and Brooke gets locked in the bank statement but tagged in Charlotte when she ran in the corner and Charlotte breaks it up and hits natural selection and they pick up the win.

9:03 pm

Raw drafts Rusev with Lana.


9:04 pm

Smackdown drafts The Miz and Maryse.

the miz

9:04 pm

Raw drafts Kevin Owens.

kevin owens

9:05 pm

Smackdown drafts Baron Corbin.

baron corbin

9:05 pm

Raw drafts Enzo Amore and Big Cass.

enzo amore and big cass

9:10 pm

Cesaro takes on Chris Jericho in one on one action. Jericho slaps Cesaro and Cesaro lands some European uppercuts and a senton off the ring onto Chris Jericho on the outside. Cesaro runs and nails a European uppercut against the barrier. Cesaro gets him into the ring and lands a crossbody but only gets a two count. A double leg takedown by Jericho gets him a two count. Jericho lands a kick and gets Cesaro in a headlock. Cesaro gets thrown against the ropes and he does a front flip pin and him and Jericho flip around getting two counts. Cesaro gets thrown into the ropes, flips and kicks Jericho in the face. Cesaro gets to the top rope as Jericho gets up there and lands a frankensteiner. Jericho waits for Cesaro to get up, goes for the codebreaker but gets reversed into the corner and gets hit with uppercuts.

9:16 pm

Jericho goes for a lionsault but Cesaro catches him with a Russian leg sweep and takes him down. Cesaro and Jericho trade shots and as Cesaro goes for a springboard crossbody, Jericho catches him with the codebreaker and picks up the win.

9:21 pm

Back from commercial break and Lynch and Natalya are going after each other. There are many refs trying to break them up and the supposed match is called off.

9:23 pm

Raw drafts Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

karl anderson and luke gallows

9:23 pm

Smackdown drafts the NXT tag team champions American Alpha Jason Jordan and Chad Gable.

american alpha

9:24 pm

Raw drafts The Big Show.

the big show

9:25 pm

Smackdown drafts Dolph Ziggler.

dolph ziggler

9:25 pm

Raw drafts the first NXT female and it is Nia Jax.

nia jax

9:33 pm

Raw drafts Neville.


9:34 pm

Smackdown drafts Natalya.


9:34 pm

Raw drafts Cesaro.


9:35 pm

Smackdown drafts Alberto Del Rio.

alberto del rio

9:35 pm

Raw drafts Sheamus.


9:36 pm

Seth Rollins takes on Dean Ambrose for the WWE championship. Rollins attacks Ambrose before the match is even official and throws Ambrose into the outside turnbuckle.

9:43 pm

Back from commercial break and the match officially starts. Rollins hits a broken arrow and gets a two count. Rollins gets Ambrose against the ropes on his knees and Rollins goes to the outside and hits a big boot. Rollins is taking over with knees, punches and kicks. Rollins throws Ambrose into the turnbuckle two times and lands a backbreaker, getting a two count. Rollins gets Ambrose in a head lock, goes for a count and gets a two. Rollins rolls back into the head lock but Ambrose starts standing up and reverses the move and gets thrown out of the ring. They trade blows and Ambrose gets thrown into the barricade. Rollins gets flipped over into the crowd and Ambrose runs on the table and jumps over and Rollins dodges the move. Rollins nails a flying knee and a kick to the face, but gets a two count.

9:51 pm

Back from break and Rollins threw Ambrose in the corner and clotheslines Ambrose two times. Rollins goes for a third but Ambrose gets out of the corner and strikes a clothesline of his own. Ambrose lands shots and two clotheslines. Ambrose goes for the pin, gets a two count and then hits a neckbreaker. Ambrose goes to the top rope, Rollins catches him as he comes down and powerbombs him into the turnbuckle. Rollins goes for frog splash but Ambrose rolls out of the way. Ambrose goes for the pin and gets a two.

9:54 pm

Rollins pokes Ambrose in the eye as the ref tried to break them up, attempts a pedigree but Ambrose flips him out of the ring. Ambrose dives through the ropes and takes down Rollins. Ambrose goes to the top rope again, and hits a flying elbow drop. Ambrose to the top rope a third time but Rollins runs up and superplexes him and tries for another suplex, Ambrose reverses it and hits the dirty deeds. Ambrose gets the three count and is still the WWE champion.

9:56 pm

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon come out and congratulate Ambrose on the win. A YES! chant starts.

10:00 pm

Smackdown live on Tuesday ends with a good match and now the draft continues on WWE.com. Coverage will still be here, so stick by as the draft continues until 11 pm est.

10:09 pm

Raw drafts Golden Truth.

golden truth

10:09 pm

Smackdown drafts The Usos.

the usos

10:10 pm

Raw drafts Titus O’Neil.

titus oneil

10:11 pm

Smackdown drafts Kane.


10:11 pm

Raw drafts Paige.

paige wwe

10:20 pm

Raw drafts Darren Young.

darren young

10:21 pm

Smackdown drafts Kalisto.


10:21 pm

Raw drafts Sin Cara.

sin cara

10:22 pm

Smackdown drafts Naomi.

naomi wwe

10:22 pm

Raw drafts Jack Swagger.

jack swagger

10:22 pm

Smackdown drafts The Ascension.

the ascension wwe

10:33 pm

Raw drafts The Dudley Boyz.

the dudley boyz

10:34 pm

Smackdown drafts Zack Ryder.

zack ryder

10:35 pm

Raw drafts Summer Rae.

summer rae wwe

10:35 pm

Smackdown drafts Apollo Crews.

apollo crews

10:35 pm

Raw drafts Mark Henry.

mark henry

10:36 pm

Smackdown drafts Alexa Bliss.

alexa bliss

10:41 pm

Raw drafts Braun Strowman.

braun strouman wwe

10:42 pm

Smackdown drafts Breezango.


10:42 pm

Raw drafts Bo Dallas.

bo dallas

10:42 pm

Smackdown drafts Eva Marie.

eva marie

10:43 pm

Raw drafts Shining Stars, Primo and Epico.

shining stars wwe

10:44 pm

Smackdown drafts The Vaudevillains.

the vaudevillains

10:52 pm

Raw drafts Alicia Fox.

alicia fox

10:52 pm

Smackdown drafts Erick Rowan.

erick rowan

10:53 pm

Raw drafts Dana Brooke.

dana brooke

10:53 pm

Smackdown drafts Mojo Rawley.

mojo rawley

10:54 pm

Raw drafts Curtis Axel.

curtis axel

10:54 pm

Smackdown drafts Carmella.

carmella nxt

11:00 pm

That wraps up the WWE Draft! Thanks for following us here at myfantasysportstalk.com

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