WWE Money in the Bank Review

money in the bankLast night was a crazy night in the WWE. The PPV had eight matches on Friday and by Sunday there were two more added. This was the biggest Money in the Bank PPV ever, with the ladder match, the dream matchup between Cena and Styles and Reigns defending his title against Rollins. It had some memorable moments and some great action. Check out what happened below.

golden truth vs breezango

Golden Truth vs. Breezeango

Breezango comes out all burned up with skin peeling. R Truth starts taking advantage of the burned skin of fandango. Fandango tags in Tyler Breeze and he gets double teamed by Golden Truth. After a quick little battle, Truth and Fandango get tagged back in. Truth is dominating the fight and when Fandango tries to attack, the burns hurt him. Fandango goes for a submission move and truth gets out and lands a nice kick. Both crawl for the tag and succeed.

As Breeze and Goldust are battling, Fandago attacks from the top rope and Goldust reverses. Breezango goes for a double team and truth takes out Tyler Breeze. Goldust lands the Final Cut on Fandango and wins the match. Golden Truth win their first match.

Golden Truth win by pinfall.

lucha dragons vs dudley boyzLucha Dragons vs. Dudley Boyz

In the final pre-show match, the Lucha Dragons took on the Dudley Boyz in tag team action. Trash talking by Bubba to start the match. Kalisto tries to attack, but backs up. D-von gets tagged in and gets Kalisto in a corner and backs up. Sin Cara gets tagged in and lands a springboard crossbody and a springboard moonsault. They both then jump over the top rope and take out Bubba and D-von.

They go on the top rope next and the Dudleys reverse it by hitting the ropes. Come back from commercial break to Bubba taking on Sin Cara. Bubba attacks Cara’s leg and D-von starts choking Cara out. D-von tags in Bubba and he delivers a suplex. Bubba starts nailing some jabs and mocks Sin Cara and gets hit by a dropkick. D-von and Kalisto get tagged in and Kalisto nails a springboard senton to D-von. Takes out Bubba and nails a springboard spinning elbow. A springboard senton takes down D-von again and he kicks out at 2.

Bubba gets tagged in and the Dudleys connect with an electric chair. D-von goes for a move and clotheslines Bubba and Kalisto almost ends with a rollup. The Duddleys go for a 3-D and Kalisto uses the rope to hold himself back and Kalisto uses the Salida Del Sol on Bubba and Cara nails a dragon bomb and they pick up the win.

Lucha Dragons win by pinfall.

new day wweNew Day (c) vs. Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. The Vaudevillians vs. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows for the Tag Team Championship

Anderson and Kofi start the match. Kofi does nice moves and Gallows gets tagged in. Kofi reverses a back drop and Enzo tags himself in and he and Kofi double team the Bullet Club then take out the Vaudevillans. Kofi went for a rollup and failed. Kofi and Enzo trade reversals and show off their athletic ability. A tug of war happens between the two and Cass and Big E get tagged in. Cass goes for the Vaudevillans and gets tagged out. Big E takes down Simon and The Bullet Club. Enzo and Cass break up the pin attempt and all eight people are in the ring and a brawl breaks out. New Day and Enzo and Cass are the last four standing. They trade blows and Kofi and Enzo are in the ring. Enzo throws Kofi into the corner and he gets dropped by a kick to the chest by Simon Gotch. Kofi then takes out Gallows and Anderson gets tagged in. Enzo and Aiden English gets tagged in.

Enzo gets taken out over the top rope by Gallows and Gallows is tagged in. Gallows lands a big kick on Enzo and goes for the pin, Enzo kicks out. Cass gets tagged in and so did Anderson. Cass takes down Anderson and then throws Enzo over the top rope to take out three people. Enzo went for the pin after the big jump and Gallows pulls Enzo out when the count was about to hit three. Vaudevillans use a double team, go to pin Kofi and he gets saved by Anderson. Big E spears Gotch. Kofi lands a big move. Anderson tags himself on the Vaudevillan and takes out Big E and Gallows takes out Kofi. The bullet club goes for a double team on English and Big E saves him and the match. Cass big boots Gallows out of the ring. New Day lands a double team move to take down Anderson and Big E pins the vaudevillian for the win and they retain the tag team championship.

