WWE Battleground Review

wwe battlegroundLast night was another good installment of some WWE PPV wrestling. There was some surprises, great moves and a match that can be a match of the year candidate. Who was Sasha Banks secret tag team partner? Did The New Day overcome their fears? The main question of them all, who walked out of Battleground with the WWE championship? Check out what happened below.

sasha banks and bayley battlegroundSasha Banks and TBD vs. Charlotte and Dana Brooke

Charlotte and Brooke come out first and Banks comes out on her own. All three were standing in the ring and Banks couldn’t stop smiling because she knew what was about to happen. The music hit and the crowd went wild. Bayley from NXT turned out to be her partner.

Charlotte and Brooke attack Banks and Bayley before the match starts. Bayley starts in against Charlotte and Charlotte takes over in the corner. Bayley kicks back and does a springboard elbow and tags in Banks. Banks starts attacking Charlotte in the corner, Charlotte moves her to the top turnbuckle and Banks lands a flying head-scissors. She takes down Brooke and Charlotte runs her into the turnbuckle. Charlotte goes for the pin and gets a two count.

Brooke gets tagged in and stomps mud holes in Banks. Brooke gets a headlock in and Banks gets out of it and tags in Bayley. Bayley takes down Brooke and Charlotte. She then spears Brooke in the corner and lands an elbow. Bayley goes top rope, gets distracted by Charlotte and Brooke pulls her down. Brooke gets her in a submission move, Bayley gets out, but then gets thrown into the corner. Bayley rolls up Brooke and gets a two count. Brooke does a handstand choke with her feet, but Bayley escapes the corner and clotheslines Brooke. They both tag in their partners and Banks is taking over. A big knee to the face gets Charlotte in the corner and she moves her on her side and jumps and knees her in the stomach. Brooke tries distracting Banks on the top rope, she shakes her off and lands a cross body on Charlotte. Charlotte gets up and lands a Natural Selection. Bayley breaks up the count and Brooke and her land outside.

Charlotte tries an eight figure leg lock but Banks reverses it and gets a bank statement, and Brooke pulls Charlotte to the outside. Bayley takes down Brooke, but gets clotheslined by Charlotte. Charlotte gets in the ring and Banks lands a backstabber and locks up the bank statement. Charlotte taps out.

Sasha Banks and Bayley win via submission.

the wyatt familyThe New Day vs. The Wyatt Family

Big E and Braun start out. Xavier and Bray tag each other in. Woods does not move and Kofi tags himself in and drop kicks Bray. Braun gets tagged in and nails a big boot on Kofi. He throws Kofi in the corner and runs into him. Rowan gets tagged in and body slams Kofi. Rowan gets Kofi in a headlock and elbows the skull. Kofi gets out and gets clotheslined. Rowan tags in Bray. Bray lands a good shot and body slams him and lands a running senton. Kofi gets pinned but kicked out at two. Kofi lands a neckbreaker and while Kofi gets up, Bray lands a huge clothesline. Braun gets tagged in and headbutts Kofi. Rowan gets tagged in and the Wyatts are just ambushing Kofi so far. Not giving him a chance to tag someone in.

Bray goes for a clothesline while Kofi is against the rope but Kofi throws him out. Braun throws Bray in and they both tag in partners. Big E and Rowan are in and Big E lands a belly to belly. He hits the 300 pound splash. Big E goes for another huge belly to belly. Braun breaks it up and Woods goes to stop Braun, but gets taken down. Bray distracts Big E and Rowan lands a huge slam. Kofi saves the match by stopping the pin attempt. Braun goes for a big boot on Kofi but misses and lands outside. Kofi runs and does a front flip over the top rope to take out Braun. Big E tags in Kofi. He goes for a double team move, but gets thrown into the turnbuckle.

Kofi dropkicks Rowan in the back and Rowan tags in Bray. Kofi goes for trouble in paradise, misses and Bray has him in the sister Abigail but Woods removes Kofi and looks face to face to Wyatt. Woods goes down to one knee and Kofi goes for a move on the top rope and gets punched in the jaw and Wyatt lands a chokeslam on Kofi as Woods looks like he was hypnotized. Woods starts attacking Bray and lands a dropkick. He goes to the top rope and lands with a splash. Rowan comes in and gets kicked in the face by woods. He takes down Braun but not without Big E. Bray does his crazy spider move and scares Woods, but Bray gets him in the sister abigail and picks up the win.

