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When Shane McMahon returned to the WWE, a storm came. He took on the Undertaker at WrestleMania for control of Monday Night RAW, and lost. The next night, his father Vince McMahon gave it to him when the fans couldn’t bear to see Shane go so easily. Since then, Shane has challenged the Authority and specifically his sister Stephanie McMahon to bring the WWE brand out of the shadows and onto the forefront of sports entertainment. The two siblings clash commonly but what they’ve put together is magnificent. This upcoming WWE Draft is going to be one of the most memorable to date with so much at stake for the roster’s talent.

Shane will have control of Smackdown, which is going live tomorrow for the first time, and will air Tuesdays. Stephanie will have Monday Night RAW, which has come as a disappointment to the WWE Universe. Nevertheless, the draft will see to make the siblings as combative, effective, and tightly contended for the foreseeable future.

Concerns going into the draft include the distribution of the wrestling titles, division/combination of A-card talent, and the existence of specific tag teams. It’s exciting enough the WWE Title is on the line with Seth Rollins challenging Dean Ambrose for what he’ll say is “the title he never lost” but had to forfeit due to injury. Whoever wins that title will most likely be the number one pick for Stephanie McMahon, as RAW holds the first pick. The Women’s Champion Charlotte, will most likely follow along and remain on the RAW circuit. She has a loud challenger in Sasha Banks, who has waged war with the champion and her accomplice Dana Brooke. Expect that tension to continue to highlight Monday nights.


Shane will most likely have to take on the Intercontinental champion The Miz, and the United States champion Rusev. That isn’t a bad card either. The Miz will be defending his title against Darren Young, with Rusev pretty much at odds with many, including Titus O’Neal and Zack Ryder. Shane has the opportunity to draft the talent that has been settled into B-card story lines and he’ll have the opportunity to uplift many young and forgotten wrestlers’ careers and bring the Smackdown brand more highlights. He also has the fortune of having big A-card wrestlers like John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Randy Orton in the process of making their way into the forefront of the program, and won’t be the focus of the draft but are just as important as the highlighted superstars. These are the steals that can make Smackdown just as entertaining in championship contentions as RAW.

There has never been a more prolific roster of tag teams than now. From the New Day, to Enzo and Cass, to the Dudley Boyz, many fans may be heartbroken to see their favorites separate. The Dudley Boyz have been down this road before, but teams like the New Day and Enzo and Cass, they don’t know the feeling of separation. In the draft, the McMahons have the option to take a tag team as a pick or take a superstar individually. There could be major shake ups in this division, and the likelihood of success or failure is unknown.

Tomorrow will be a frenzy, that will be subject to change every millisecond of the night. What is certain, is that the WWE is heading in the right direction, and Shane vs. Stephanie will be a memorable war for the fans.

Dillon Davis-Tirado covers the WWE for MFST. Follow him on Twitter @thedavistirado.

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