New Day wins by pinfall.

baron corbin vs dolph zigglerBaron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler starts the match going low for Corbins leg. Corbin nails a huge right hand and takes down Ziggler. Ziggler goes to take Corbin out, Corbin dodges the turnbuckle, runs back in and takes down Ziggler. Ziggler starts taking control and gaining momentum. He lands a neckbreaker and Ziggler is pumped. Ziggler goes for a fameasser and a superkick but Corbin reverses both and lands a demanding clothesline and gets a two count.

Ziggler went for a fameasser again, Corbin reverses again and throws Ziggler into the turnbuckle. Ziggler tries for a third time and finally nails the fameasser, but gets a two count.

Ziggler tunes up the band but Corbin escapes. Ziggler goes for a takedown over the steps, Corbin catches him and delivers the deep six. The ref counts to nine and almost 10 before Ziggler gets back in.

Corbin stands on top on ziggler and lands punches. Dolph and Corbin reverse moves and Ziggler lands a superkick, but gets a two count.

Ziggler goes to the top rope but Corbin lands a right hand to Ziggler and Corbin gets up on the second rope, lands an elbow. Corbin goes for a superplex but Ziggler is blocking it. Ziggler lands punches and a headbutt knocks Corbin down. Zigger stumbles, Corbin nails the turnbuckle to take him down. Corbin grabs Ziggler and connects with end of days and picks up the win.

Corbin wins by pinfall.

charlotte and dana brooke vs natalya and becky lynchDana Brooke and Charlotte vs. Natalya and Becky Lynch

Brooke and Natalya start out and Natalya goes for a rollup, but Brooke quickly kicks out. Natalya attacks Brooke and Brooke goes for a kick to get reversed by a slam and Natalya runs over Brooke and drop kicks her. Charlotte gets tagged and gets taken out by Lynch and Natalya.

Natalya gets tagged in and Charlotte nails a big boot. Charlotte gets Natalya in the corner again and lands chop after chop. Natalya drops Brooke with a kick, Charlotte runs into the turnbuckle and as Natalya goes for the tag, Charlotte stops her but then gets reversed as Lynch comes in and takes out Charlotte and Brooke. Lynch lands a double kick to take down them both and tags in Natalya.

A double suplex gets reversed and Charlotte lands a big boot to Lynch and a spinning elbow takes down Natalya. Charlotte goes for a pin with her feet on the ropes but Natalya kicks out.

Natalya goes for a sharpshooter but Brooke pulls the hair and gets her hair pulled by Lynch then somehow gets Lynch to run into Natalya and Charlotte lands Natural Selection and gets the three count.

Natalya is upset over the loss and starts attacking Becky Lynch by throwing her into the ropes and landing punch after punch in the face.

Char and Brooke win by pinfall.
apollo crews vs sheamusSheamus vs. Apollo Crews

Sheamus attacks Crews before the match even starts and the ref has to break them up. They trade headlock takedowns. Crews gets taken down by a shoulder of Sheamus, gets up then delivers a drop kick. Crews sends Sheamus outside the ring.

The Irish curse backbreaker is used by Sheamus on the outside. Sheamus takes control with kicks on Crews. Sheamus goes for a sleeper hold on Crews. Sheamus starts landing his chopping blows but goes back to the headlock.

Sheamus gets kicked in the face, but takes Crews back down. Sheamus sees Crews on the outside ropes and goes for the chops but Crews turns around and does a front flip over Sheamus to get in the ring but Sheamus nails the senton drop and gets a two count.

Headlock again for Sheamus and Crews starts gaining momentum after getting out of it. He is blocking hits and delivering blows. Two clotheslines and a splash in the corner leads to a crossbody on Sheamus. He gets up and gets hit by an enzuigiri and Crews gets a two count.