The Wyatt family wins via pinfall.

zack ryder vs rusev

Rusev vs. Zack Ryder for the U.S. Championship

Rusev starts with german suplex. He then does a half body slam on Ryder. Rusev does another slam and gets a two count. Ryder starts attacking back and lands a good elbow to the face. He then goes outside, lures Rusev outside then Ryder drop kicks Rusev. They get back in the ring and Ryder gets in the corner and he pushes away Rusev, goes for a top rope dropkick but Rusev dodges it and kicks ryder in the back of the neck. Rusev starts landing shots to the head. Rusev lands a spinning heel kick to take down Ryder. Rusev locks up a submission to the gut of Ryder. Ryder gets up and elbows Rusev. He escapes and Ryder lands a flying forearm.

Ryder is taking over. Ryder goes for the broski boot but Rusev reverses it with a knee to the gut. Rusev goes for a suplex but Ryder lands and hits a neckbreaker. Ryder lands the broski boot and Rusev leaves the ring. Ryder comes to take him on but gets rammed into the barricade. Rusev lands a suplex on top of the barricade. Rusev goes for a tackle but Ryder dodges as Rusev runs into the barricade. Ryder jumps off the barricade and lands a missle dropkick. Rusev gets in the ring and Ryder lands the rough ryder, he then goes for a flying elbow but Rusev puts his knees up and kicks Ryder in the back of the head. Rusev locks in the accolade. Ryder starts getting up and breaks open for a second, but Rusev then falls backwards and makes the accolade even more painful. Ryder taps out.

After the match Ryder’s tag team partner Mojo Rawley comes out and gets in the face of Rusev. Rusev backs off and leaves the ring and both men yell at each other as Rusev walks up the ramp.

Rusev wins via submission.

sami zayn vs kevin owensSami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

Zayn runs after Owens but Owens gets out of the ring. They start trading blows outside of the ring and Owens throws Zayn into the barricade. Zayn replies with throwing Owens into the barricade two times and clotheslines him. Zayn rolls Owens back in and Zayn nails a kick to the face. Zayn lands more shots and goes for a top rope maneuver, but Owens reverses it throws him into the corner and lands a cannon ball on Zayn. Owens goes for a pin but gets a two count. Owens starts chopping away at Zayns chest. Owens goes for a suplex , gets blocked by Zayn and Owens blocks Zayns attempt and lands a suplex on the top rope.

Owens lands a running senton and gets another two count. Owens gets Zayn in a chinlock. Zayn gets out of it and clotheslines Owens. Zayn lands a Michinoku driver on Owens, getting a two count. Owens grabs Zayns leg from the outside, goes for a powerbomb but Zayn reverses it, kicks Owens in the face and goes for a springboard moonsault but Zayn botches the move and lands on his shoulder on the side of the ring. Owens sees the injured arm and throws it into the turnbuckle. Zayn then hits the Blue thunder bomb, but gets a two count. That arm is bothering Zayn clearly. Zayn goes top rope and Owens grabs him, attempts the superplex but Zayn fights back and he goes for the frog splash, Owens dodges it and hits a superkick. Zayn kicks out at two but Owens locks up the crossface and Zayn gets his legs on the ropes to get it called off. Owens clotheslines Zayn in the corner two times.

He goes for a third one and Zayn catches him and lands a suplex into the corner. Zayn goes for Hellvua kick and Owens ducks away. Zayn goes to the top rope, Owens gets Zayn on his shoulder, Zayn gets out and lands a suplex on the apron. After struggling to get into the ring and avoid the 10 count, Owens and Zayn trade blows. Owens rolls outside of the ring. Zayn rolls out and gets superkicked in the face as he tries to jump through the ropes outside. With Zayn sitting sideways on the apron, Owens lands a cannonball and he rocks Zayns head into the turnbuckle. Owens goes to the top rope and hits the frog splash, and somehow only gets a two count.

Owens goes for a pop up powerbomb, Zayn locks himself in the ropes, grabs Owens and lands a tornado DDT. Owens gets up and superkicks Zayn, goes for a pop up powerbomb and Zayn jumps over him and hits a tiger suplex, Owens gets up and gets hit again with a half nelson suplex, Zayn gets a two count out of that. Zayn goes for the Hellvua kick, Owens reverses it and hits the pop up powerbomb, about to get the three count but Zayn puts his leg on the rope and the count stops. Zayn on his knees and asks for more. Owens goes for a clothesline and gets half nelson suplexed into the turnbuckle and again onto the mat. Zayn finally nails the Hellvua kick and he goes for a second one, hits it and finally gets the three count. This fight was fantastic with crazy moves and good back and forth action. This match has match of the year candidate.

Sami Zayn wins via pinfall.

natalya vs becky lynch

Natalya vs. Becky Lynch

They start out swinging around and Becky lands two takedowns before running into the rope where the ref had to break them up. Becky goes for a rollup pin, but Natalya kicks out. Natalya gets out of the ring, Lynch kicks her in the back and Lynch gets trapped in the apron and Natalya goes after her. Natalya throws Lynch into the steel steps and they go back in the ring. Natalya targets Becky’s leg and does a leg takedown. Natalya gets Becky in a leg lock. Lynch gets up and reverses with an arm lock but Natalya quickly gets out of it.

