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Last night, the season five finale of TV Land’s Younger aired and left fans with quite the cliffhanger. For anyone who hasn’t been following this show, Younger is about Liza Miller, a single mother who lies about her age to go back into the publishing, this time as a 26-year-old. The first few seasons were more about Liza basically rebooting her life and trying to blend in with her coworkers at a publishing firm called, Empirical and newfound friends and falling in love with Josh and then eventually, breaking up with Josh.

Now five seasons later, Liza’s career is probably in the best place it’s ever been; she’s been working with Kelsey Peters (played by Hilary Duff) under Empirical’s imprint titled, Millennial. Millennial’s really been bringing in a lot of, if not most of, the money going into the company, especially after a big scandal with a long-beloved author who was previously Empirical’s biggest money-maker.

Despite Liza’s (and Kelsey’s) success, Empirical is unfortunately not doing so well lately. And Liza’s started an in-office romance with none other than the face and owner of the company, Charles Brooks. But in the last couple of episodes, a new author that doubles as a badass business woman, Quinn (played by Laura Benanti), and her investors want to invest in the company and Liza doesn’t want to keep their relationship a secret anymore. But Charles doesn’t think it’s the right time yet, especially when Liza is technically still just Diana’s (head of marketing) assistant and most of the world still thinks Liza’s only 26, while Charles is close to her actual age, which is somewhere in his 40s.

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Then, a huge opportunity comes: one of Liza’s old publishing friends, Cheryl’s, or frenemies rather, offers her a huge job at one of Empirical’s competitors with better salary and a job as the head of a new imprint they’re calling “Chick-y”. Which is honestly just a strange name for an imprint in my opinion. Even Kelsey agreed with me. Liza ends up not taking the job and staying at Empirical because Quinn is only investing in the company because she believes in Kelsey and Liza, even more so after Liza tells her that she’s really a fraud.

But just when everything’s going well, they just hit another wall: after Liza turns down the new job, Cheryl gets angry, which is understandable because she definitely made a big deal out of it, and plans to tell the world about Charles and Liza’s scandalous relationship. In hindsight, it isn’t or shouldn’t be “scandalous” because they’re both consenting adults, but the whole assistant and head of the company thing doesn’t sit well with the investors. So Charles finds his own solution: he steps down as the public face of the company and becomes a member of the board, which is a much less involved and promotes Kelsey as the new publisher.

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Other than that main storyline, Maggie’s (Liza’s roommate) girlfriend, Malkie wants kids and even has the gall to ask Josh for his sperm. At the dinner table no less! Josh thinks about it in this finale episode and after taking a strange cacao trip (I don’t even know if that’s a real thing or not), he decides that he wants to have a baby with someone he loves instead of just giving his sperm to Maggie and Malkie, which makes sense. The only thing is the fact that he wants to have a baby with Liza, who’s already moved on with Charles.

I feel like Liza knows who she is now and what she wants. I’ve always been a believer of having multiple loves; each person being great for a specific time in your life. Josh was great for her for the first few seasons of Younger, but now, I think it’s Charles’ turn. But I’ve always loved Charles and his relationship with Liza and it’s been pretty clear that there’s always been a little something between them. So, I’m #TeamCharles all the way. But despite Josh’s vision of him and Liza having a baby together, he gets a surprise at the end of the episode: his ex-girlfriend/wife (who married him for the green card and just left him) shows up pregnant with (probably) his baby.

charles and liza

I don’t know what’s going to happen next but what I do know is this: Liza and Charles will be able to be a real couple now that they don’t have to hide their relationship and since Liza won’t have to lie about her age anymore (if they still choose to make that public, which Quinn seemed really excited about) and Josh will be a great father, even if his baby mama hasn’t proven to be all that great so far.

What did you think of the season finale of Younger?

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