Crews does a belly to belly over the top rope to Sheamus and while Sheamus is on the ground, Crews does a moonsault on the ring and nails it. Crews gets him in the ring and hits an angle slam, still getting a two count. Crews goes for a crossbody but gets reversed into a body slam, getting a two count.

Crews gets to the top rope and Sheamus lands shots to stun him. Sheamus grabs Crews and lands a White Noise from the second rope, but gets a two count. Sheamus argues with the ref about the count and Crews slips Sheamus over and gets the three count.

Crews wins by pinfall.

john cena vs aj stylesJohn Cena vs. AJ Styles

The crowd is really into this match before it even starts. This is a dream matchup for these fans as it is the face of the WWE vs the former face of TNA. They start with a lockup and Styles gets a headlock in. Cena throws him off and Styles rolls up.

Styles starts trash talking and the “Lets go Cena” and “AJ Styles” chants start up. Cena gets Styles in an armbar, Styles reverses it and gets Cena in a headlock.

Cena throws Styles off the rope and Styles throws Cena down. Cena has a small cut on his cheek. Styles gets another headlock but Cena throws him against the rope again and lands two snapares. Then Cena nails a monkey flip. Cena goes for the AA and taunts Styles, Styles lands a straight right.

Styles reverses a hit and nails shot after shot. Cena throws Styles off the rope and bends down, Styles slides over him and jumps over. Styles goes to taunt the crowd, turns around and cena lands a belly to belly.

The battle goes to the outside Cena throws Styles to the stairs, but Styles jumps over them. Styles is landing forearms and dominating this match. Styles goes for a pin and gets a two count.

Styles lands a suplex, and says “is this all he’s got?” Cena starts gaining momentum landing some shots and throwing styles into the corner, but goes for a shoulder and Styles dodges it.

Cena throws Styles against the ropes and grabs him and throws him up in the air. Cena gets a flying shoulder, but Styles gets up and hit a dropkick.

They lockup again and Styles gets Cena in a headlock for a fourth time. Cena gets out and lands two shoulder takedowns, but Styles hits an enzuigiri.

Styles attempts a punch in the corner, Cena dodges it and lands a slam on Styles. Cena goes to do the you can’t see me but Styles uses his legs to grab Cena’s head and throw him out of the ring.

Styles jumps over the top rope and lands a right jab to the head. Styles goes for a spinning crossbody and misses. Cena goes for the AA again, Styles delivers nasty elbows and starts slugging away on Cena. Styles goes for a jumping punch and falls, giving Cena a great chance at the STF

Styles crawls towards the rope and grabs it to break free. Cena is on the ground in the corner as Styles goes to the top rope. Cena gets up and is trying to land a superplex. Cena is landing shot after shot, then Styles slides down and escapes Cena and knocks him down. Styles goes to attack Cena and he flips Styles up and he falls on the rope. Cena takes Styles on the middle rope, Styles starts fighting back and knocks Cena down. Styles goes to jump on the rope and Cena gets him in the AA, Styles reverses it and locks him in the calf crusher. Cena crawls towards the rope and gets it.

The right calf is hurt and Styles starts attacking it.  Cena acts weak and delivers a huge clothesline to knock Styles down. Cena can barely walk and he tries for an AA, but Styles hits elbows, still Cena nails the AA but only gets a two count.

Cena goes for the top rope leg drop and Styles catches him for a quick powerbomb and gets a two count. Styles lands the styles clash but Cena kicks out at two.

Cena is on the ground and Styles goes for a 450 splash and Cena puts his knees up. Cena gets Styles in an AA, Styles reverses it and goes for an enzuigiri and misses it. Cena grabs Styles and he knocks down the ref on accident, nails the AA and nobody is there to get the count.

Bullet club comes out and uses their finisher on Cena, the ref comes in and doesn’t see the attack and Styles gets the three count.