Natalya stands on Lynches leg then gets her in another leg lock. Natalya is working on that leg. Lynch starts to fight back with punches to the face and Lynch reverses a leg hold and goes for an armbar, but Natalya escapes as he kicks Natalya in the face. Lynch lands some shots then hits a suplex, getting a two count. Lynch tries for an armbar again, Natalya reverses it again, goes for the sharpshooter, Lynch almost has her armbar submission locked in but Natalya gets out again and goes for the sharpshooter and locks it in. Lynch crawls towards the rope and goes to the top rope with a drop kick lands on Natalya. Natalya locks up the sharpshooter again and makes Lynch tap out.

Natalya wins via submission.

the miz vs darren youngThe Miz vs. Darren Young for the Intercontinental Championship

Darren Young tries takedowns and quick pins to start out. The Miz takes over with a shoulder takedown. Darren gets a takedown and a headlock. Miz escapes and takes down Young again. Young lands a quick swinging neckbreaker. Young gets distracted from Maryse while he sits on the top rope, Miz pushes him to the outside. Miz throws Young on top of the barricade and runs him into the side of the ring. Miz goes for a pin, gets a two count then locks up a headlock. He takes down Young again and gets another headlock in. The Miz gets a neckbreaker and Miz goes for a backslide but Young fights against it and Miz gets back slid and gets a two count. Young clotheslines Miz again and again and lands a throw. Young does a back breaker on the apron to Miz. Young goes for the crossface chicken wing but Miz counters. Miz gets out of the ring and tries to leave but Backlund stops him and Young throws Miz back in the ring. Maryse slaps Backlund. Miz gets out of the ring and Miz pushes Backlund down. Young locks up the crossface chicken wing and the match is called a double DQ as Backlund was ready to fight someone and Maryse was involoved.

The match ends in a double DQ, Miz is still the champion.

cena enzo amore big cass

John Cena, Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. The Club

Amore and Anderson start out. Styles gets tagged in. They lock up and Styles takes down Amore. Sideheadlock by Amore. Styles hits a dropkick to the face. Big Cass gets tagged in and Styles tags in Anderson. Cass shoulder tackles Anderson and throws him into the corner. Gallows tries to stop a double team move, but Amore takes out Gallows then gets thrown into Anderson. Anderson then throws Amore over the top rope onto Gallows and Amore. Styles gets in the ring and gets thrown into everyone but Cena on the outside. Cass slams Anderson and tags in Amore. They do a double team on Anderson and gets a two count. Anderson starts taking over and tags in Gallows. Gallows suplex slams Amore. Styles gets tagged in and Amore tries to takeover, but Styles pushes him back into the corner and tags in Anderson.

Anderson boots Amore to the face and gets a two count. Anderson gets Amore in a headlock and Amore stuns Anderson, but gets caught with a knee to the spine slam. Styles gets tagged in and throws Amore into the barricade. Styles tags in Anderson and Styles went to attack Amore, but gets thrown out. Anderson gets thrown out and Amore dodges an attack by Gallows and he runs into the ring to make the tag, but gets stopped by Anderson. Gallows gets tagged in and goes for the splash but gets reversed. Cena and Styles get tagged in and Cena takes over. Cena lands the five knuckle shuffle, goes for the AA but Syles lands it and hits the pele kick.

Styles goes for the styles clash only to be interrupted by a tornado DDT by Amore. Anderson comes in and hits a spinebuster on Amore. Cass hits a fallaway slam on Anderson and Gallows hits a sitdown powerbomb on Cass. Enzo goes for a crossbody on Gallows, Gallows moves and he lands the move on Cena. Cena picks him up and throws him into Gallows and Gallows throws him away. Styles goes to the top rope and lands a flying forearm to Gallows as Cena moved. Cena hits the AA and goes for the pin but Anderson pulls him out of the ring. He slams Cena into the announce table and as he turns around Amore jumps from the stairs and lands a DDT on Anderson.

Bodies are everywhere and Cena barely gets in before the count hits 10. Styles hits the styles clash but Cass pulls out Styles and lands a huge big boot to Styles. Gallows hits Cass from behind and Cass goes for the fallaway slam, but gets stopped by Anderson and they hit the magic killer on Cass. Amore throws Anderson in the steel post and him and Gallows stare down. Gallows lands a superkick on Amore. Gallows tries to take down Cena in the corner, but Cena moves. Styles is on the top rope, but Cena hits the ropes, knocks Styles down and knocks Gallows out of the ring. Cena goes on the top rope and he goes for an AA, Styles lands elbows to slow him down. The elbows aren’t enough and Cena hits the AA off the top rope and picks up the win.

