Despite the recurring theme of NFL teams drafting running back’s late in the draft there are of course exceptions. When you find a running back as talented as Adrian Peterson or a guy like Marshawn Lynch in my eyes you take him no matter what. They are of course, rare talents. Especially if you have no defining answer at the quarterback position much like the Vikings and Bills did at the time of drafting both AP and “Beast Mode”.

Todd Gurley
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Let’s fast forward eight drafts later. In the 2015 NFL Draft Todd Gurley thought to be by most the best overall running back in the draft, but questions loomed over the status of his previously torn knee. The Rams had no answer at the quarterback position with Sam Bradford being a walking band-aid and a chance was all he was asking for and one team realized that Todd Gurley, when healthy, could become one of the best backs in the NFL. As the 10th overall selection was written on the cards, the commish walked up to the podium to announce what is now the last first round pick in the history of the St.Louis Rams and unlike Bradford, St.Louis hit the ball out of the park. With the 10th selection in the 2015 NFL Draft the St.Louis Rams select running back Todd Gurley from the University of Georgia. Despite him being the consensus numero uno in the draft, analysts did have questions as to when Gurley would return and when he does what type of impact will he have?

Wow, a lot does change in a year, Gurley answered any health concerns with one answer. Production. Today one rookie season later after missing the first three games of the season, Todd Gurley has become a star. Exactly 1,106 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns led to Gurley winning the Offensive Rookie of the Year award and stardom along the way, but in my eyes Todd Gurley is just getting started. At 21 years of age and another year past his torn knee scare in college, one could say that Gurley is just as healthy now as he has ever been in his NFL career. Gurley last season was the main feature of a hapless offense. That has also changed with the now Los Angeles Rams selecting Cal quarterback Jared Goff with the first overall pick in this year’s draft. Goff provides some relief for Gurley while Gurley will provide Goff with relief as well so the pressure is not all on Todd now to maintain a drive. They now have a quarterback that is capable compared to the likes of Sam Bradford and for whatever reason Nick Foles, he did not work out as planned. But optimism is in the air for the newest “renewed” franchise in the NFL.

In 2015 the Rams finished 7-9 without a franchise QB. I only expect them to get better with Goff and Gurley building an offense around that is a luxury many teams would love to have. Not only will No.30 lead the offense but he will be relied upon much like Adrian Peterson has been relied upon by the Vikings since day 1. More importantly Todd Gurley is now a part of something special. A rebirth in LA. Gurley will provide LA with shades of Eric Dickerson an all-star running back in LA and in my eyes one of the best of all-time. Things are back to earth for the Rams. But okay here it comes my bold prediction of the 2016 season. With Gurley being relied upon this season at a heavy volume with a rookie quarterback in town the Rams figure the run game opens up the pass and in most cases it does, so I expect Gurley to get the ball more than any back in the NFL. With that will come success and I see Todd Gurley as the easy favorite to win the 2016 league rushing title. Call me crazy but AP is the only other man I see in the way of that. Le’Veon Bell is a great back but he is also known for receiving the ball rather than lining up in single back formation like Gurley does. Doug Martin had a great season last year but he has shown his fair share of struggles in his career. Thomas Rawls burst onto the scene as well, but a fractured ankle ended his season and Seattle added plenty of depth at running back this off-season so that could hamper his chances.

Just imagine Offensive Rookie of the Year and in year two 2016 Rushing Champion– whether that happens or not is questionable but I would not be shocked in the least and I could easily see Gurley putting up big numbers this season. One thing I know for sure, Todd Gurley is just getting started. ThomasNFC WestNFLRecent PostsSt. Louis RamsNFL,Rams,Todd GurleyDespite the recurring theme of NFL teams drafting running back's late in the draft there are of course exceptions. When you find a running back as talented as Adrian Peterson or a guy like Marshawn Lynch in my eyes you take him no matter what. They are of course,...