Styles wins by pinfall.

money in the bank dean ambroseMoney in the Bank Ladder match Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro vs. Chris Jericho vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens vs. Alberto Del Rio

The match starts out with a brawl. Ambrose and Jericho are in the ring and Ambrose lands a crossbody. Jericho gets in the corner and lands a kick to the face. Ambrose runs in between the ropes and hits Owens and Del Rio.

Jericho looks to bring a ladder in the ring but fails. Cesaro and Del Rio trade moves and Cesaro flips and lands on Jericho with a ladder. Del Rio lands outside and Sami Zayn does a wheelhouse over the top rope and takes everyone out. Zayn and Owens battle over a ladder. Owens traps Zayn against the ring with the ladder and nails a superkick. Owens is beating up people outside. Jericho kicks the ladder Owens has and takes him down. Jericho lands a front suplex on the ladder.

Jericho uses the ladder and beats on Cesaro. Jericho lands a suplex on Ambrose on the ladder. Ambrose is getting beaten with the ladder by Jericho but Del Rio stops it.

Del Rio puts a ladder on the top turnbuckle. He goes to throw Cesaro into it but he reverses it with an uppercut and nails three more. Everyone is in the corner and uppercut after uppercut is landing for Cesaro.

He goes for a third round and gets superkicked by Owens. Owens throws him face first in the ladder and nails three front flips in the corner. Zayn comes in an takes down Owens. Zayn then lands two running big boots and he grabs the ladder to set it up.

Zayn climbs but Del Rio stops him and lands a superkick. He puts Zayn in the spiderweb position in the corner and goes to grab a ladder, striking Ambrose then moving the ladder on the first rope and kicks it to nail Zayn in the chest. Del Rio nails Owens with a big kick and throws Cesaro in the spiderweb position on top of the ladder in the corner and jumps down on him onto the ladder.

Del Rio cleaned house and goes to climb the ladder but Jericho comes in and Del Rio jumps off the ladder and takes him down.

Del Rio climbs the ladder but Cesaro gets on the other side and trade blows. Del Rio is going for the cross armbreaker and has it locked in on the top of the ladder. Owens hits a superkick to break Cesaro free.

Cesaro takes out owens, Ambrose takes out Cesaro and Jericho pushes Ambrose out-of-the-way and lands a codebreaker. Jericho is climbing the ladder and he has his hand on the briefcase.

Zayn climbs and both trade blows. Owens pushes the ladder down to clear the way. Del Rio lands a knee to the back on Owens but Cesaro comes in and swings Del Rio 11 times.

Jericho goes for a codebreaker and gets swung five times into the ladder. Cesaro moves the ladder into the corner, Ambrose takes him down and climbs to the top and jumps off the top with an elbow.

The crowd chants “this is awesome”

Owens throws a ladder at Ambrose as Owens climbs the top rope and hits the frog splash as Ambrose is on the ladder. Zayn comes in and they trade blows. Zayn picks Owens up and slams Owens down on the ladder that was on its side.

Zayn climbs the ladder and keeps trying to grab the briefcase but Del Rio hits him with the ladder to knock him down.

Del Rio plants a ladder on the third step against the rope. Zayn and Del Rio are on one side battling and Cesaro and Jericho are on the other attacking. Owens and Ambrose get on the opposite ladders and duke it out. Cesaro and Del Rio are down. Cesaro is on the outside bringing in another ladder. He sets it up next to the main ladder and all six are on a ladder in the battle. The ladder Cesaro just had up gets pushed away, so Del Rio and Cesaro are down again.

Jericho and Ambrose go down and Owens falls into the other ladder. Sami Zayn is all alone and has a clear shot at it, but Jericho runs the ladder bridge and knocks him down. Jericho is close to it but Ambrose holds him down.

Ambrose lands a DDT off the ladder bridge. Sami Zayn is back and climbing again. Owens powerbombs Zayn on the ladder bridge and Owens shoves him off. Ambrose gets on the other side and him and Owens duke it out.

Ambrose knocks Owens down and one ladder bridge falls down with Owens on it. Ambrose grabs the briefcase and wins the match.