John Cena, Enzo Amore and Big Cass win via pinfall.

sami zayn vs kevin owens battlegroundDean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship

Rollins tries to have everyone do the old shield taunt, but Reigns knocks Rollins down and out of the ring. Reigns goes after him and Rollins runs into Ambrose and gets hit back out. Reigns knocks Rollins out of the ring and Ambrose goes for the pin on Reigns but gets a two count. Ambrose gets taken down but gets up and lands a flying fist. Reigns and Ambrose work together on taking Rollins out of the ring and Reigns goes for the pin. Ambrose looks for dirty deed but Reigns gets out and they trade blows. Ambrose goes for a crossbody but Reigns stands tall. Rollins gets in and goes after Roman. With both men in the corner, Seth is in control. Rollins goes to the middle rope and Roman catches him, but Dean drop kicks Roman down. Ambrose takes control of Roman in the corner but Rollins stops him and lands a backbreaker.

Rollins lands a swinging neckbreaker and rolls Roman out of the ring. Rollins gets Ambrose in the corner and lands a flying knee. Ambrose goes to the top rope as Roman and Rollins fight outside and he lands on top of Roman. Rollins jumps off the apron and lands a flying knee to the face, he then picks Dean up and throws him into the steel steps. Rollins throws Roman into the barricade. Rollins goes for Reigns, but Reigns flips him over into the time keepers area. Ambrose runs across the announcers tables as Rollins and Reigns fight in the corner and he takes them down. Ambrose and Reigns are back in the ring, Ambrose jumps from the top rope and drop kicks Reigns, and hits a bulldog. Ambrose goes back up top again and lands the flying elbow, gets a two count. As Ambrose rolls off of Reigns, Rollins lands a frog splash on Ambrose, getting a two count. Rollins goes for the pedigree but Roman reversed it.

Roman starts landing chops and clotheslines. He hits a tilt a whirl slam on Rollins and a superman punch on Ambrose and Rollins as Rollins jumped from the ropes. Reigns goes for a spear, but they both stop it, Rollins kicks Ambrose, but gets superman punched by Reigns and gets clotheslined by Ambrose. They all trade blows and Rollins and Ambrose team up on Reigns. They look to use the old shield powerbomb on reigns but Reigns kicks Rollins and gets out of it. Reigns heads outside, but Ambrose jumps through the rope and hits Reigns. Rollins then jumps over the top rope and lands a front flip senton on Reigns. Rollins and Ambrose destroy a table and they are working together. They powerbomb Reigns through the table and now it is a one on one match.

Rollins pulls out a chair and takes out Ambrose and hits Reigns. Rollins goes for the pedigree, but Ambrose reverses it with a hurricanrana into the corner. Ambrose goes to the top rope, Rollins runs up top and lands a superplex and a falcon arrow on Ambrose but he kicks out. Rollins goes for the pedigree but Ambrose reverses it again and throws him into the corner, but Rollins lands on it and they are tangled up on the top rope but Reigns comes in and gets Ambrose into a powerbomb. Rollins jumps off the rope and gets kicked in the gut. Reigns lands a huge powerbomb on Rollins and gets a two count.

Reigns goes for the superman punch on Ambrose, but he reverses it, Amborse goes for dirty deeds but Reigns reverses it and goes for another powerbomb but Ambrose gets out of it and backslides on Reigns for a two count. Reigns catches Ambrose on his rope move and superman punches Ambrose. Rollins comes in and hits a pedigree on Reigns. Reigns kicks out at two. Rollins goes for another pedigree but Reigns lifts him up, only for it to turn into a powerbomb into the corner, Reigns bounces off an superman punches Rollins and spears him. Ambrose breaks up the pin attempt, hits the dirty deeds on Reigns and picks up the win.

Dean Ambrose wins via pinfall.

How Did I Do?

I went 6-2 for this PPV, getting the Natalya and New Day match wrong. This PPV was the last one to battle RAW and Smackdown superstars together as now the WWE championship is on Smackdown and new rivalries will begin for many of these superstars.

https://i0.wp.com/www.myfantasysportstalk.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/maxresdefault-5-2.jpg?fit=1024%2C576&ssl=1https://i0.wp.com/www.myfantasysportstalk.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/maxresdefault-5-2.jpg?resize=150%2C150&ssl=1Brandon KnappCombat SportsMMARecent PostsWWEcena enzo amore big cass,Dean Ambrose,Kevin Owens,Sami Zayn,wwe,WWE BattlegroundWWE Battleground Review Last night was another good installment of some WWE PPV wrestling. There was some surprises, great moves and a match that can be a match of the year candidate. Who was Sasha Banks secret tag team partner? Did The New Day overcome their fears? The main question...