Ambrose wins and is Mr. Money in the Bank

rusev vs titusRusev vs. Titus O’Neil for the US Championship

Rusev gets out of the ring and goes by Titus’s family and they do a double clothesline. Titus starts attacking on Rusev and throws him against the barricade. Titus gets beat down and enters the ring with a seven count. Rusev does a front flip on Titus. Rusev starts taking control. He gets a two count. Rusev just has Titus in a headlock.

It is a back and forth battle between the two and Titus slams down Rusev. Titus nails a big boot and a Alabama slam but gets a two count.

Rusev gets up and tries to do an accolade hold but Titus reverses it and does another huge slam. The battle goes outside and Titus throws Rusev into the stairs. Rusev gets back into the ring and starts nailing kicks to take him down.

Rusev has the accolade locked in on Titus and he taps out.

Rusev wins by submission


Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE championship

It starts out with trading blows and Reigns starts to take control. Rollins hits a drop kick and gets pushed outside. Rollins jumps out and takes Reigns down. They get back in and Reigns hits a Samoan drop and a suplex, getting a one count.

They trade blows and Reigns lands a big clothesline. He moves Rollins in the corner and starts landing clothesline after clothesline. Reigns lands a tilt a whirl slam and gets a two count.

Reigns takes down Rollins from the top rope to the outside. He then throws him over the announce table and starts banging his head on it. Reigns throws the top part off of it. Reigns nails a huge powerbomb and Rollins hits him in the face. Reigns is outside and Rollins jumps out and hits him. Then after doing that he runs back in and does a front flip to the outside to hit Reigns

Rollins throws Reigns in the ring and Rollins goes for a pin but gets a two count. Rollins jumps off the top rope, kicks Reigns in the stomach and can’t connect with the pedigree, but Reigns hits the superman punch but only gets a two count

Reigns goes for a spear and gets a knee to the face. Rollins kicks Reigns in the back of the head and nails a knee to the face off of the rope. Rollins jumps off of the top turnbuckle and nails the frogsplash, but gets a two count.

Rollins goes back to the top turnbuckle and Reigns punches him twice and attempts the superplex, but Rollins is hitting him to reverse it.

Reigns tries for a Samoan drop but Rollins reveres it for a powerbomb in the corner and a superkick, goes for the win but gets a two count.

Rollins has Reigns in the corner and keeps landing forearms. He moves Reigns to the turnbuckle but gets pushed off. Rollins comes back and gets pushed off again. Rollins tries a third time and lands the superplex, then hits the second arrow. Reigns kicks out again at two.

Rollins lands a kick to the cut and goes for the pedigree but gets blocked. Reigns gets out and goes for a rollup and a powerbomb getting a two count on Rollins.

They look each other in the face and on their knees start trading blows. Reigns went for a superman punch but it gets blocked. Rollins lands a powerbomb in the corner, but Reigns bounces off and lands another superman punch. Rollins kicks out at two again. Rollins rolls outside and Reigns starts tracking him down and he goes for a spear into the barricade, but Rollins gets out-of-the-way.

Another ref and a medic come out and try to help out Roman. Rollins attacks and throws him in the ring. Rollins goes for the pedigree and Roman runs him into the ref in the corner, and lands a spear on Rollins. Since the ref was down and hurt, he counted slow and Rollins kicks out at two.

Reigns gets up goes for a spear. Rollins quickly reverses it to a pedigree and somehow Reigns kicks out at two. Rollins goes for another pedigree and connects. Rollins gets the three count and we have a new WWE champion.

Seth Rollins wins by pinfall.

Ambrose’s music hits and he nails Rollins with the briefcase. Ambrose cashes in his money in the bank contract. Ambrose hits the dirty deeds and Ambrose is the new WWE champion.

Dean Ambrose wins by pinfall

How did I do?

I went 5-3, getting the main event, Ziggler and Cena match wrong. I didn’t predict the first pre-show matches since they weren’t announced when I made my predictions.

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